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Thank you to Independent Fashion Bloggers for picking my post about Raveonettes last week! I didn’t even notice. It was quite timely because Rob and I just saw them in DC (at Black Cat) last Wednesday! Here is a photo and a video from my Instagram. They are definitely one of my favorite modern rock bands ever.



Below are some of the other chosen posts from IFB last week. Check them out! I will be posting again shortly today with an outfit (and a video). Happy weekend!!!


Always Be Prepared

“You can never be over dressed, or under educated.” says Oscar Wilde. And he is right. The thing about style, is that it always depends on the occasion. Being appropriately dressed (even if it’s overdressed) is something a style seeker must always be ready for. Also, what good is style if you’re not up on substance? This week’s link roundup gets you ready for all of that so you’ll never be caught off guard. This season anyway.

Links à la Mode: September 25th

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raveonettes style fashion The Raveonettes just came out with their latest album, Pe’ahi. I thought it’d be best to feature them in a fashion post! Here is to recreating Sue Rose Wagner’s and Sharin Foo’s wardrobe!

raveonettes style fashion black white raveonettes style fashion black white

Often times, you’ll see the dynamic duo wearing monochrome, structured outfits like some in the photos above. However, I’ve seen Sharin often wear brightly colored hues with dainty dresses and cowboy boots and Sue wearing bold slouchy sweaters. It might be confusing if you don’t know them, but Sharin is the woman :) Definitely, the iconic look for the The Raveonettes is black and white, much like The Beatles or The Hives. Thankfully, they are human and can make different choices at any given day, so they are not opposed to color!

raveonettes style fashion color

I’ve been really attracted to black and white and bold primary colors like kelly green and royal blue instead of mint and tangerine lately. Personally, it makes me feel stronger, braver, and ready to take on the world. Of course, that’s just my current mood and may change. The Raveonettes make black and white look so cool, and their hair tops it all off!

Below you’ll find some pieces that I feel may be a good fit for Sharin. Let’s not forget the leather jacket and black tights in the cold with these! As for Sune, there are loads of cool mens’ clothes I was eyeing up for him as well.


Sarah Button Through Maxi DressHollie Stripe 2 in 1 Midi DressAbby Pleat Zig Zag Shift DressJennifer Embroidered Shift DressMia Long Sleeve Midi DressAmy Pleat Detail Shift Dress

A few days ago, I read an engaging interview on the Raveonettes recent style collaboration with Selected. However checking back again today, that same article is now gone. I did pick up that Sharin isn’t really interested in fashion, per se. She is interested however in self expression, how your clothes and music can show that expression and creativity through artful choices. Of course, that’s how I remembered her response in my own words, of course. No matter how elitist that may sound, I believe that it’s good to look at things that way instead of just conforming. If you like something that’s in though, don’t be an elitist just to be one. I have trouble with that sometimes with music and movies, but you know what… I’m trying to grow up :)

Surprisingly, they have uploaded the full album on Youtube. However, I recommend buying the Pe’ahi album for obvious reasons. When you listen to the Raveonettes, it is quite a magical experience. You really don’t want to be confined to streamed audio. It makes a huge difference. HUGE. Crank it up in your car with the windows rolled up while driving at night. You can dance. You can cry. You can celebrate. The album is not a let down. Hands down one of my favorite modern bands.

If you really want to have a listen right now, below is the streaming playlist of Pe’ahi:


My Review of Les Mills Nutrition!

September 13th, 2014

So sometimes I will post things unrelated to fashion I think might be of interest to you!

As a Les Mills instructor, I made a review for Les Mills newly launched Les Mills Nutrition blog/program. I published it on our alternative health & fitness blog, Modern Life Survivalist. It’s a blog where we talk about all kinds of “fringe” health and fitness philosophies that we believe should be known to everyone. Mainstream media from both commercial and government sources can be misleading and will flat out lie to you for their own selfish gains and interests (of course, I’m not saying they’re all bad!).

Below, you’ll find just a quick intro to the much lengthier article I wrote on our other blog, which you can find here: Review of Les Mills Nutrition: Low Carb, High Protein, and Good Fats.

Tell me what you think! Do you have the same or a different view from Les Mills? Please, I’d love to hear from you! If you like, you can subscribe on our Youtube channel too!


In the style of Les Mills Bodyflow / Body Balance, here is an original yoga sequence created by me! It’s a quick 9 minute stretching workout before a busy day. If you don’t have a lot of time for a full hour yoga practice, you can try this with me every morning to increase your flexibility while performing sun salutations. Open those hips!

View the video below OR go to the original post (in fact, I encourage that!) on Rob and I’s health and fitness blog: Modern Life Survivalist: 9 Min Daily Yoga Body Flow Balance for a Busy Morning: Sun Salutation with Hip Openers for Flexibility

If you enjoyed that, here’s a full Les Mills Bodyflow or Body Balance workout performed by me in a live class during my video assessment for the company. This is the video that made me a certified instructor :) Thank you for the kind comments on Youtube and for making me have the most views for any LM video assessments!

Do like and subscribe on Modern Life Survivalist’s Youtube channel. I’d REALLY appreciate it! I will be making more original yoga routines.

Wooden Spectacles

August 27th, 2014

woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses indie fashion blogger modest rachel dahl alamodest woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses modest rachel dahl fashion blogger style woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses modest rachel dahl fashion blogger style woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses indie fashion blogger modest rachel dahl alamodest

Really sunny days call for fun shades, and these wooden sunglasses by Woodzee are the best looking pair I’ve had in awhile! They fit my eyes quite well, I’d say, but I think the Wayfarer glasses would look good on just about anyone! They are made from pear wood and can be worn by both gals and guys. The texture that the wood brings to this otherwise plastic pair of retro Wayfarers makes them so unique. The company seems very professional, environmentally conscious, and hip!

The packaging was so cool, too. Everything in the box was coordinated to fit the wooden theme. See below! It even had a complimentary wooden toothbrush and some sticker swag! You know, it makes me shed a tiny but sincere tear when I see how much effort and creativity gets put in packaging that we all know gets thrown away anyway. Like how many of us just resort to paying a few bucks for gift bags instead of wrapping presents ourselves with neat little folds and a bow. It’s also kinda like how much effort was put into clothing back in the day, both men’s and women’s. It’s a lost art.

woodzee glasses sierra pearwood blue dip green gray grey sunglasses indie

I just love organically designed products or items with an organic feel. That liking could be attributed to my practice of yoga, for sure :)

I’m sorry that you had to see our doggy’s behind TWICE in these photos, but I’m not sorry that you got to see her in general!

What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?

Wearing: necklace, shoes, and fake collar are all from eBay. The dress is from Grayson.


I had the pleasure of modelling alongside the beautiful Baltimore based model Kelly Borowiak while at the second Boulevard of Chic fashion show. She definitely stood out, standing at 5’9″ with the proportions of a tried and true fashion model. While there, Kelly and I were able to chat for a bit in between wardrobe changes. I expressed how models used to be just like walking mannequins before the Internet started. The majority of people didn’t really know models’ names unless they were globally or nationally renowned.

With the social media there is now, you can get pretty up close and personal with just about anyone who chooses to show their off stage lives with the public. With the instant fame that comes with social media platforms like Instagram, more individuals are being recognized now that would’ve probably never gotten a chance decades ago. I myself and many other bloggers benefit from this too, and I am really grateful for the WWW for this. However, Pandora’s box comes with the dark side as well. During our conversation, Kelly expressed dealing with privacy being both a model and a mom. We also talked about other lighthearted things like her personal style vs artists’ style.

This article on Kelly might not be that compelling to some of you who are scouting the whole web for shocking anecdotes on famous models! However, our quick conversation was simple but meaningful. We get to have a glimpse of what goes on in a local model’s mind on certain issues! They are more than just pretty figures hidden behind the shadows of designers after all… :)


How long have you been modelling? When did you start? What/how was your first experience?

I have been modeling about 3 years. A girl I went to high school with is a model and I reached out to a photographer that she had worked with to set up a shoot. His name is James Berglie of BePhotography. He was so nice in helping me prepare for the shoot and made me very comfortable during the shoot. Those photos are still some of my favorites! One was actually displayed in Times Square for a contest I had entered for American Eagle. He even wrote about our shoot on his blog. It was all very exciting!

Who have you modeled for that you are very proud of or you’d consider to be the best honor? It could be one, just a few, or a whole list!

Probably walking for Adrian Alicea during fashion week in NY this past winter was the best honor. It was the most amazing experience which I almost didn’t get to because of the snow storm we had, but I was determined to walk in that show. It is something I will never forget. Another would be working with Aswad Abasi. He is a designer out of DC. Work I have done with him has gotten me 2 publications. It is like a family working with his team. Lastly would be working with local Baltimore photographer Robert Mercer Jr. He has put out a male calendar the past few years and 2014 was the first female calendar he put out, which I was so excited to be a part of. We are amping up for the 2015 calendar and I hoping to be in it again this year.

For a lot of women, we find that modelling can often times be a bit sexist and exploitative where it stops being about the clothes and just about displaying women’s bodies. What do you think about this? Are you selective on what or who you model for?

I don’t think I would say modeling is sexist. For me I am looking at the fashion not necessarily the person wearing it. I believe most people that are really into fashion are focused on just that. But you do have models known for their bodies. Perfect example is Gisele Bundchen, she is known as “the body”, but her body is what brought her fame modeling for Victoria Secret. I think it really depends on what type of modeling you are interested in. Some aspects are definitely more focused on the model than the fashion. I am selective about what types of modeling I do and what I wear. I am a mom and going to be a teacher so it is important for me to keep a positive image. Although friends I have made in this industry have taken absolutely beautiful art nude photos that truly are pure art, that is something I am not comfortable with and fear the possible repercussions it may cause in the future. My rule is no nudity or lingerie.


I know you’ve mentioned that you had a son. Does your son and/or significant other ever come out on your shows? Why or why not?

I have a daughter and she has been to one of my shows. It is hard for her to come because most shows go so late into the evening. She thinks it is cool that I model! My fiancé has yet to come see me at a show. He really doesn’t understand the whole fashion thing and runway is definitely more abstract fashion. Although he doesn’t really understand fashion he is supportive of me doing it. We are both very supportive of each other’s individual ventures.

I know we briefly talked about privacy issues with your being a model during Boulevard of Chic 2, like how you try to keep your personal Facebook account private and your fan page accessible to the public, etc. Can you explain more about what we talked about and how privacy issues affect you, personally or professionally?

It is very difficult to keep parts of my life private, especially on social media, and social media is key to networking in this business. My family life and my daughter especially is not everyone’s business, especially people I have just begun networking with. I may be able to get more “followers” if everything isn’t locked down, but I would rather be more cautious when it comes to my family; they are my number one priority.

What do you do to keep things separate?

On my personal FB page, almost all people I have met in this business I have listed as acquaintances so I can post things so all my “friends except acquaintances” can see my post. My Instagram account is completely public so I try to only post things about my modeling there. I mainly try to protect my daughter on Instagram and don’t post anything with her on there.

Any weird/creepy anecdotes relating to privacy, stalkers or fans stepping out of bounds?

I have had some “fans” or social media followers step over the line. I honestly don’t pay much attention to comments like that. I blow right over them. I pay more attention to compliments from other industry professionals who leave a professional comment and my family. Sorry, but leaving me some out of line comment is not going to grab my attention, it will be ignored.

At BOC, we also talked about how you felt being dressed up in whatever, regardless of what you think about the clothing—it’s all in the artists’ vision and you are their canvass. This time, it’s time for YOU to describe your personal style. What do you often wear, what you like to wear, how you personally choose your clothes, and what styles catch your eye the most?

I feel like I wear so many different hats I guess is the best way to put it. I work in an office where the dress is business casual, a model and a mom all of which require different styles and looks. I try to go for things that are versatile. Something I can dress up or down depending on where I am and what I am doing. I need to be comfortable! In my opinion if you aren’t comfortable in what you have on you will never pull off the look. Comfort gives you confidence. Most of the time I like to wear something along the lines of a loose fit off the shoulder tee and some jeans. Throw on a pair of heels and I am ready for a night out or put on some flats and I can run around on the playground. For work cardigans are my biggest staple and usually just a pair of dress pants or a pencil skirt. I love statement necklaces and scarves to help add color. When I am looking at new fashions for the season I look for, again, things that are going to be versatile. I also look for more classic looks. I usually don’t go for things that are too abstract or edgy. I have more of a girl next door kind of look which is what I look bests in on a regular basis. I like to pull out a couple small things I can buy to mix with what I have to keep my look current without buying a whole lot of new things.

Thank you so much for interviewing me!


You can check out Kelly’s social media accounts here: Facebook | Instagram | Model Mayhem



A Sucker for Socks

August 19th, 2014

Below are just a few examples of my past outfits proving how I’m a sucker for socks, leg warmers, and tights. Fall is fast approaching, and I just CAN’T WAIT to sport some new looks with my favorite fall accessory. Sadly, I’ve been so “practical” with my clothing this year (being a fitness instructor-hippie) that I’ve barely worn layers or accessories. I am barefoot almost every single day, I kid you not!  How I miss just putting together fun and offbeat outfits for the sake of artsy pursuits! <3 P.S. Clicking on each photo takes you to the original post.


Did you know that if you wanted to get pairs of unique (and inexpensive) hosiery that you probably won’t see anyone wear but still look cool, you could always check out the Halloween or costume aisle? I’m not just talking about your fishnets or hot pink leggings. Check the socks out below for some ideas. They are meant to be worn with sexy Halloween costumes for women (egghhh), but with a bit of creative effort, you could incorporate these into your decent everyday leg wear.



Source: costume hosiery

If you’re not feeling to adventurous, there are solid colored knee high socks you can buy. I love my red, white, yellow, and black knee highs the most. I find that thigh highs on the other hand does not suit my bottom heavy figure and would require very short skirts. Also, that gap of skin in between the sock and your leg could make you look so much shorter than you are. My go to is either full leg wear, bobby socks, or knee highs. Check out below for some fall/winter high fashion runway looks from the recent past with conservative or modest knee highs:


Do you like to wear socks? How do you like wearing them?



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