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Oh my, check out these lovely “pin up” style dresses from Pin Up Darling. The cut and length on these dresses flatter any body type and can even give the illusion of having an hourglass figure. What a dream! There’s nothing more attractive than the art of subtlety, which we seem to have lost through the years. Vintage fashion 101: Not all high fashion clothes then were burlesque. In fact, the majority of them weren’t and very rarely burlesque.

Back in the day, it was convenient to throw around the labels “lady” and “tramp” to classify a woman based on their clothing. Of course, both the words “lady” and “tramp” can be subjective and one judgmental, and the eyes can deceive—that is why to be a lady, her clothing must be accompanied by good manners as well. Boy, that woman would be hard to find now and “more precious than gold.” I definitely enjoy partaking in bathroom jokes often myself. ;-) I am my father’s daughter after all!

Although it’s quite easy to transform a regular outfit to look pin up, or should I say 50s just by simply working on your hairstyle, not every girl knows or has the time to primp glamorous hair right before going to work or school. To me, it’s easier to do that with clothing like with these modern conservative pin up dresses or with actual vintage , but every woman is different. Check out my past outfit below similar to the light grey dress above! I didn’t do anything special with my hair, as you can tell! Free flowing hair without victory rolls makes this look a bit more laid back and less stiff, eh?

See more of these outfit shots on my Mad Men outfit post. The pillbox hat is for sale on my Etsy.

A vintage gal with the perfect combination of retro hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, ideals, and not to mention pop culture knowledge is an A+! I think I’ve only got the clothing, ideals, and pop culture knowledge part from that checklist. It might be something to live up to, but I think I’m happy with where I am right now. Here are some of my “throw back Thursday” photos from 2010 below. I was so incredibly thin then. I love the curves I’ve developed from my new lifestyle now = happier, healthier, and ironically, fitter! Moving back to the diet they had in the 50s is a step closer to what our bodies are meant to eat. I myself take it back to the paleo times. You won’t need a corset once you start eating like this!


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Vintage with modern elements is more my style. I don’t really want to recreate the common past, but I also don’t want to recreate the pin up past (which a lot of vintage fad followers seem to fall into). I just want to take elements from yesteryears that catch my eye that are both artful and flattering to my body type. I like the conservative but curvy 50s woman paired with the free spirited and fun loving nature of the 60s.


How about you? What particular vintage style do you like to wear or admire?

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7 Responses to “Pin Up Dresses That Don’t Bare”

  1. Natasha Atkerson

    I would love to dress vintage-but I just can’t find
    Pieces that are reasonable. Have to say the 1930’s-1940’s are
    My favorites.
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  2. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Natasha, I do like the 40s a lot! It’s interesting that you mention the 30s. Not many people mention liking that period, because it got too glossed over by the fashion of the 20s and 40s. The 30s didn’t leave a mark, at least in people’s minds. Most of the decade was known for the Great Depression, and it was a very unfortunate time. People just thought about surviving and not so much the fashion. I agree though I wish there were more modestly priced vintage style clothing out there! It seems like the demand for it has racked up the prices. You can always go the actual vintage route ;-)

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  5. Natalia | Fashioned by Love

    Love your attitude towards both healthy eating and personal style! And congratulations on making it to the top 20 LALM. :)

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