Rachel & Rachel: Danielson’s Best of Gloucester County

Remember Rachel Galloway from this interview? Well, we finally met in person last weekend in Philadelphia for Danielson’s Best of Gloucester County tour! That show was a lot of fun! If you’d like to check out their music, here is the link to purchase their new album. For Sufjan Stevens fans, you might like to know that he played the banjo on this album, as he has on a couple other Danielson records in the past. It was nice to see Danielson’s uniforms on stage, including the new flags, which you’ll see I took a photo of below. They are just full of good cheery energy and intriguing symbolism, and their music is sort of an approachable avant garde folk rock/pop.

At first glance, their stuff might seem kiddy. Their cover art is quirky and so is their music, but they really are very serious and creative musicians. They’ve maintained a strong following and good critical rep in the secular indie rock scene despite their being solid Christians.  One particular song that has a serious message enveloped in a silly and playful song is “Rubbernecker,” from the Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha) album. It’s a song that criticizes lust and that I was really glad they made. They have a lot of songs encouraging us to avoid lust, including a favorite of my husband’s, “Flesh Thang.” Besides appreciating this aspect of their music, I really can’t get enough of the visual symbols, too.

Aside: As I see it, the whole world is a big round (oblate) symbol resonating with lyrical messages, hoping for humans to understand the point of its existence and ours. Our job then is to interpret this message as best as we can given the clues that were left for us thousands of years ago. There is much scientific truth in the bible—more than you know. I hope I didn’t weird Daniel out too much when I explained what my drawings on my husband’s CD meant! He and Rachel each have a copy of a sample mix of my husband’s newest album, and I drew on one cover a windmill with birds dying, one with the earth emanating Wi-Fi signals to other planets, and an extra (for her bro-in-law from Soul-Junk) with our world side by side with a parallel universe underneath. Actually, I don’t know which one got which, but it doesn’t really matter. I must come off as insane sometimes. I’m glad some people still like me.


Here is a photo I took of Rachel waving at the camera. I think the girls might’ve taken some photos of the audience too while they were setting up, and I thought that was neat. They are so laid back!

Evan made the best faces.

Eye saw the new flags next to the stage:

Here’s Elin temporarily wearing a Norwegian apron during “Li’l Norge:”

The girls: Megan, Rachel, and Elin; Daniel on the far right


Three videos I took of the show (in a playlist):

View the official video for “Grow Up”: