A lot of people tend to forget that lolita fashion, besides the Victorian period’s style, was also based on the styles of the Rococo period, mostly because the two periods were very similar. So sometimes just to throw people off, I describe something as “Rococo” instead of “Victorian” and make myself sound like a complete know-it-all. I’m kidding. I don’t really do that! In fact, I don’t really know too much about the Rococo period besides what Wiki tells me.So who is dying to see the new Harry Potter movie? Eh, eh? My husband and I have been doing HP (Harry Potter, not the computer) movie marathons, and I still need to catch up because it’s been so long since I’ve last seen them.I bought these fishnet and satin gloves (in pairs, of course) and the rose leggings while we were in downtown Philadelphia at a place called Soho. Let me tell you though, the store next to Soho was disgustingly called “Erogenous Zone,” and passing by it was the most uncomfortable thing I had to go through in a long time. Not only did it look like a strip club with mannequins behind the glass, but there was also a creepy-looking man at the store waiting at the door, scoping out passersby and hoping for customers. Now if I had wanted to buy lingerie, I really wouldn’t have wanted a guy to help me through the store to find underwear. Why does it seem like everywhere I go (not that I really shop in these places), these kinds of places are manned by men?From the photo below, you’ll see that I got my first petticoat. Because I’m Filipino, I have already acquired half slips (happy slip) from my mother, but they were nothing like this gorgeous petticoat. I like that it’s so long and really adds volume to any skirt. By the way, please do not mistake petticoats for pea coats. I do agree, though, that the two are very confusing! Who came up with the brilliant idea of naming an undergarment skirt a coat?

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! I know I’m going to be really busy very soon because I just got two new projects for my Web design freelancing job, and on top of that, I’m going back to school before I look too old to pass for a college student! Before I go, here’s “Rococo” from Arcade Fire’s newest album The Suburbs:

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    I have a couple corsets, but I think they are a little too sexy to even wear on the outside. I used to have loads of photos of myself in them when I was immodest on the net. ugh. I think yours is a little too sexy too even, but I do at least applaud that you have a long sleeved shirt on and all under it. The outfit is lovely, but I’d think you should still be a little cautious about wearing lingerie looking stuff even outside your clothes. But I love you still and my admiration is still as high as always for you!

    I really love petticoats. I have owned a lot of them over the past decade.

    I love that necklace!! it is so beautiful!!! perfect.

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      Hey Victoria,

      Thanks for being honest with me! I really appreciate that. I do agree with you. I got a little uncomfortable posting those photos after I was done editing them. I don’t think I would ever disagree with anyone who points out that something I wear is immodest or sexy. I was always stubborn with my clothes, and I know to stop being like that now once the feeling rises up in me. Just last night at the theater, I was wearing these really neat-looking tights with a “sound wave” pattern. My dress was a good length touching my knees, but I noticed that a lot of guys couldn’t stop looking at my legs. I should keep in mind that some things are just sexy even when they cover up parts of the body. I immediately understood what you meant when you wrote that comment, and I cannot agree with you more.

      I’ve never worn that corset outside the house, though! It was more of like part of a lolita costume I made up just for that post.

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        Thanks for not getting upset with me or anything. I think it is just that wire that shapes your breasts that is what was the problem. I think if it was all just a corset without that shape defining part, it probably wouldn’t have a reaction like I had written to you.

        yeah. . .my Rob is a leg man so I can understand what you mean. . . because of me being so tall and he loves my legs. . .so that is always an area he had looked at in the past, but he hasn’t lusted after anyway but me for a while now. I’m really proud of him.

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    your outfit is cute i like all the layers and little things that go into it and the coloring with the background is so pretty.
    i too want to see harry potter, but need to watch the other first to be on top of it all.

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    Hi Rache, I love Harry Potter, my son and I have to go soon to watch it. I disagree with Justice Pirate, I don’t think your corset looks too sexy, in fact you did a well job at wearing it over the white oxford shirt. I don’t think your outfit is immodest at all, but I guess we all have different perspectives on what modesty means. Anyways, you look lovely.

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      only stated it because it was what my husband thought, and he’s a recovering porn and lust addict. He had to look away as I was looking at these next to him because the top looked like lingerie which he only wants to see on me privately. I was fine with this outfit until that happened.

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        I think you are right, Victoria. I wouldn’t argue with you. Like I said in my comment above, your honesty was a loving message to me. I love you for that! It doesn’t matter if other people think it’s modest because the fact that it causes problems to some guys means that what I was wearing was not helping in my cause at all. Thank you for pointing this out! I understand what you and your husband mean, because my husband would do the same thing. Although he didn’t tell me to put these photos down, he did tell me to remove one photo that was emphasizing the chest too much. I cut out the chest part and left the rest of the body because of that.

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        yeah. see usually I hold the computer out of his view with people’s blogs that I look through, but because it was yours I didn’t do so and he was, “that Rachel’s blog?” and I said, “yeah.” and so looking at the photos. . the reaction happened. that is where suddenly I felt so badly that I had to pull the computer away from his view again. He didn’t lust at all, but he just was surprised and shocked.

        I know that you and I can tell each other things truthfully and are able to be a bit accountable to one another and I thank you for that so much. It is really nice that you and I will take each other’s words in accordance to trying to be helpful so we can grow.

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    when i saw the title of the post i thought it was about the arcade fire song… i had no idea it was a period of fashion history!

    I love your fab lace stockings, and you are going to have such fun styling with the petticoat!

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    I just love your blog Rachel! It’s always so refreshing to stop by and read what you have to say. And your looks are always so pretty and creative. Keep it up girl!
    Oh btw, I LOVE Arcade Fire!!! “Every time you close your eyes LIES!” (haha, that’s the first song I ever heard by them)
    Well, good luck with your projects! Have a lovely Thanksgiving week!!

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    I learn so much from this site especially new fashion terminology. I love the colours in the photos, the skirt contrasts spectacularly with the Fall leaves. I saw the HP movie! It was incredible and ends with a cliffhanger- can’t believe I have to wait till summer for the next one. Buy tix in advance as they sell out.

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    WOW!!! in every post you make…there is always a mixture of history and culture in it…that makes me learn a lot of stuff from you Rachel…I am thinking of a modern little red riding hood…since I am not a fan of HArry Potter but what came into my mind is Princess Sarah…I do not know if you know her…but I have seen these kind of clothes in that hit movie…so beautiful…

    and you belong to that era…very gorgeous!!!!


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    this is so adorable! nad i love the colour
    and yes the frills and laces reminds me of rococo period. and somehow this reminds me of princess aurora of sleeping beauty

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    Babes in Toyland ’86 version is on Netflix instant play, as well as the frog prince, which is how I saw both of them.

    I read that most of the reviews for The Last Airbender were bad and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. My Rob however felt it was a little rushed but was glad that it wasn’t too rushed (like having him quickly learn all the different bending abilities in one movie would have been rushed to him).

    Paper Route is a Christian band! I’ve been listening to them for probably 4 or 5 years now.

    yeah, with most people on the net I won’t say things about their lack of modesty at all, but I know that you won’t take it poorly or over react or anything. Thanks for that.

    Keep in mind that The Frog Prince is also a kiddie movie. . .but I just love it. Most of the movies I loved as a kid ended up not being as good as I saw them again when I grew up, but this one still had that “magic” about it.

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    being half sizes definitely sucks! no we don’t have the dollar tree in australia, but we do have stores that sell shoe grips… but they cost more than a dollar! hahahaha

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    This is my favorite post of yours. The images are so very beautiful. My breath was taken away by the last one. The colors are just so vibrant!



    P.S. Hehe. I totally related to your last comment on my blog about crushing on celebrity guys. I used to have two posters of Taylor Lautner on my wall–flexing, nevertheless. And then, I imagined what it would be like if my boyfriend or future spouse had two posters of Miley Cyrus on their walls? That is all the incentive I need to take my posters down. … :)


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