Oh Captain Volley, Avast Ye Slovenly!

Ahoy, matey! I wasn’t really the captain of me volleyball team, but I thought it made sense to combine the Navy theme with volleyball. This was what I wore last Sunday to work. I was working at my husband’s band practice that afternoon serving as a cheerful motivator and a great listener. I have the best weekend job, aye? Yesterday, I got this ad in the mail for costumes, I guess because it’s nearing Halloween and all, and it had adult costumes on the front page and children’s costumes in the back. It just made me sick. Do we let our young girls dress as pixies as kids and expect to see them dressed as pirate hookers (pun intended) when they’re older? Is this the message these ads are trying to get across? Halloween is no excuse to dress slutty no matter how tasteful you think the costume is. Slutty is always trashy.Last year, I was dressed as Cho Chang from Harry Potter (Asian girl with a Scottish accent in a uniform with a big, scary owl and magical wand powers… not too hard) and Rob was dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I don’t think we’re going to be anybody this year besides ourselves. I think I should go as one of my multiple personalities (har-har)! I already look like I’m wearing costumes everyday. I think it’s absolutely fun! More people should burst their own bubbles, then we can all blow those bubbles away together.As much as I want to ridicule mini-Halloween costumes on adults (even when they’re supposed to be Minnie Mouse), I’d rather inspire others to be more creative with layering and recreate a past era’s typical or high-fashion clothing without having to go through the burlesque scene, which is totally unrepresentative of vintage. While visiting my folks in Virginia, I picked up this genuine women’s navy hat at their Goodwill. It was in excellent condition! I always had a fascination with uniforms even before the military or band jacket trend came about (I wrote about uniforms and Janelle Monáe). I don’t see imitation or uniform-inspired hats very often, so of course, I was very thrilled to find this number on sale for only $3!It has gotten a little too cold to be wearing just this dress now, but I’m really excited to work with layers as the temperature drops! I think most hardcore stylish girls would agree that layering is a skill. I think it’s absolutely necessary for every woman to know how to do this… tastefully!

Wearing: Vintage Marnie West dress, Women’s Navy hat, Breckbelle’s silver pumps


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    Cute Dress!
    I personally don’t celebrate Halloween. Not because I think “dressing up” is wrong, but because I believe Halloween is directly corilated with the Devil. An opportunity to practise witchcraft and all manner of things I don’t believe in. I believe the spirit world is real, why pretend its not?
    Don’t mean to offend anyone, but this my opinion and I feel I need to state it.

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    Great dress! And I totally agree that vintage does not have to be burlesque…some girls who go totally vintage go for the burlesque look, which I partucularly don’t like. I love your hair you really made a great choice on the hair cut.

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    Hi Rachel. I found your blog through Elaine… And it’s wonderful.
    I love the dress. It’s super cute and whimsical. And you are one of those bloggers who actually write rather than put up mandatory pictures. I like.

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    Such a pretty dress! I think the nautical trend is my fave one in a long time.

    I wish I could experience Halloween just once! Last time I had a costume on was 6 years ago for a fancy dress party.

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    You look so adorable!! i love the smile! I am so really sad about those magazines that come in for costumes and I see a 13 year old dressed like “slutty Heidi” and more. Why do parents let their kids wear such things?! Someone was telling me recently about how their daughter (who is in 1st grade) has friends who wear hardly anything. these are 7 and 8 year olds! My friend told me yesterday when we were hanging out about how her friends were calling a toddler “sexy” because her sleeve fell down a little. . what is wrong with people to want to make their kids grow up so quickly?

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    Aw! What a pretty dress!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was really nice to get! I think you’re right about most Christians not being like us – most I meet either act like it’s a sin to like fashion, or don’t care much about modesty. It’s such a shame. :( Oh, and I love that verse! <3

    And I agree about adult Halloween costumes, as well. The ones that are for sale now are just horrible! That's why my sister and I usualy put together our own costumes. This year I'm going as Taylor Swift – only with a slightly longer dress. ;-D

    ~ Katie

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    I completely concur with what you said about trashy Halloween costumes. Can’t that holiday just be fun?

    I just found your blog- you’re adorable!

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    Trashy halloween costumes are a bit of a joke. Putting on a micro miniskirt, low cut top and cat ears does not make you a cat, it makes you lazy.
    If you want to be a cat, and you want to be a sexy cat, make yourself a full body leather catsuit.

    (I was once a very dedicated cosplayer, so I feel like if you’ve put in all that effort, you get a pass to be a little sexy a couple weekends of the year.)

    Love your new hair cut, it’s adorable!!

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    Your sailor outfit is absolutely darling!

    As for halloween, I’m not sure why people feel the need to dress slutty? I like to dress up in something fun – whatever it is that I feel like that year. It’s a little tragic when I see 18 yr olds prancing around town in those slutty halloween costumes! x


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    Oh Rachel…i really love your new hair style…you absolutely look gorgeous with it…

    and the navy inspired dress and hat…just perfect!!!

    love the color too..my all time favorite BLUE!!!

    kisses darling!!!

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    This is a great look on you! I LOVE the hat and the dress/hat combo is amazing! Also, you have the best face for hats! They work soooo well on you:)

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    Oh, that hat is such a lovely find! And that dress, how can I not love a nautical themed one? Unfortunately we don’t celebrate halloween here, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through all the halloween outfits in the blogosphere:P

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    I don’t think you’ll miss anything with the scenes in Iron Man 2 being filtered!!! One scene is where Tony Stark is hiring a new secretary and he scrolls the internet to see pictures of her in underwear. another scene is where he is partying it up on his birthday and all these chicks are there excited. Scene three is the secretary changing her clothes in the backseat of a car real fast.

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    I love halloween-though I agree people tend to abuse it as an excuse to be erm slutty. I also agree that when you kind of dress unusually it’s hard to come up with a halloween costume that will actually surprise people!

    So pretty in the last photo, Rachel!

    Bea from A plus B


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