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Above: Vintage 1927  article

I am so glad that there are online calculators for useful conversions, don’t you? Google has a built in converter for units, for example. So for a recipe you want to know, “how many ounces are there in 5 cups.” Their converter app will show up on the very top of the page before all of the search listings. I’m also quite happy about accurate bra size calculators I find online! I don’t mind going to stores to get fitted at all, but for those who are shy, a calculator will do just fine.


You know what else is out there? A ring size converter! This might be especially useful for those who are getting ready to be married or if you’re already married, just  a quick way to have your ring readjusted without having to walk in a store.

Below you’ll find a calculator to convert your true ring size. Clicking the image below will go directly to the download of the no-install application made by Jewelry Kind (I love standalone files). It is the same company that sells the gorgeous rings posted above. They pride themselves in inexpensive sterling silver jewelry that anyone can afford, and I do think their prices are not bad at all! This may be the perfect place to get a post-Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone—including your mom and yourself!

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Do you know what your ring size is?

3 thoughts on “Handy Dandy Ring Size Converter

    1. Victoria—It is hard to work with rings on! I have to take them off when I’m washing the dishes especially, because they rust. When I wear a ring other than my wedding ring out, Rob says “What’s this? You don’t wear rings!” Hehe. As if I am not allowed to when I don’t usually. :-/

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