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My Elvis Costello Glasses

July 15th, 2010

Elvis, taking a photo of you

He is so money… and very stylish.

I’ve been wanting these glasses for a while now.

Like paper dolls.

This week has been busy, so I’ll have to push the post on the role of women to next week. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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22 Responses to “My Elvis Costello Glasses”

  1. jemina

    You look so adorable and you rock those glasses babe :)) xoxo

  2. Mono_S.

    They look kool-aid! Classic, stylish. Iconic.

    All the good stuff!

  3. anna

    lovely glasses!
    You look so good in them.

  4. arnique

    You are so cute! I have NEVER said that on a blog and never thought I would, but dang it—it’s so twee and fantastic.

    I really love reading your blog. I also have a great fondness for print and colour contrasting. I’m so glad I’ve found another Pinoy with similar dress style! Gah, exclamation marks. :)

  5. Modesty is Pretty

    You look adorable, the other day I almost bought me some but I didn’t do it because well…I don’t know I was a bit embarrassed after wearing glasses for many years I finally got lazyc done and I don’t want to wear glasses anymore, there will soon be a day that I will need them again. =D but you look totally cool!

  6. Natasha Atkerson

    Thse would look awful on me! But they look so cute on you!

  7. Ashley

    those are really cute glasses! i saw a similar pair on a TV show, and i wanted them!
    also, thanks for letting me know about the comment box. i wouldn’t have known!

  8. Haylie

    TO CUTE!!! I love that =]

  9. Elaine

    NICE! I love’em. They’re very flattering.

  10. Sarah

    Sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to the post next week. Love the glasses Rachel!

  11. sweet

    You look great with your new glasses…

    pretty girl!

    take care love

  12. Lyddiegal

    Your glasses are awesome, you should totally go all out in the blazer and fedora.

  13. Brittan

    Adorable :)

  14. Iris

    lovely glasses and lovely blog! love the pics in the last post! :)

  15. Chandra (@ShiftC)

    I have a very similar pair in tortoise and another pair in black. $3 from Forever 21! SCORE!

  16. Mono_S.

    Hey again hep-kat!

    The comment you left the other day really, well, made my day!

    Though you’re right and my thoughts aren’t controversial, I fear sometimes that they could become controversial as time passes.. if people were to get more ‘disconnected’ from reality, so to speak. Or maybe I’m being way too pessimistic, there is, after all, a big community-grass-roots ‘Zine movement in the area I live, full of people who’ve never even touched a mobile phone and don’t produce anything that doesn’t require pencils and glue.

    Worst comes to worst, we can all move to some far-away island and pretend we live in a different decade!

  17. Sandy a la Mode

    hehe your glasses are sooo cute and fun lady! i’ve always wanted a pair just to spice up my look!!

  18. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    you’re adorable. I love them, and I normally hate huge glasses so that is saying something!

  19. marie

    Cute! I love them, they look so good on you!

  20. Cheryl

    You look preppy and geeky in a cutesie way! Love the glasses on you, Rach. :)

  21. Christa Taylor

    Love the glasses.

  22. avalonne lou summers

    Yes we’re specs buddies. Those look awesome on you!

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