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Neon Indian

June 25th, 2010

Yes, I am referring to a band that I like from Austin, TX in the title of this post. You must check them out if you haven’t yet!
It wasn’t really my birthday today. This balloon from my actual birthday last month is still alive.

The vase had vibrant pink carnations, which unfortunately did not last as long as this balloon. Sad times.

What I am wearing is actually a skirt. I’ve been doing this pretty often these days with my really long skirts. They are fun to switch up sometimes! Just wear them with a belt, and presto… you have a dress!

You know what would be really cool to wear with this kind of outfit? These chunky colorful rings I am giving away!

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27 Responses to “Neon Indian”

  1. Heather Feather

    I love the dress. It’s so colorful and looks great with the shirt!

  2. Style, She Wrote

    Fabulous outfit! I love that dress and the brightly colored, well, everything! So gorgeous.

  3. Natasha Atkerson

    That outfit rocks! I can’t believe thats a skirt! You totally can’t tell! I love the belt! So cute!

  4. Modesty is Pretty

    This is an awesome way to wear strapless dresses too! I’ve worn my tops as skirts too, it’s always fun to try to wear clothing in a different way. Love these vibrant colors, they are perfect for the summer.

  5. Rie

    Such a darling look, pretty, summery and fun. Love ghe print of that dress and how you styled with a blouse underneath.

  6. Silver Strands

    Oooh Rachel – i LOVE the dress!

  7. Leia

    you look absolutely gorgeous!

  8. bea

    Hi! we just stumbled upon your blog and it is so interesting! We’re Pinoy too and are now back reading all your old entries. :)

    These photos are so neat looking. Love your use of props. We admire that you are such a genuine blogger!

    B from A plus B

  9. Clare

    Gorgeous! Love it :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. Candra

    Hey, I just found your blog (okay, it was a week ago. I’m a blog stalker.)! I adore that outfit. Seriously.

  11. Sarah

    These photos are so cute and pretty! x

  12. jess

    Cool print!

  13. m.fay

    LOVE! your blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!


  14. m.fay

    LOVE! your blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!

    m.fay of amateurcouture.com

  15. Lyddiegal

    I love your cute neon dress! Lovely for the summer! and happy belated birthday!

  16. Cheryl

    Loving the colorful prints of your skirt/dress. I do that too with my long skirts, isn´t that neat? ;)

    You´re so lucky that you´re Mom´s bringing you shoes, my feet are tiny and European sizes are big. That sardines story is so funny, do you know that I had to go to Madrid just to buy Filipino sardines because they don´t have them here? ;) My hubby likes sardines, it´s part of the grocery list when we shop and Spanish sardines are tasty too. :)

  17. Cheryl

    Ooops, I mean your and not you´re.hahaha!

  18. Caroline

    Aww lovely photos :D
    And this cover your working on sounds really interesting, i’d love to do stuff like that! Wish you all the best of luck on it, sure it’ll turn out great! xxxxxxxxxxx

  19. avalonne lou summers

    What vibrant colors? You look amazing! Happy Birthday last month :) I really love the abstract print of the dress! Makes me very happy and cheery inside!

  20. sweet

    aww…I just love the outburst in colors….

    I am in love with the dress plus the balloons…great post love

    thank you for your comment on my blog…

    take care

  21. Marchmusings

    Lovely, lovely coloured dress.

  22. Violet Revolution

    Cute dress love the print. Having versatile pieces is essential in every wardrobe.

  23. cherie

    i love all the colors and prints on your dress. you look so pretty in it :)


  24. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    love it!!

  25. My Republic of Fashion

    Gorgeous dress. These are such fun pictures…love them!SarahD:)

  26. Lauren Ashley

    Wow, cute outfit! I love the way all the tones compliment eachother!

    I featured you today on my blog, here’s a link to see the post!


    Thanks for your stand to be a light in todays dark culture, you are an encouragement to others!


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    […] Neon Indian – June 5, 2010 (post found here) […]

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