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Rainbow Pashmina Paisley Brite

February 4th, 2013

iristy1I got this Rainbow Pashmina Paisley scarf compliments of Iristy the other day and paired it with my new faux fur leg warmers (I am currently obsessed with Russian styles, so I’ve been looking for a lot of Instagram inspiration on that). My mother-in-law looked at me and said, “Aww, you look like an Eskimo!” Not too long ago Rob and I were watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Francis comes home with his new Eskimo wife to show his parents. Rob said I could play an Eskimo, and I wasn’t really sure how to take it. I do like snow and igloos and wolves as my ride, but that doesn’t mean a thing…

After looking at these photos, I immediately thought of a somewhat drab and toned down Rainbrow Brite. This scarf is better than how it looks on the website! It looks short on their storefront, but this reached down to just above my knees! I am 5’5″ (of course with these wedges on, I am about 5’8″), so you can see how wide and long this scarf actually is. I’ve been avoiding adding anything too bright to fit in my wardrobe’s new direction. I was afraid that this scarf might clash with that, but it really didn’t. This scarf is as sexy as Bollywood.

I forgot to take photos of the other side of this scarf. It wasn’t even mentioned on Iristy’s site that this is completely reversible. On the one side, it is rainbow. On the other, it is tan. It is equally magnificent. The texture of this is like velvet. I love it! This was the outfit I had on underneath. I like to wrap big scarves around me and fastening them down with a belt just like this.


25 Responses to “Rainbow Pashmina Paisley Brite”

  1. Chicca Tamburrino

    I love this outfit:)

  2. Natasha Atkerson

    Yay! An outfit post! Perhaps you did some before-I didn’t realize you’d changed the name of your blog-almost deleted it cause I didn’t know what it was! :)

    You DO look like an eskimo, but a very fashionable eskimo! *GRIN*
    I’ll have to try this with a scarf I have! My brother and sister in law took a trip to Israel and brought us back scarves! So cute, but hard to wear! Never thought if wearing it this way!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Mery


  4. estiloesestilo

    Me gista tu look guapa es un outfit luces urbana y juvenil tienes mi voto mas chic me gustaria lo mismo de ti te invito a estiloesestilo.blogspot.com

  5. bonnie

    Awesome look, dear! Love it

  6. Shepard

    Awesome! Love the scarf

  7. terrafirma

    luuuv it

  8. Heidi

    I think the pashmina looks lovely on you! Love the pattern on it. Those boots are gorgeous as well with the leg warmers- perfect for winter!

  9. zhiri

    nice thing with the scarf!

  10. ruckuz

    like like!

  11. Natasha Atkerson

    Hey Rachel,
    just wanted to drop by again and tell you that I will certainly be praying for you. Sorry life isn’t going well right now. On the plus side-this is a close to Hell as we’ll be getting! :)
    If you ever need someone to talk to, you can email me. I realize I’m quite a bit younger than you, but wanted to let you know I’m here if you need anything (aside from prayer!).

  12. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Natasha,

    I just moved one letter to the right (or put a gap in between the two letters, depending on how you look at it!) :)

    Oh yay how fun that you went to Israel! I would love to go one day. I guess when we (the lowly or average income couple who’s been hit by this dreadful economy) can get enough savings to go, we definitely will! We actually have a few countries on our list for vacationing, in case we win the lottery or something. Hehe. You should put up the scarves on your blog. Would <3 to see.

  13. Rachel Dahl

    It’s funny because the boots I wore already had faux fur in it, and it was completely covered by the long leg warmers! Thank you though :)

  14. Rachel Dahl

    Hi again,

    Thank you so much! There’s really no physical age requirement with talking spirituality. That is what’s great about it. Some people just can’t come to grips with it, simply because of pride.

  15. Lean S

    I’ve never thought of wearing a scarf this way. This is really cute.

  16. Stephanie Hastie

    Oh that scarf is absolutely gorgeous! And wearing that way reeally shows it off.

  17. Merry

    Love love love the scarf! Such a great mix of fabrics and textures here.

  18. Meenakshi Kapur


    Just happen to visit yr blog and its amazing loved the post


  19. brisallie

    I love how you wear the scarf as it were a vest :) is stylish. What about wear a long knit cardigan as it were a dress? I’ve worn it with black tights or leggings.

    Those boots are great too, so warm.

  20. Rachel Dahl

    Thank you, sweetie! Come back soon!!

  21. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks, babe!

  22. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks so much <3

  23. Rachel Dahl

    Thank you, dearest! I haven’t found an actual cardigan that was long enough to be a dress. When I find one, it’s usually just right beneath the crotch :-/ I have yet to find one mid thigh, but that would be classified as a tunic by then!

  24. Emily

    Love how you styled the scarf!

  25. Katha Rina

    love this scarf! :)

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