Recap of Our Winter Rock Shows: Deerhoof, Liam Finn, Ash, and many more!

Hey all! I’m going to try to write more soon (these promises hopefully won’t be empty again), but for now here are some photos I took from Instagram of shows Rob and I went to and cool people we got a pleasure of meeting in a span of a month. Enjoy! ashtimwheelerrick
Rob and I with Irish rock gods Tim Wheeler and Rick McMurray of Ash at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.  If you are reading this, sorry about the”contagion” warning. It was truly nothing. Rob was just being extra careful. He is worry nut, but he is sweet and a really big fan. I am equally (if not more) in love with your music! Oh yeah, yay Pixies and Ziggy Stardust, sci-fi, and “stars”! Can’t wait to see you all again and hopefully not sick.

Ash rocking out

It’s Reputante! They remind of Psychadelic Furs. This photo is a reminder to get an album of theirs (update: I don’t think there’s anything that’s available except for the free downloads on their Bandcamp). I really need to keep track… Oh, and nice legwork.


Rob and I bought a replacement copy of our “stolen” Runners Four album from Ed of Deerhoof who was running the merch table. The guy who we lent our album to (who doesn’t have the guts to settle a misunderstanding in person) is still a friend of ours on Facebook, so I have yet to tag the guy on this photo. Is that mean?

I love Satomi from Deerhoof! She is so cute. It was also fun talking to Greg Saunier. To Greg, I WILL try to find that impossible pink camo jacket!

liam finn
Liam Finn got us a list of cool New Zealand bands to listen to. Liam, it was really nice meeting your girlfriend, and I’m very sorry for having you stand out in the cold for too long!

Liam Finn performing ALL the instruments himself.
Ah, Aubrey of Formica Man is great. They have this song that sounds a lot like Monotrona! Awesome voice. Cool band. Please check this Oregon group out! P.S. ATTN: ESPECIALLY Kate Bush!!! aubreyformicaman
Cute candid shot. 1 of like maybe 5 shots with really bad lighting. formicaman
Formica Man on stage at the Ottobar
Deerhoof on stage at the Ottobar in Baltimore. I was going to take a photo of the wacky Spanish shirt Ed was wearing, but he quickly changed to regular clothes when we got to talk to him because the shirt was too soaked in sweat.


Dopebody is a local band from Baltimore, and below was one of three (I think) older folks standing right in front of the stage!! I’m not sure if they were there together, or if it was someone’s grandma and grandpa from the band? This was definitely one of the most memorable shows I’ve been to (Deerhoof Break Up Song tour ’12)

I took a bunch on low-fi videos (and more photos not online yet), but I’d rather post some better quality ones from Youtube for you to check out if you haven’t heard any of these guys.

Ash – “Arcadia”

Deerhoof – The Perfect Me

Liam Finn- Second Chance

Reputante – Deep Set Eyes

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