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persunmallalamodestgiveaway See anything you like? The winners of this giveaway will get to pick ANY item from above! Also, one winner will get a $100 gift card from the people who register on their site through the giveaway. There are other colors for some of the items, so make sure you check out the links below to get more details on each one. My favorites are #1 in black, #8 in black, and #10 in black :) There will be multiple winners depending on how many entries there are, so feel free to spread the love!

1. Stylish Color Block Chiffon Shirt
2. Irregular Neck Chiffon Shirt
3. Wings Heart Cotton Vest
4. Marilyn Tassels Cotton T-shirt
5. High Low Chiffon Skirt
6. Stylish Color Contrast Two-Piece Suit
7. Cow Color Cotton Shorts
8. Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress
9.  Irregular Net Chiffon Dress

All you need to do are three things. The rest are optional but will greatly help your chances of getting picked!


  • Register on Persunmall
  • Like their Facebook account
  • Leave a comment with your registered name & e-mail (you can also let me know what you want from items 1-9)


OPTIONAL (3 pts each):

Comment on as many non-giveaway post on alamodest.com (preferably on the homepage) and/or Instagram @alamodest
Leave the URL/title of the post as a comment in this post

Contests ends July 15 (VERY SOON)! Open to both US and international readers.

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24 Responses to “Pick your prize GIVEAWAY + $100 Persunmall Gift Card”

  1. Jc Loh

    Name: Jc Loh
    Email: yumihamano@gmail.com
    FB: Jc Loh

    Item No.2 looks pretty.

  2. Allie Kay

    #2 is really cute!
    Email: lunavida23@gmail.com
    Name: Allie Gunter


  3. Allie Kay

    Also followed & commented on Instagram (@alliegee319)

  4. Meenakshi Kapur

    Meenakshi Kapur
    Registered with PersunMall with Email: mikakapur@yahoo.in
    Done all the steps
    Would love to win this: Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress SKU:FXBI00206

  5. Pinky Sade

    Register and liked – gagaslab at gmail dot com
    Pinky Sade
    I like the Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress

  6. Crystal Porter

    Registered: Crystal Porter contestcryss at gmail dot com
    FB Liked: Crystal Marie Porter
    I like #8, the Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress

  7. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Brenda Witherspooon-Bedard
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  8. Vânia Vieira

    Vânia Vieira
    Vânia Madureira (fb)


    I like #3.

  9. ispossibly

    Allison Cooper
    I like number 2.

  10. Dana Rodriguez

    Registered ~ Dana Rodriguez tat2gurlzrock(at)hotmail(dot)com
    FB Fan~Dana Rodriguez
    I like #1 in black or #8

  11. Linda Bundrick

    registered : Linda Bundrick nutmeg237@hotmail.com
    FB: Linda Bundrick
    I love 1. Stylish Color Block Chiffon Shirt !

  12. Dana Rodriguez

    I commented on Picky Pick of the Day: High-Waisted Swim Bottoms from Thailand

  13. Kristy Graboski

    I registered kstubbs80@yahoo.com
    FB: Kristy Porter Graboski
    I like number 3!

  14. T Ivanisevic

    Facebok: Tina Ivanisevic
    I like number 3

  15. Margaret Porter

    registered babeofbryan@aol.com
    facebook Margaret Maggie Porter
    I love #9

  16. April Gilbertson

    registered: irishmarmalade(at)gmail.com
    fb name: april gilbertson
    i like #6 in black!

  17. Jessica Dobbs

    email jessaraydobbs@yahoo.com
    fbook Jessa Dromm
    I love #9

  18. Mirjana Ivanišević

    Mirjana Ivanisevic
    I like Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress

  19. Michelle Little

    Michelle Little
    mllmogaml at gmx dot com

    I like #2. Irregular Neck Chiffon Shirt.

  20. Tiffany Walker

    Tiffany Walker

    i love no. 3, its so cute ! ;)

  21. allyson becker

    Allyson Becker

    I liked on facebook. I am also registered. I like #4.

  22. Joseph Gersch Jr.

    like on fb registerd and like #2 jtwark@mail.com

  23. Just me

    Register on Persunmall
    Like their Facebook account
    skittles4u05 AT yahoo DOT com
    I like #3 and #8

  24. Erica Carnes

    registered and a fan…like #2

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