Sacré Bleu!

From Monday to Thursday of last week, I was house-sitting for my parents-in-law while they were away on a beachy vacation. I took the opportunity to snap some pics of some sights by their shed and of their delightful vintage paraphernalia throughout the house.

Below is a painting of my grandmother-in-law. She was a petite woman of size 20″ waist. If only my waist was that tiny, I could’ve worn her Princess Belle-like gown for my wedding (without ripping the seams while trying it on!)

I was wearing a tunic worn as a blouse underneath two pleated skirts. I was originally wearing just the shorter blue skirt around the house but decided to add some coverage to it while I was outside. It didn’t turn out TOO awkward-looking. These two skirts were actually part of a school uniform. Boy, do I remember how our old school’s skirts were almost down to our ankles!

Hubs and I are in Delaware having our own mini-weekend getaway with our chum Tim from the Air Force. I wasn’t allowed to take photos around the base (nor as expected, allowed to know certain I-have-to-kill-you-if-I-tell-you kind of information). Even so, we were psyched to be shown around his own C-17 plane (same modified model they used in the movie Avatar as a military “space” ship). I got to sit in the pilot’s seat for several minutes. It was pretty sweet.

We also got to see the mind-blowing movie Inception on Friday. Because of that, we planned on having a Christopher Nolan movie marathon. That panned out to watching the entirety of Memento and considering watching the Prestige. A really freaky thing happened to me on Saturday morning that had something to do with the movie. If you hate spoilers, don’t read any further! I had totally forgotten that I was going to get up before Virgin Fest opened their registration madness online for tickets, so I didn’t set an alarm after staying up all night and hitting the sheets around 5AM (last year, the tickets got sold out within three hours of being online). So on Friday “night,” I had this strange dream that ended in me being shot in the back. I then woke up with this strange drilling feeling in my back. I checked the time, and it was just a few minutes before the festival’s registration opened! My lucky stars. Somebody killed me in my dream in order for me to get up in time before tickets got sold out—or at least, I’d like to think of it that way for fun, because it followed the rules of the movie (that’s the semi-spoiler, and it’s all I will say). We’ll be seeing a lineup of several of our favorite artists: Pavement (reunited after a long hiatus), LCD Soundsystem, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World, Yeasayer, Chromeo, and Neon Indian!

In other news, thanks to Christa Taylor for featuring me in Empowered Traditionalist‘s blog. Photos from the same photoset were also featured in Market Publique‘s blog.


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    You look AMAZING!!!! I LOVE BLUE!!!! PS: please feature your stylish Indonesian friend, dying to see……… wishing you a wonderful day my dear :)) XOXO

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    GORGEOUS!!!!! The colors are just beautiful and work really well together.

    I still haven’t seen Inception…I think I’m the only person alive who hasn’t. =(

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    how awesome that you were featured in those places!!!
    I love the music you listen to! I listen to those bands too! hehe.

    I can understand why you wanted to add some coverage to your skirt. it looks cute how you put this outfit together though!! I love it.

    I need to rewatch Memento again sometime. It is really great! I saw it only once probably 8 years ago or so. I saw The Prestige in theatres and had really enjoyed it, but I guessed the movie early on (rob and I like to predict what happens in those types of films).

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    p.s. a 20″ waist sounds soooo scary to me. I used to have a 24″ waist before I got pregnant and was far too thin, so I can’t imagine smaller! I’m a 26″ now and am happy as pie with that waist, but 20″!!! woah. I love your grandma-in-law’s hair. :)

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    I’m glad you and your hubby were able to spend time together! I’m sure that was super nice.

    Sacre bleu reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Lumiere screams it out when the army of townspeople are trying to storm in and, “KILL THE BEAST!” :)


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    Wow!!! what can I say, the blue dress is my favorite, I am sensing a little bit of a Alice in Wonderland dress but it is more than that…

    you look stunning love!!!

    the dress is different and very unique in someway!!!

    keep it up darling!
    much love

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    First, I want to tell you that your a pro in layering and that you look good in blue.

    Second, I don´t think that I´d be able to watch Inception and so thanks for the semi-spoiler. ;)

    Third and last, love those pearls and congrats on yet another blog feature!

    Have a lovely weekend, dahling
    (pun intended)! ;)

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    Your in-laws have such nice things. I love the color of their shed and the painting is so cool.

    Freaky inception dream. My friend could hardly wait to sleep after watching that movie because he hoped he could start creating his own world! He ended up having a very non-inception related dream though :P

    B from A plus B

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    oh no, in the runaways movie they didn’t get nude, other people took their shirts off or were nude. They had the actual runaways girls in underwear in a few scenes. The filter will definitely do a LOT of filtering. . . there isn’t going to be much movie for you to see! It was sad. Let me know how it is filtered!

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    i envy your style very secretly! =) and i’m glad that you shop at modcloth!

    your dream is scary! but lucky for you that it happened so you can get the tickets on time.

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    yeah that is my rosie the riveter hair but the thing about it is that it is ruined by humidity, water, and sweat! I had it all pretty with curls. Plus I had slept in it overnight and changed the bandana I had on. I wore it that way all weekend. I was pretty grimey and showered as soon as I got home haha. I’m a dirt bag like that. My parents live directly in front of a polluted river that is not fit for swimming because of the loads of floods they have, so I actually am quite used to mosquitoes. I remember one summer I counted 112 bites on my body. It was bad. I think over time I just wasn’t tasty anymore. I got one bite all summer so far, and that was in March. I did have a lot of fun camping. I used to live for camp every summer as a kid/teen.

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