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You’re going to see a lot of these pieces in the fall—sweater dresses (or just plain big sweaters), leggings/tights/skinnies, and boots. Ah… but I love them! I’ve been living in cozy sweaters since ’09. I have just about every color of wool berets in my closet that are fairly priced, because I lose these just about as often as I wear them! These things really do never get old. Sweater is too plain? Top it off with a nice waist cincher! What’re you favorite fall pieces, overworn or not?

Boots: Demonia(punk goth-inspired)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Black Epi St. Jacques

Leggings: Kenneth Cole



14 Responses to “Favorite Overused Fall Pieces: Sweater Dresses, Leggings, and Boots”

  1. Heidi

    I love sweater dresses! I wear them all the time too in the winter. However, now I live in Florida so I can’t wear them as much but whenever I get the chance I do!
    I am a sweater girl too. I usually add a statement necklace or bracelet for some interest. :)

    Cute outfit btw! :)

  2. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Thank you! Ah, I’d miss sweaters too! Layering is a lot of fun. Florida weather all year round is great though.

  3. Sally

    You look very pretty in your outfit! <3

  4. Aramina Ostille

    Muy xhic extraordinario mas chic me gustaria tu opinion del mio

  5. Tanya

    cute ! Love the sweater and the belt !

  6. Polly

    I love the sweater! You are so cute!!

    Love, polly :)

  7. Rachel @ à la Modest

    Thank you, Polly!

  8. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Did you get a new camera? These shots look nice and you look beautiful!

  9. Jen

    Amazing look!!

  10. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Actually, I didn’t. I haven’t bought a new camera yet. I’m still figuring out if I should. Good cameras are really expensive. I have the same point-and-shoot camera, and the photos I take with it I have to edit like craaaazy. So, buying a new camera might just help save time (which is gold=money.) :)

  11. brisallie

    I usually wear this combination during Winter, because I think is comfortable, practical, pretty and well it never fails :)

  12. Rachel @ à la Modest

    I agree :) It’s very easy to put together too.

  13. Catty

    I like sweater dresses and tunics too :) I usually wear them in autumn and winter.

  14. Diana Giselle Sanabria Forcado

    I love this combination! You look cool! <3

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