My Previous Jobs Side by Side on a Typical Day

If you haven’t read my previous job-related post on my career change success, I highly recommend it, especially if you’re thinking of switching jobs! Below I have a chart showing what my typical day looks like from each of my previous jobs, juxtaposed with my current job (which I love the most)!



Time JOB #1: Full-time employee graphic/web designer (family business) JOB #2: Freelance web/  graphic designer JOB #3: Buy & sell vintage, blogging
7 am Get up, Breakfast Sleep in Sleep in
8-11 am Work Sleep in Get up, breakfast, walk outside, work
12-1 pm Lunch Work Lunch, TV
2-5 pm Work Lunch, TV, Work Work
6-8pm Work, Dinner Work, TV Work Out, Shop, Dinner, TV
9-11pm Work Dinner, work, TV Work, TV
12-2am Work, talk to Rob, sleep Work, TV, sleep Sleep

bulletstarJob #1: Employee

Before I got married, I was working for my parents in a family printing business. In a way, didn’t we all used to work for our parents? My parents have always owned businesses, and they raised my siblings and me to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Family life eventually became intertwined with business, so I decided I was going to keep that one separate and go into full time IT.


bulletstarJob #2: Freelance Web/graphic designer (The IT job)


It was great to be able to set my own hours doing freelance for the first time ever (unlike the previous job), but I became very heavily invested in each job I took on. I spoke directly to each client and had he or she describe to me their goals, and I did my best to make them happen. My job was a combination of facets both technical and artsy, so keep that in mind when you’re going into the web or graphic design field. You need to work with the client and not just make what you think looks good to you. The problem with involving yourself with art is that it can be very subjective, and you can run into problems with nuanced perspectives.

From the above chart, you’ll see that I used to work up until I went to sleep. That wasn’t good for me or my husband, because I often took the work with me to bed. If you can pull an all nighter to finish a job or at least be organized about your time, then freelancing is no problem!

bulletstarJob #3: Buy & sell vintage / blogging (business)

I was blogging all throughout my freelance work, too, but I only started to make extra cash from it when I started a store. I don’t think the revenue from blogging was correlated with setting up a store. It just reached that momentum around the same time as I started a business with my husband. We started a business together after he got laid off from work, unfortunately—and fortunately! With our business, we have the fortune of setting our own hours as well. However, because we absolutely loved our new job, we started to get up earlier than we did when I was freelancing to start our day! Our relationship as a married couple also only got better, because now we get to spend all our time together. To some, that would maybe aggravate problems. To us, it alleviates them! Our job is perfect for needy couples.

How to Realistically Transition Vs Day Dreaming About It

You need to be properly educated in the field you’re going into. Switching careers is not like switching majors. You will suffer real life consequences such as paying fines or getting sued if you don’t follow guidelines. If you’re going to be setting up a business, you need a business license and a permit—and you’ll know all of this and more by  just taking basic business classes. Same goes with IT. Working with the Internet doesn’t mean you don’t get to follow offline rules. There are plenty of accessible classes that you can sign up for, so you don’t miss out on any details. Remember, the real lessons come when you start working!


Have you switched jobs? How has it changed you?


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6 thoughts on “My Previous Jobs Side by Side on a Typical Day

  1. Congratulations on your recent job transition! I loved seeing your three job schedules compared. I honestly love the idea of freelancing, but I just have the fear of the subjectiveness of my art! Your current job does sound the best though! (:

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Yes, I do know exactly how you feel about the subjectiveness of art. Before I edited the post, I had in there how hard it was to agree on something that looked good, because what looked good to me didn’t necessarily look good to them (and vice versa)!

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