Ruffles + Plaid and things that make me mad

I hate that I cannot stray away from the vintage prep look. It’s starting to get on my nerves. I should be able to change styles with a little bit of discipline and thought, but it’s difficult once you have figured out what sort of image you think looks best on you. Don’t you ever think it’s unfair that how you naturally look often determines everything else—how you are treated, what clothes are most flattering, your job, your mood, etc.?

Despite the task of learning to accept your own appearance, you are still faced with the hard-hitting reality of how everyone else perceives you. You can learn to ignore other people’s opinions of you, of course. It’s very difficult, however, especially for us women, who have from day one been measured by our appearances.

Because of how I look, I too have been mistakenly put into the wrong category. The most common misconception people have of me is that I am somehow into really girly and cutesy things (this must not be the first time this has been brought up on here). It sort of bugs me when people assume, because of how they perceive me based on my appearance, that I might like something. I guess some feel that it is somewhat Holmesianly clever to look me up and down and deduce that I am into Gossip Girl or Mad Men. I really cannot stand those shows. I might like the clothes in them, sure, but their dialogue and story (or lack thereof) leave a really awful taste in my mouth.

I am always tempted to change how I dress, because I want to be perceived more like my interests. You can’t just keep changing when you feel like that, though. You can’t control what other people think of you, so you shouldn’t let them determine your life—unless you really believe that it will help you be a better person. That specifically was one of the reasons for me to dress more modestly. During the days when I slip up and wear a dress or a skirt that’s just a tad too short, it’s unbelievable how many disgusting looks and comments I get, especially when not around my husband. That attention is unnecessary, and to me, quite appalling. I don’t understand why girls expose their bodies and just allow themselves to be treated like this.

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  1. Rachel,
    Sorry that you feel people are judging you on the way you dress. I’m sure that would be quite irritating! Lots of people judge me for wearing skirts, I get sneers (yes sneers) from ladies all the time. Honestly, I’m one of those people who has gotten past what other people think (most of the time!). My philosophy is to wear whatever I like (and is modest) and to let the rest of the world worry about themselves. Guys still give me those looks, even though I’m dressed modestly-and yes, it’s very irritating. But I did learn it helps to have a big 6″4 dad stand next to you! ;)

    I like your style, I’ve always admired that you wear things most people would never think of wearing (read as the most sincere flattery, not a mean comment). You’ve inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and wear new things that aren’t necessarily “in”. Anyway, love the outfit!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Hi Natasha,

      I think women look more attractive when they let their beauty shine through their creativity. So when they do that in their clothes, their demeanor, their hair—everything but their skin, they are showing that they can be attractive but not desperate. So, I am glad that you have found that to be a valuable lesson! That really makes me happy to hear that.

      It’s funny that you say I wear things that most people wouldn’t put on (I do agree too, to an extent), but my mom-in-law thinks of “trendy” when I pick something out. Just today, for instance, when I picked up a scarf, she said scarves are trendy. I said, “Really? I don’t see too many girls wear scarves nowadays.” I really dislike that word and to be associated with that, because I don’t like putting things on just because they are popular. I like to put on whatever I think looks cute or nice on me—whatever that may be! I think you are the same :) Yay!

  2. Oooo New layout. awesome. yey!
    I have been watching Gossip Girl and have a post I’ll be posting about my painful time watching it (it is done, just in draft mode on Ruby-eyed Okapi). I watched one episode of Mad Men which was enough for me to not watch it again.
    Cute outfit!!! Yey!! I love that you’re posting more again finally!!!

    1. Thank you! Haha, I am SO glad that somebody hates those shows too! I have more on my list… things that I do not understand why people like them. Maybe you like these shows, but Rob and I just hate 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory. Stupid. I’ll be looking forward to your GG post :)

  3. This outfit is adorable! Plaid skirts usually remind me of Catholic boarding schools, but not in this outfit! It’s so pretty! <3

    I know what you mean. I tend to dress very feminine and people are always surprised when they find out that I love old cars and Avengers movies. Hehe. I think it's fun when they find out and are (obviously) totally shocked. Gives me a little chuckle. ;)

    1. Haha, I used to be in Catholic school (even though I am not Catholic)! I didn’t really like my uniform that much, though. It was plain, and it had colors of a tree. Thank you!

      Oh yeah, I love the Avengers—new and the totally unrelated old Avengers!

  4. First of all, do you have purple highlights?

    Regarding the outfit, so feminine and preppy. And I think women we’re free to show our body, always within limits but sadly we can’t control what others are gonna say about us, but what we could do is tell those people to be worry about their stuff instead of us, politely.

    1. Lol, I still have some blue streaks on my hair from dying my hair completely blue. I thought the black would cover it all, but even with two boxes of black hair dye, that still didn’t do it.

      About what other people say, it’s not that they really worry about it/you. That’s a problem, too however. What I was talking about was more of people assuming you’re somebody else (not really a negative assumption, but it is the wrong assumption of you). I get incredibly girls gifts because of it, people assuming I like chick flicks, or that I am “straight” person when I can be a real goofball :)

      1. I understand. Once I dyed my hair red and it took time to cover it.

        Depending on what’re you wearing is how people perceive you, and sometimes they don’t see the real you. So is not good to base our opinion on it, it can be tricky. Even some attitudes we have or the tone our voice can be misunderstood.

        Honestly, I used to believe that all christian girls were girly and very straight. But each person is each person.

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