Reasons to Love Etsy + Vintage Giveaway

vintage a la modest 70s

a la modest vintage 70sala modest vintage 70sa la modest vintage 70s

It’s the thrill of finding something completely unique that you can no longer find in stores
It’s the fantasy of living in another time and wearing a piece of history on your sleeves
It’s the assurance that vintage doesn’t just mean the style
It’s owning something that is worthy of a conversation
It’s being part of a community who loves, understands, and treasures creativity and history
It’s a great feeling to support and recognize worthy artisans
It’s the satisfaction of owning something quality made and lasts a lifetime

Why do you love Etsy?



To celebrate all that is Etsy, vintage seller Otter Pawps is giving away items from her shop to a la Modest readers! Pick ANYTHING you like (including the top and skirt I am currently wearing) :)

REQUIRED: All you need to do is follow @OtterPawpsShawp on Twitter then leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username + country. Tell me what you like about vintage/Etsy on the comment as well. Example: “@alamodest – USA – I like vintage because…”

Optional/extra entries: Favorite/follow Otter Pawps store and/or items. Leave your Etsy username in the comment.

Open to all. Ends Sunday, January 26.


WINNERS: Heidi, Dana Rodriguez, and Kate Redding.

27 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Etsy + Vintage Giveaway

  1. Very colorful and fun outfit!
    I love Etsy as well. There are such unique and interesting things off of there. Every seller is friendly and they truly want to make you happy as a buyer! I got most of my Wedding Reception decorations off of Etsy, so it will always hold a place in my heart. :)
    I am following Otter Pawps via Twitter! @MsFashinista

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Most of your wedding decor on Etsy? How neat! Did you find it somewhat economical to buy it off there, or did you not really care much about the price because of your vision? What was your theme/colors?


  2. I’m following on twitter @jdine1969
    I live in the USA
    I like vintage because it is original and more unique/interesting!

  3. I love vintage especially dresses from the 40s. I love the simplicity, the fitted waist and the colours and patterns. Twitter is @justamuggle2 and from USA

  4. I agree! Etsy is a great place to find unique stuff, but general vintage and thrift shops are! What do I love about it? The life that you can feel and breathe from the clothes. Like that skirt: you can actually feel that it has lived a long life and who knows what adventures it has been through! I like imagining what kind of people wore the clothes, where they used to wear them and so on. And you can feel like someone else, too when you wear this kind of clothes. It’s like a theatrical costume! <3 (you look amazing btw)

  5. @va_va33 – canada – i like etsy because they have one of a kind pieces you can’t find in regular shops . vintage is special because they are styles and pieces of the past that you can always bring back again and again without following the current trends .

    squirrel33 faved 1 item and shop

  6. @glogirl3 -Canada- I like vintage because no one else is likely to have the same piece of clothing as me. I can be very unique!

  7. @bootlip – CANADA – I like vintage because… I like being original. I like knowing that I am probably the only person wearing that item .. also .. lets face it clothes were much better made back in the day

    Thanks so much !

  8. Hey Rachel!
    It wasn’t that expensive. I think we spent under $200-300 for all the reception decorations. I shopped on Etsy for hours though, looking for the most inexpensive yet what I exactly I was looking for. Plus I only had 20 people at the wedding, so that helped cost wise.
    My colors were white and light blue. I think it turned out very well! Every seller was really nice and accommodating. The best part was that everything was unique and It didn’t look commercialized.
    You can find great inexpensive stuff on Etsy if you look hard enough! :)

  9. @nanuwins– USA – I like vintage because it is very original in today’s world and I like to stand out just enough ;)

  10. @0514tic USA I love vintage because it’s a style that will never go away! There will always be ppl like myself that love wearing vintage!

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