A lot of people tend to forget that lolita fashion, besides the Victorian period’s style, was also based on the styles of the Rococo period, mostly because the two periods were very similar. So sometimes just to throw people off, I describe something as “Rococo” instead of “Victorian” and make myself sound like a complete know-it-all. I’m kidding. I don’t really do that! In fact, I don’t really know too much about the Rococo period besides what Wiki tells me. So who is dying to see the new Harry Potter movie? Eh, eh? My husband and I have been doing HP (Harry Potter, not the computer) movie marathons, and I still need to catch up because it’s been so long since I’ve last seen them. I bought these fishnet and satin gloves (in pairs, of course) and the rose leggings while we were in downtown Philadelphia at a place called Soho. Let me tell you though, the store next to Soho was disgustingly called “Erogenous Zone,” and passing by it was the most uncomfortable thing I had to go through in a long time. Not only did it look like a strip club with mannequins behind the glass, but there was also a creepy-looking man at the store waiting at the door, scoping out passersby and hoping for customers. Now if I had wanted to buy lingerie, I really wouldn’t have wanted a guy to help me through the store to find underwear. Why does it seem like everywhere I go (not that I really shop in these places), these kinds of places are manned by men? From the photo below, you’ll see that I got my first petticoat. Because I’m Filipino, I have already acquired half slips (happy slip) from my mother, but they were nothing like this gorgeous petticoat. I like that it’s so long and really adds volume to any skirt. By the way, please do not mistake petticoats for pea coats. I do agree, though, that the two are very confusing! Who came up with the brilliant idea of naming an undergarment skirt a coat?

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! I know I’m going to be really busy very soon because I just got two new projects for my Web design freelancing job, and on top of that, I’m going back to school before I look too old to pass for a college student! Before I go, here’s “Rococo” from Arcade Fire’s newest album The Suburbs:

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