My Shelf, Me, and Monki + Thoughts on Gifts

So I went a little crazy here with the background. I just couldn’t help adding these geometric brushes to the background, which took me less than a minute to do. I was also going to add glitters and sequins, but  that would’ve been overkill. This is Monki’s second magazine issue, called “The Wishes and Dreams Issue.” They’ve only had two issues so far, and the next one is coming in February. I am not subscribed to a lot of fashion magazines (or magazines in general), mostly because it’s really hard to find magazines with artistic content or that are leaning more toward unconventional and modest styles. I like Monki’s publication even though it only features their own products. Although technically this would be considered a catalog, I still look at it as a magazine because of the valuable content and visually enticing spreads infused into each issue.
My favorite part would have to be the caricatures that do not make girls desire big bosoms or curvy silhouettes. Although all of the girls drawn here look skinny, I had to giggle at one drawing of a girl with a proportionally large belly (not pictured here), making her look like she had just had a bit too much to eat for lunch!
Like I said in my other post about Monki, we do not have their store in the U.S., but I do like Monki for their surrealistic ideas. Oh, and yes, the photo of me below is screaming, “I can’t wait for Christmas!” This leads me to say that although I never disliked getting clothes as a child (I know some kids hate to get clothes instead of toys), I kind of do now, especially when the clothes given to me aren’t really my style. I like the thought of giving gifts, though, especially with the intention of trying to please. It’s just difficult to appreciate getting clothes that I know I’d never wear. Still, this kind of gift is a lot better than the dreaded picture frame, figurine, or keychain as a gift. People, these gifts are useless, and nobody wants them unless expressed otherwise! Vent ended.

I know not everyone has the gift of gift giving (which is a love language), but I think we should at least try to make an effort to please the person we’re giving gifts to. I know that I am not the best gift giver, and I remember giving gifts to everyone at Christmas parties just because I felt pressured to give. That never results in anything special or worthwhile. I’m going to try to make an effort to give based on what I believe the person would like and not just give from what I have lying in the attic somewhere. I probably will still regift here and there or pick out from what I already have, but that is if I really believe the person I’m giving to would like or use the gift! Yes, gifts really do not have to be expensive, but they need to be thoughtful. There is such a thing as mindless giving, too.

What is on your Christmas wishlist? I think for me gift cards for department or specialty stores (clothing, music, etc.), restaurants, or theaters are the safest to give when you have no other ideas. Everybody likes to eat out or see movies. I also like getting greeting cards ONLY when they have a LOT of writing on them! I really don’t understand people who give cards with just their signature on the bottom—as if I’ll remember Hallmark’s words when I see the person again. Okay, vent really ended.

Also, if you haven’t started listening to Sufjan Steven’s Christmas albums, you should. Here is another Christmas compilation from Sounds Familyre (where Sufjan is from) that just came out which you can download for free.
What I Wore: Charlotte Russe blouse – Charter Club plaid skirt – Sans Souci faux fur vest – Koko Fashion shell – Sam’s Beauty gold bangle