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2013valentinesmix I was going to put up this post yesterday on Valentine’s Day, but I had an unforeseen special evening with the hubby and delayed this! Here is the first ever “Valentine’s Mix: Friends & Lovers.” Okay, so I just meant one lover and the rest are some of my awesome friends whom I handpicked based on their equally good (or just varied) tastes in music. :) I am proud to say that a lot of these gals I chose picked songs  I would’ve picked myself if I had to choose more than three top love songs, and picking just three was very difficult to do…

The “best” songs of course usually change from time to time, but these selections are at least the top three love songs we fancy at the moment. Rob and I have exchanged countless of mix tapes  from back when we were just dating till after we got married, where more than half were in the theme of love.

For your listening pleasure, in alphabetical order… enjoy :)

valentinesmixbloggers2013 Bella (Citizen Rosebud) : Avett Brothers – I and Love and You | Cake- She’ll Come Back to Me | Queen- Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love

Cameron (33 Avenue Miquelon) : Al Green- Let’s Stay Together | Mazzy Star- Fade Into You | Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms

Elisa (Style Bizarre)  : Pearl Jam- Just Breathe | David Bowie- Heroes | Siouxie and the Banshees- The Last Beat of My Heart

Kailey (Mermaidens) : Blur- To The End | Kimbra – Cameo Lover | Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly

Victoria (Justice Pirate)  : Alton Ellis- Ain’t that Loving You | In Pieces- The Anchor  | Imelda May – Falling in Love With You Again

Rob (linked to my heart): Lykke Li -My Love | Colin Bluntstone- Her Song | his third song… he can’t make up his mind!!!

Moi, yours truly. (à la Mode St.) – Casper & The Cookies – Across the Sea | Black Moth Super Rainbow – Spraypaint – Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want


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12 Responses to “(Post) Valentine’s Mix: Friends & Lovers”

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I love The following that were listed (outside of my own, that is): Avett Brothers’ “I and Love and You”, Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, Lykke Li’s “My Love”, and Toad The Wet Sprocket’s “All I Want”.
    Some of the rest, I haven’t heard in a long time (Like Mazzy Star & David Bowie & Siouxie and the Banshees). Ones I never heard before I clicked on the links of to hear them (since honestly, I never heard the Pearl Jam or Cake ones, because I could never get into them – & I never heard kimbra or Black Moth Super Rainbow or Casper & The Cookies ever. and I liked the Casper & The Cookies song by the way)!
    Yey!! I love these!!! My Rob & I have always made playlists & mix cds (because i hate cassettes)
    The picture of you and Rob is adorable by the way. aw.

  2. Elisa

    Yayyy! i’m going to listen to everybody’s songs now! Can you believe I barely know a couple from the list? Haha! (Well, if you don’t count mine of course!) :D Thank you for including me in the list, I hope you liked my picks!

  3. Cameron

    I love the fact that the video you found for “Let’s Stay Together” was uploaded on my 31st birthday. :) And “All I Want” is a good one, too. Late ’90s memories… :)

    Anyway, it was an honor to have been a part of your very special mixtape, Rachel & Rob. Big hugs! <3 <3 <3

  4. Sandy p

    what a great idea :-)

  5. Rachel

    Sweet! I forgot how much I was really into that Mazzy Star song! Nick Cave and Al Green were excellent choices, too :)

    Oh yeah, I totally went gaga over “All I Want” back in middle school I think. The 90s had good hopeless romantic memories for me.

  6. Rachel

    Hi Vivienne :) Oh man, there are definitely a lot of essentials in that list I highly recommend. The bands that I like from everyone’s list, including mine, are (in no particular order): Al Green, Nick Cave, Mazzy Star, Queen, some of Cake, Blur. Pet Shop Boys, Lykke Li, and Colin Blunstone (in case you don’t know, he is from The Zombies.)

    So cool that you like Bowie and Siouxie, too. :) Are you into Missing Persons and Lene Lovich at all? Those guys remind me of Siouxie a lot, so you might enjoy listening to them. I actually don’t remember that Siouxie song. I think I only have Through the Looking Glass, Peepshow, and Superstition. I never got into Pearl Jam, actually.

  7. Rachel

    Yeah, some Cake is good (we have one or two albums I think), and I never got into Pearl Jam.
    Casper and the Cookies is an awesome band! I’m glad you like their song! One of them was from Of Montreal, and they toured with Apples in Stereo—the ultimate super pop groups. My Rob has had a few conversations with them when we saw them at shows. They are really nice.

    Mix CDs are pretty sweet. It’s easily transferable of course, but I must say I have a soft spot for cassettes. :) I did mix tapes for my little side business back in early middle school all by my lonesome! I’m sure it wasn’t legal, but it was so badly done (recorded through radio) that it was no threat.

  8. Elisa B

    I had never heard that song from Siouxsie until a couple of months ago! And I’m quite a big fan! It happened randomly and now I love it! It’s very powerful! I don’t know the ones you told me, but I’m gonna do a big music research now!

  9. Victoria Tiedemann

    I used to make mix tapes as a child, but once the CD came out, I was thrilled. I hated rewinding tapes all the time!

  10. Rachel

    I know. That’s with everything analog though. “Be kind rewind” took a lot of effort, but of course that was for the VHS…but same concept!

  11. Rachel

    Neat! let me know how you like them, or if you don’t like them… be honest!!

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