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Pink Bows When Nobody Knows…

February 12th, 2013

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I’ve been avoiding wearing anything too cutesie these days, but I just can’t help going back to how I used to dress. Thinking that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and all (excuses, excuses), I decided to wear something fun and pink for a change. Aryamia sent me a nice off the shoulder dress in black, which I absolutely love! It’s sleek and sexy. The dress also comes in a variety of colors, in two sizes (S/M & M/L) and is a bit stretchy, so it’ll fit the slim and curvy alike. Underneath, I put on a vintage 70s long sleeved blouse with a giant bow to “top” it off. I really like the spillage action—the pink polka dots popping out of the black dress and the bow hanging down the center. These light weight leg warmers I have on I wore as socks by scrunching them down. I also put on two special brooches, the rose from Giovanni and Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel.

 Aryamia has dresses, tops, and leggings for the spunky indie girl. You can choose to layer the clothes with something neutral or colorful depending on what you’re dealing with if you wish, just like what I did with this blouse on a wintery and windy afternoon. To smooth off the dress’ silhouette  after tucking in the shirt, I put on an underbust corset (or you can use stretchy shapewear). That way it doesn’t look like I have waves of fat bulging out of the dress (layering fixes 101!). which was actually from the folds of the blouse under it. You don’t always have to get cropped tops or chop off your beautiful shirts just to get this accomplished. Aryamia does sell cropped tops though if you want to check that out. The fabric of the dress is just wonderful! It’s not heavy at all, so judging by that, I believe everything else in the store is of good quality.

So for Valentine’s, if you feel like you’ve been giving too much love to others without getting much in return, treat yourself instead—perhaps with a nice dress or those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted. You need to be a happy person, without overindulging and being mentally content with your life, before you can healthily serve others with little or without self pity.


Dress: Aryamia

Brooch: Giovanni & Chanel

Ring: Cookie Lee

Shoes: Michael Kors (similar)

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10 Responses to “Pink Bows When Nobody Knows…”

  1. Lindsay

    Stylish and cute! Love the look!

  2. Vicky Lou

    Super cute!

  3. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Very early 90s fashion. You seem to really go for that style, no? That time period was my least favorite (fashion-wise). Your socks are SO cute though with the outfit.

  4. Heidi

    Such a cute dress! You look great!

  5. Natasha Atkerson

    Rocking that dress, Rachel! Love how you made the dress more modest, as well as cuter, with that shirt!

    How are you doing? Been praying for you!

    Also, I saw on that comment I put about the Israel scarf, you thought I had gone to Israel?

    My brother and sister in law went, I just got the scarf! LOL! I would love to go too, but, as you said, not exactly practical money wise. :) Just wanted to clarify!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. Ruby

    Love the look!

  7. Romina muñoz

    I’ve seen this before, but usually is a off the shoulder sweater with a beautiful shirt. So I like this.

  8. Sandra Oljaca

    I love that brooch!

  9. Samantha Tedesco

    I love bows! You are wonderful in this pictures! <3

  10. Joanne Hale

    this is super cute! i love the entire outfit!

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