Rachie the Raker

Instead of flexing my non-existent womanly “guns” at the camera as Rosie the Riveter did in her famous pose, I decided to replace the shot with myself handling a broom. Hello, Rachie the Raker!

This blouse was my mom’s. She sometimes passes on clothes to me when they get a little tight on her. This is a large-sized blouse, and it fit the small-sized me just fine by being tucked in! The “Get Young” pin was from the Pretty & Nice show my husband, Rob, and I went to in Chicago while on vacation. We hung out with the band for a bit after the show, and the conversation continued through e-mail with mutual mp3 exchanges from Rob’s newest album. Their next gig was in our hometown, but ironically, we missed that one! The dainty shell necklace you see is from my grandmother-in-law. It means so much more to inherit vintage pieces from the family than to just scout through shops!

How I am wearing this red scarf is just one of the many ways I fancy wearing scarves. You can never really have too many of them!

Yesterday, I was inspired to do a post on femininity, particularly on the role of women in society. I decided to postpone the article until later this week. It got more in-depth than expected and a little too lengthy to go with the outfit shots, so I decided to put it up as a separate post altogether! On the same day, I also lost one subscriber to my blog. It might have had something to do with my strong grounds on modesty along with the heavy posts that elaborate on them. Even so, I will continue to write passionately about my ministry, the very ground on which à la Modest stands.

On a lighter note: Here is a photo of Alexis Bledel as Rosie on the left and the real Rosie the Riveter on the right. I really like those buttons on Alexis’ pants!

P.S. I just realized that Spain won in the FIFA World Cup. The colors I am wearing here are totally unintentional! I live for coincidences…

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  1. says

    Love the outfit and I feel you on losing followers because we speak our hearts out on what we believe, but the thing is that our blog name’s says it, Modest, it should be known what to expect. Following His word and standing up for it is not as popular as wearing a barely there clothe garment. But the good thing is that you are doing an awesome job at promoting modesty in a beautiful stylish way, you don’t have to look all frumpy to be modest, you can be modest and stylish, that’s the definition of you. =) so don’t worry about the lost follower and stand strong, you are an inspiring young lady Rachel.

  2. says

    can’t wait to read the post on being feminine! its always sad to lose a reader, but i think your stand for modesty is admirable!

  3. says

    I live for coincidences too… love the colors of your outfit… so fun and cheerful. Great that you were able to inherit stuff form your mom and grandma.

    Don’t worry about losing followers… it’s better to have a few who understands you. xoxo

  4. says

    I live for coincidences too… love the colors of your outfit… so fun and cheerful. Great that you were able to inherit stuff from your mom and grandma.

    Don’t worry about losing followers… it’s better to have a few who understands you. xoxo

  5. Leah says

    For some reason, the skirt reminds me of an apron that my mom has in her cedar chest. (It’s 12 am & I’m a little wacky.)

    As for losing a follower of your blog, it is what it is. You put your convictions out there and laid out your reasons for things and if that person decided that they couldn’t handle it, so be it.

    • says

      It made me think of an apron too the first time I saw it! I must’ve seen your mom’s apron in a vision! Just kidding.

      As for the “lost” one: My thoughts exactly! Let the true audience stay and the lurkers pass by. Thanks for your comments! :)

  6. says

    that’s a super cool outfit.Just yesterday I was thinking about wearing a scarf like you do because I was watching ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s'(remember the Moon River scene? Ok,it’s a little different I have to admit that) but it’s really…again:super cool!
    I tried Pandora yesterday but they said it’s not available for non-American people any longer.But last.fm is similar.You listen to the music you like on iTunes for example,those songs are listed up for everyone to see and then last.fm recommends similar artists and songs.
    You oughtn’t mind the ‘lost’ follower on your blog,maybe she was thinking in a different way.You just should keep on writing,it is great to read..and inspiring!

  7. says

    I’ve lost readers on occasion (and I only had 5!) but the important thing is to stand by your convictions.

    I can not wait to read the next post! :)

    I must say I absolutely love this outfit! Very vintage! Very feminine! Very sweet!

    Absolutly adore the skirt!

    As always great job Rachel,

  8. says

    Oh wow. I loved Brother’s Bloom too! i recently posted about that one even. I didn’t know that was the same guy. Rian Johnson I think started a company with the star of Brick: Joseph Gordon-Levitt where they have just a lot of little movie projects. Funny thing is that Rob and I noticed in Brothers Bloom that Joseph Gordon Levitt was just sitting there for a split second on the screen and Rob rewound it and said, “hahahaha. Why is he in this just sitting there as an extra??” so that makes sense now that I know it is the same director, since they are friends!!!

    New Moon’s soundtrack was amazing. I don’t really know if I liked the first soundtrack but the new one, not so much.

    This is It documentary does have a few girls not wearing much. They did a little scene of girls in underwear who do a little acrobatic dance on poles, like in the circus. . they don’t wear much. They show that for a very short time. . .but there are other girls they show dancing in bras and panties. . so it is so annoying!!!!!

  9. says

    You´re right Rach, I´m grinning from ear to ear when I saw this yellow and red outfit of yours. :) You´ve just celebrated Spain´s win in a very pretty way !

    It´s really amazing to inherit something vintage, no? Right now it´s my little sis who´s borrowing/having my Mom´s vintage things because she lives with her. I also got a set of jewelry from my MIL including her vintage pearls and I´m loving them.

    Looking forward to your feminity post and about the lost subscriber, we can´t always please everybody. The important thing is that we stand for what we believe. :)

    Enjoy your mid-week! :)

  10. says

    How can you be so cute? Seriously! You looked great even as a raker:)

    It’s so nice that you inherited all those vintage pieces! And I have the same scarf and I wore it the same way a couple of times too! What a coincidence:P

  11. says

    That’s great that you were able to obtain inherited pieces!

    We all gain and lose followers. I do all the time! Just be you – that’s all that really matters.

  12. says

    You have an awesome thing going here! I admire your stand for modesty so much! Plus you just look all-around amazing! Keep up the good work <3

    xo, Brittan

  13. says

    I love Alexis Bledel and have that photo of her as Rosie the Riveter on my desktop every time it’s exam week. It just makes me power through! Haha! :)

    Rachie the Raker made me smile. You got all the colors in and look cute as heck!

    B from A plus B

  14. says

    Oh, now I love this outfit. Beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about the lost subscriber, although you certainly shouldn’t ever compromise on what you wish to say just to please ‘internet folk’.

    The upcoming femininity post sounds good; I shall definitely keep an eye out for it!

    Oh and thank you for the comment also, as for The Sugarcubes I actually have a couple of albums on vinyl :)


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