Orchard Corset & Shapewear Giveaway (CLOSED)


Finally high quality AND affordable corsetry is available to you from Orchard Corsets. No more paying $200+ for an authentic steel bone corset that’s supposed to last a lifetime, and no more opting for costume corsets that do not do a thing for waist training! I own two plaid corsets style 411 from them, which is perfect for smaller framed women and are great for layering seamlessly with your casual clothing. I chose these two because a lot of what I have look too conspicuously like corsets—shiny and lacy. The plaid was a good choice, yeah? Oh and you know what, corsets are awesome for posture training too. because they force you to sit up straight (and also to eat slow). Talk about becoming a proper lady. They do wonders for my back, which I really need right now! Whaddaya know?


Above: Crepe Suzette 411 Supreme High Strength Navy & Green Plaid Overbust Corset

Below: Crepe Suzette 411 Highland Red Plaid Underbust Corset w/ Black Satin Trim

I am also honored to host a giveaway for Orchard Corsets, so you can own one of their lovely shapewear. I must say, their website is quite classy. The photos are relatively clean (which is a plus for me), and the options aren’t cluttered. It’s easy to find your way around and hopefully find what you like!

This giveaway is based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! The giveaway is open to all (US and international) ages 18+ and will end on Sunday, February 10th at 12 am EST.

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196 thoughts on “Orchard Corset & Shapewear Giveaway (CLOSED)

    1. SO sorry, I can’t find a way to delete my original comment, so I hope this won’t count as two- I like the Authentic Victorian Style Red & Black Striped Brocade Overbust Corset in 26. :)

      1. Hi Megan,

        If it did count as two, then that would be in your favor :) I do the random drawing from the widget above. I only use the comments box to check, so you can write whatever and however many comments you want on here without affecting anything! G’luck <3

  1. I like wearing corsets to feel feminine, and for special occasions like cosplaying. They make me feel womanly, yet I am able to wear clothes over them and with them to give it a classy look.

  2. So adorable! While being so modest!!!! This are definitely going on my wish list!
    I would love LOVE the CS-M660 Brown Brocade Steampunk Underbust Corset
    and I don’t know how their sizes transfer into regular sizes but I would need a Large or XLarge guessing from all my other corset sizes.

  3. The steampunk corsets are my favorites, I think. I especially love CS-M234 Brown Longline Belted Steampunk Overbust Corset and CS-M237 Brown Floral Brocade Steampunk Overbust Corset. I’d probably get one of the smaller sizes.

  4. I have a handful of corsets that I wear for various occasions, some are for wearing out and some are just plain for wearing under clothes. I have been considering beginning waist training.

  5. These are gorgeous! The steampunk ones look fun, but my absolute favorite is the Victorian blue/teal striped brocade (24 or 22).

  6. I lvoe corsets because when I wear one I feel like a princess or a lady from 18th century – elegant and feminine. Plus I like my waist to look thinner)

  7. I am absolutely in love with the CS-426 (size 32). I already own two corsets – one overbust and one underbust – but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them into my everyday outfits. That is my goal for 2013!

  8. I would love to have either of these corsets in size 24:
    CS-M571 Authentic Black Steampunk Underbust Corset
    CS-M660 Brown Brocade Steampunk Underbust Corset

    OK, I’d love to have any of them, but these two are my current favorites.

  9. I first wore a corset when I was in a play. I loved what it did for my posture! I just started wearing them “recreationally” last week, to a rockabilly show. What a blast! It really made my dress look extra sharp to have the black underbust over top of it.

  10. I love corsets, they gave me a curvy appearance that other forms of lazy undergarments just can’t achieve. Also my partner loves the look of them so it’s adds an element of sexiness when wearing one for him

  11. Wow! Those are gorgeous. And what a luck you to host this awesome giveaway. I’d have to go with an over-the-bust corset, and the Classic Victorian Steel Boned Overbust Corset in Black Satin caught my eye. Thanks again for hosting. =)

  12. The last time I actually wore a ‘corset’ was my wedding day (my dress was a corset top) and I loved it. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to wear one because they just feel and look good. =)

  13. I don’t know if this counts as a corset, but this is what I’d like:
    Vedette 102 Latex Strapless Underbust Waist Cincher
    in size small

    But for a corset corset, I’d choose this one:
    Double Boned Overbust Corset in Black Pinstripe (CS-411)
    size 22

  14. maybe this?: Black Satin Steel Boned Corset. I would have to measure for sure. Maybe a 22 or 24 since it’s my first one?

  15. For the Corset giveaway contest, I would like the Double Steel-Boned Overbust Corset in Black Satin (CS-411) in size 28. Thank you.

  16. I think I would pick a plain black one :) but maybe a red one, also. theres too many choices. I dont know what size I would pick, id have to measure myself.. but my boobs are 38 FF and im NOT fat so sizing is difficult for me.

  17. I love the CS-M234 Brown Longline Belted Steampunk Overbust Corset :) I wish my daughter were here to tell me her size tho! So this might be wrong, but I’ll say a size 24 :)

  18. I love any of the overbust corsets, but steampunks are my favorite!

    I think I would be a 26 but here are my measurements and I mainly want for back support.

    Waist – 29″
    Bust – 34″
    Under bust – 32″
    Hips – 33″

    I would love, love, love something like this — probably same for my Fiance ;)

  19. I’ve never owned a corset but these are different from the ones I usually see. These don’t look super painful, but still sexy. I like that these are corsets that you can wear out in public, as opposed to under clothing. Corsets have made a big change and Orchard corsets are very affordable for how unique they are.

  20. Corsets are the greatest. Most of all, I wear them for me. I like the impact on my posture, and more importantly, my confidence. I’d like to do some incorporating of corsets into daytime wear; I really like your styling here.

  21. i love corsets. i love the look and how comfortable i feel in them. they are like a hug that doesnt let you go. i am so odd. ;)

  22. I love corsets and although I like to wear them for my boyfriend, I love to wear them for myself! Isn’t that what we should all do? :)

  23. SO to answer all the questions. I definitely would wear this for Rob but maybe out, depending on what it is worn with (as I’ve done before with layers of things). Hold on. . I can’t check the site right now to see which one I like because ROb is right next to me and the boys behind me. . . .but I like corsets in general.. . .I know you’d understand. I’d probably like them all!!! hahaha. I actually was looking at ones recently too and didn’t know of nice ones to get.

  24. My fiance would freak if I had this on when he gets home! He works out of state for five weeks at a time so I always try to find something cute to greet him in.

  25. I love the CS-M237 Brown Floral Brocade Steampunk Overbust Corset. I would like it in a size 22. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  26. I like that they give you control of your waistline and allow you to be confident and forget about that little bit of extra fat you have there.

  27. I love the way corsets make me feel like I’ve been transported to another time, even if the style is modern there is something about the feeling I can’t describe-shapely, sexy, confident…I’ve yet to own a quality corset though so I have my fingers crossed!

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