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Muscle Shirt Made Girly

October 10th, 2013

rachel dahl rachel dahl a la modest rachel dahl a la modest rachel dahl a la modest

Heels: Nine West | Belt: Moschino | Sleeveless top: Blair | Bag: Vintage | Hat: Target | High Waist Skirt: eBay

I got this top in different colors from Blair, and their size small fits more like a very loose medium. So on me, this top looked like a muscle tee, with the arm holes a bit larger than what I’m used to! I kinda liked that it became looking masculine, though. That way the outfit doesn’t look over the top “girly.” To be honest, I don’t really wear stilettos much, but on rare occasions I will because they make me feel extra feminine. Do you like mixing feminine and masculine pieces together?




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9 Responses to “Muscle Shirt Made Girly”

  1. Dana Perry

    The color blocking is great!

  2. Mafalda C.

    This is one of those coordinates that look incredibly simple yet put together. I do love mixing feminine and masculine pieces… I’m a girly girl but I love darted trousers with soft, delicate tops!

  3. Natasha Atkerson

    I like to occasionally mix feminine and masculine, but I don’t have very many pieces that are “masculine” right now. I used to love this military style jacket I had, I’d pair it with skirts and super feminine pieces. But I got rid of it because it became too big (a good thing, but still!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Heidi

    Such a cute outfit! I think the muscle tee goes perfectly with the outfit. Those shoes are gorgeous too! I don’t wear stiletto shoes that much either anymore. I have been buying flats or wedges like crazy…lol
    I do mix feminine and masculine pieces quite a bit. I think it breaks up the all too feminine pieces out there. :)

  5. Rachel G

    I definitely love pairing masculine and feminine pieces…and this outfit reminds me a little bit of “supergirl”…which, in my books, is a good thing!

  6. Rachel Dahl

    Rachel G: Hehe, I do like mixing red and blue together because the colors remind me of superheroes :)

  7. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks, Heidi! I agree.

  8. Rachel Dahl

    Natasha, that is a “good” problem to have ;-)

  9. Rachel Dahl

    Mafalda: Trousers with delicate tops—yes! I often do the opposite, dainty skirts with boy t-shirts or slouchy sweaters!

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