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Sakura Rose @ DC Fest ’10

August 23rd, 2010

Last Saturday at the DC Fest, I helped out at a booth with Jessica Rogers, founder of Sakura Rose, a modest clothing store based in New Jersey. They like to go around Christian and womens’ festivals all over the US to help spread the word about their store and the values behind their clothing. I felt very fortunate when I found out that last weekend’s festival was at my college’s stadium (the Patriot Center at George Mason University), so the day doubled as an experience of not-too-long-ago nostalgia. Jessica was very nice and spirited, and I was very much delighted to meet her after our several conversations revolving around faith and fashion.

They have a lot of really neat items from the funky jewelry to the basic wardrobe must-have’s. The “Camis that Cover” tagline was probably what caught most people’s attention. Why wear a cami underneath a blouse if it doesn’t cover your goodies when you bend down? These do. Smart, eh? These camis should definitely be a staple of your closet if you don’t want to literally staple your chest to your shirt to avoid an embarrassing fashion faux pas! Pretty soon, there’s going to be a huge giveaway at Sakura Rose, so don’t forget to sign up for their e-newsletter or Facebook for alerts and sales. Being in on the insider scoop, I believe it’s not something you’d want to miss! Thanks to the hubs for his moral support, cuddles, camera assistance, and male presence in an otherwise female-dominated booth.

Also, I want to thank Aline for posting my photos on her blog as an example for “monochrome in spring”.

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12 Responses to “Sakura Rose @ DC Fest ’10”

  1. Natasha Atkerson

    Cool post! Looks like you had lots of fun! I’ll have to check out that website! Thanks for sharing!Natasha

  2. jess

    The jewelry looks cool.

  3. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    awww a cute picture of the two of you! that is so sweet!!!
    thanks for posting about Sakura Rose since you were just telling me about them recently too!!

  4. Silver Strands

    Great post – and you two make a darling couple!

  5. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I think something that people don’t realize is that you can do just as much int he church even when married, you know? I have two kids and it hasn’t stopped me from my church involvement. I’m actually more involved. I think that there is just a little bit of fear that goes through their heads that if you are to become married, it means you aren’t going to be as focused in ministry or on God even. I can understand that concern though. We had a girl help us in the youth group last year and she stopped coming to youth group to help completely once she became engaged. It was sad. I guess she couldn’t put her time and effort into anything other than herself really at that point, I don’t know. I just think that it is really awesome that my Rob encourages me to continue in my work and that he even helps out sometimes. He sees where my heart is. He also is involved in the worship team at church, so I understand that and let him do his thing and encourage him to continue to.

  6. Sher

    You look super adorable in these pics, I love how you pinned up your hair:)


  7. Sweet

    Wow this is a great event!!!

    love the stuff presented..

    you look so fab as well…

    take care Rachel


  8. Julia - Duffle

    Another useful post. You keep churning out some good info!

  9. Cheryl

    I do wear camis underneath my top if it´s a bit too low for my taste. What a very nice cause! :)

    PS: Yep, Venus Raj is half-Indian. Too bad she was a bit overwhelmed during the question and answer portion to have answered clearly. ;)

  10. My Republic of Fashion

    Great pictures. Lovely photo of you there! SarahD:)

  11. Chandra (@ShiftC)

    Hi, Rachel! I love your beautiful brown eyes!

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