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Before you dismiss this website that claims to be the ultimate online window shopping experience called HopShop, just take a moment to sit back and read on.

Unlike other portal shopping websites, HopShop recreates real life window shopping. You pass by a store at the mall, see something you like (or not) on their window display, then decide to buy it from them OR walk over to the next store to look at something else. You skip an item on the website by clicking Hop. You can “walk” back to the store or item you just passed by simply clicking Back. You can also save an item to your list, so you don’t forget it later.

Most shopping websites either center around their partner companies (forcing you to choose from ridiculously expensive items) or make you scroll through pages and pages of products. Our natural shopping experience isn’t like online, but HopShop combines the two worlds.

How to Use HopShop to Your Advantage

Use the filters. Don’t be afraid to go as low as $5 like I did in my filter above! I collected a bunch of items that appealed to me that were definitely within my current price range for buying shoes and tops. Many of these stores are also very familiar and can be found at most malls (eg. Charlotte Russe, Free People, NY & Co.)! The website is continually expanding, so bookmark it and see what other stores will be added.

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6 Responses to “How to Use Online Window Shopping “HopShop” to Your Advantage”

  1. Tyneisha Fondren

    I always use the filters and I’m surprised at what pops up! Great advice!

  2. Rachel Dahl

    Hello Tyneisha, I’m glad to see that the cheaper items are going online too. It used to be just the expensive stuff. No matter where we’re buying from, we STILL have a budget! ;-)

  3. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Oh my. I’m staying away from this site. It could be dangerous for me who doesn’t spend money! hehe.
    It is really cool though!

  4. Rachel Dahl


    Hehe. Only buy what you need or want that’s not pricey! By the way, did you get my letter? I dropped it off at a mall post office (which had weird office hours), and I’m worried that mail rarely gets out of that place!

  5. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    Yeah I did get your letter, I’ve just been slow at responding!

  6. Rachel Dahl

    Victoria: Oh good! Take your time!!! :)


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