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My husband Rob and I owned this book called The Art of Arranging Flowers: A Complete Guide to Japanese Ikebana that was recently purchased by The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. So I took a couple of pictures with it before bidding it farewell. If you ever visit the museum’s library, you can look for it and let me know that you did!

In these shots, I had my hair in a bun wrapped in the Luxe Silk Voile Scarf, made from Prada cotton silk voile, courtesy of The Style Underground. If you haven’t entered the giveaway for a scarf or hat of your own, it is ending at the end of the next week, so do so soon!

I guess this is the first time you’ve probably seen me wear a scarf this way. I don’t really wear scarves covering the majority of my head all too often, because I have super thick hair, so having a scarf on during the summer is suicide. I hadn’t had a scarf this light until this one came along, so I am definitely reconsidering my initial thought about scarves for the warmer days. I am a huge fan of scarves in general, though, because they are so versatile. I like to wear them around my neck or as bows, as you probably know by now. What are some of the ways you wear scarves—any favorites?

I’ll need to catch up on a lot of things online. I’ve been MIA around here for some time now! Rob and I have been working on a lot fun projects these past few months, doing what we love to do and being productive at the same time. One of the things we have worked on and completed is the video game The Last Defense of Our Time for the iPhone/iPad. Rob made the music for it, 8-bit style (like original Nintendo music), and it sounds great! The game has had its ups and downs, because it used to crash all the time before even loading in some of the older iDevices. A new update has been made to fix the error, and it should be-a-runnin’ smooth now. I’ll have to write an official post introducing it very soon. In the meantime, check it out, please! Also, check out Rob’s soundtrack for the game.


  1. says

    Such a cute outfit, Rachel! I’m not a head scarf person, though it looks cute one you!
    Speaking of Summer suicide, I’m at my grandparents house right now, 95+ deg. right now!! Sweating like crazy, and not enjoying it at all! Ready to get back to Montana where it’s the perfect tempature for me, 65-70 deg. Yeah! You do need to post more, Rachle! Your such an inspiration to me (and I’m sure many others).
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Stella says

    love your elegant skirt and shirt dear!! great turban!! awesome retro outfit!! you look so beautiful!! following you!!

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