Rebellion has Blue Roots

So I’ve had blue hair for over half a year now—I think? I can’t imagine it’s been that long (it’s been a while since I posted photos)! I went from turquoise to a deep blue to a regular blue. It was a lot of fun while it lasted (it was a semi-permanent color, of course). Over that period of time, I have gotten a wide variety of reactions. Some of the more memorable reactions were guys yelling “cool hair!” from several feet away, girls asking to touch my hair, and little girls stopping to talk to me everywhere I went. On the negative side, I had mothers sighing and rolling their eyes while they ignored their daugthers’ vocal fascination for “the girl with the blue hair over there.” Also, I had people thinking I was into anime cosplay, and to that I would just say, “I like punk.” The worst comment I ever got in public, which happened on many occasions, was “Hi/hello Katy Perry!” Shoot me, please.

Why wouldn’t some people pierce their nose if they would pierce their ears? Why wouldn’t some people pierce their eyebrows or lip if they would pierce their nose? Why wouldn’t some people get tattoos if they would get cosmetic surgery? Is it a conviction or a preference? The conventionals have the same odd reaction to people with unnatural hair colors as someone with piercings or tattoos—possibly even worse. HAIR COLOR IS NOT PERMANENT, even if it says so on the box. I would say that there is a stark difference between the two.

Permanent or not, the conventionals look into what it represents. Sure, I can buy into that (no sarcasm). Even though it’s hard to discern, I do believe in staying away from “the appearance of evil,” 1 Thes 5:22. Pertaining to modesty, there might be a select few who get aroused by women with unnatural hair colors, but that is a very narrow number from what I am aware of (depending on where you hang out also). Women’s hairstyles haven’t really been too much of a distraction in the office—unlike showing cleavage—unless it literally obstructs others’ vision. That is why you don’t generally see Christian girls covering their hair for protection from sexual predators.

So what else could be a reason why unnatural hair colors leave a bad taste in the conventional’s mouth? It might also be because it represents rebellion. Rebellion isn’t such a bad thing. I’ve been embracing it all my life. However in my earlier days, especially as a teenager, it wasn’t the good kind. I still automatically turn my nose up against anything too popular, without really having a good reason for it. I may be immature in that way. So to be compared to the queen of today’s pop was my warrant to murder someone. I am appalled by shallow expressions of meaning (as they dictate lifestyles “artistically” and/or technologically), and I will not stop rebelling against it by whatever means I am allowed.

What I am wearing: Boston Proper lace shirt – Hanes blue t-shirt – Steve & Barry’s jeans – LS sandals – Manic Panic Shocking Blue – Sally Girl nail polish