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Redminscing Plaiditude

April 22nd, 2010

Obviously, I made those words up. It sounds like a great album name that resembles what Weezer already came up with. I am wearing red plaid with attitude reminiscing fall days because spring has sprung a leak with its rainy days. It’s either I was being rebelliously poetic with meteorology, or that the plaid jacket was just the first thing I grabbed on our way to Ihop this chilly morning.

Also, do not order waffles at Ihop. It’s quite the antithesis. Go to Waffle House. They are two of my hubby and I’s favorite breakfast places that each have their own specialty.

Top right: Just one of the many Victorian necklaces and other jewelry I am soon to share with you either as giveaway or for my store.

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8 Responses to “Redminscing Plaiditude”

  1. Elaine, clothed much

    That is a great necklace and I love how you did the socks with the heels!

  2. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thanks! The socks w/ heels is a such a cool 80s trend.

  3. Sandy a la Mode

    ohh your skirt is the perfect work skirt, i could use one! =) and your necklace is adorable! have a great weekend rachel!!

  4. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thanks, Sandy! Same to you! Got the skirt from Forever 21.

  5. alltumbledown

    Love the fishnet socks with the heels! Such a hot librarian look- but modestly done.

  6. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thanks, gal!

  7. Chandra

    I love, love, love the skirt! (Oh, and the glasses make it work, too!)

  8. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Thanks, Chandra! We can be stylish and have bad eyesight!

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