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Although I am not dressed completely spot on for this topic, I am lightly going to talk about New Romanticism. I was a little too cold in the snow to show some swashbuckling pirate looks typical of the New Romantic style, so instead I opted for a cozy 60s or 70s faux fur coat, my strapping snow boots, and a matching turban that I had coincidentally pinned a moon brooch on. I think the gold accents helped make the outfit glamorized enough to fit the description of New Romantic fashion.
I’m not going to talk about the history of New Romanticism so much here to prevent this post from sounding like a wiki. Just as a quick background, New Romanticism was a music and fashion movement in the UK in the late 70s and early 80s.  Just like the obvious in punk culture, the message behind this movement was the anarchic expression against the mainstream; however, it was also an effort to glamorize gloomy social hardships that were happening at the time by emphasizing flamboyance in a narcissistic way through their clothing. I couldn’t agree with their sentiments more, but that might just be the optimistic punk in me. I will say however as with everything else I am into, I dislike all the fetishism and visual display of sexuality, which was also characteristic of some of the New Romantics. Bands associated with the movement included Brian Eno, Roxy Music, and  Adam and the Ants who displayed the New Romantic look sartorially well. Vivienne Westwood designed especially for Adam and the Ants and was one of the  early designers for the romantic look. Other designers included Colin Swift, Stevie Stewart and David Holah.
Adam Ant is probably the prettiest post punk New Romantic. Rob even proclaimed his man crush on him. Although I wasn’t going to add on to that, I do want to say that I love his music with the Ants, and I want his band jacket.

22 thoughts on “New Romantic

  1. Hahaha! I fully support the man crush on Adam Ant. He’s a doll. Those cheekbones. Turbans are really on trend right now as well as harkening back to another era and you wear it well.

  2. You actually look like a 1930s to 1950s girl in your turban and coat! ;)

    Adam Ant´s coat in the last photo reminds me of MJ´s coat. Who is older by the way?

    Hugs from here! :)

    PS: In Europe, censorship is very lax in here. So bad but true.

  3. DREAMY. Tell me ALL about your turban. Also, I didn’t know you used a point and shoot? Can you give me some pointers, that is the extent of my technology too, but you utilize yours MUCH better… :)

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