Monochrome Marant

rachel dahlrachel dahlrachel dahlrachel dahl

Bag: Calvin Klein black & white logo tote bag (selling mine on eBay)

Shoes (similar): Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers

Bangle: vintage

I’ve been really into wearing monochrome and neutrals lately. Too many bright colors turn me off now, and that’s too bad because spring is just around the corner. I can’t hibernate in dark clothes for too long, but I know I can at least have the earth tones linger around those warm months. I’m pretty excited, because I want to dress like a hobo chic for a change :) I can’t wait to have my hair grow to my butt, flowery fungi growing in my hair, and not showering for days… wait, I already do that. Apparently it does wonders for your hair.

I’ve also been really obsessed with Isabel Marant’s sneakers. I know. They are super trendy, but WAY before Marant had these out, I had been begging for someone to make hidden low wedge sneakers for the longest time. I don’t really want to always have bulky looking shoes on, so Marant’s designs are a godsend to me.

The CK bag is great for going to the gym with, but these days, that doesn’t really happen much. I’m going to be selling this bag on eBay for super cheap shortly (link will be up on Sunday night). We’re moving out of our old moldy house and into a new condo, and I desperately need to get rid of a ton of stuff (stuff I’ve worn on the blog, for sure). There’s really no room to be too emotional about material things right now. I’ve donated a lot of our clothes, shoes, accessories, posters, books, records, CDs, tapes, etc even if they looked like new. It’s precisely this, looking like new and never been worn, that I need to get rid of my clothes. It’s clear to me the number of times I’ve actually made use of them. :-/ I’ve kept some to sell for really cheap though, in case some of you might want them. More on that later.

Oh, and have you ever donated things by mistake? I don’t think I recall, at least for now, that I have with anything too precious. My father-in-law though had his $400 chainsaw by accident in the pick up truck with our donation. We had to retrieve it at the end of the day only to find out that Goodwill ended up throwing it away, because they’re not allowed to sell gas-powered things. So, some very nice guys went dumpster diving for us to go find it, and they did. :) The manager said I was lucky, because when most people come back for their accidental donation, they’ve either been put out for sale already, bought, or thrown away and destroyed.


  1. says

    This’s an outfit that I’ll totally wear. In addition, since the first moment I saw Isabel Marant’s sneakers ,I want a pair. I’m a short girl.

    Btw, are you wearing skinny pants or leggings?

    And have you been better lately?

    • says

      Haha, shorties like myself like wedges :) Those are microfiber leggings. I have been doing so-so. Trying to stay positive and paying attention to the good things I have in life. Thanks for asking :)

  2. Allie Gunter says

    Loving this look and your hair!


    PS: I have that same shirt :)

    • says

      Ahhh. Yeah, $800 is way too steep. The $300 needs to come down a little too to be honest! Sneakers are supposed to be an everyday, run-to-the-grocery shoe.

  3. Valerie Hoffmann says

    It’s a very cool outfit. My daughter would LOVE your jacket! And yes, I have donated things by mistake in my “urge to purge.” :-(

  4. S. Holeman says

    Hi Rachel! Just so you know, I’m interested in some of the cloths you’ve had on the blog… I’ll keep an eye out for more about it! :)
    How’s the move going?

    • says

      Hi Serafina :) Which ones are you particularly interested in? I am going to get rid of a lot of the colorful ones :-/ My tastes have been slowly evolving.

      We’ve moved out completely out of our old house, but we are temporarily living with Rob’s parents right now. He’s been very sick, and the place we find to live in next will be very important to his health. He’s highly sensitive to mold, and it’s been really hard and nearly impossible to find a place with minimal mold (unless it’s completely new). We are hoping we find a place soon. Thanks for asking! :) :)

      • S. Holeman says

        Oh I’m so sorry about his health! I think I might be developing food sensitivities, which recently happened with a clost family memeber who now can’t eat most anything “normal”…so I’m gonna be trying (hard!) to see if I can’t stop it in it’s tracks… Which means I’ll be rereading a lot of articles on Bulk Herb Store’s site. There’s one I remember which might help you guys; here’s a link I guess I might not do much if you can’t find a better place, but I’ll be praying that you will! Phil. 4:19!!

        (I’ll go back and look for the outfits I loved, and let you know! :D I think some of my favorites were some of your more classic ones.)

        Hope we get to see more posts soon! :-]

      • says

        Ah, what do you feel? Do you feel something in your stomach, or do you see it manifest in other parts of your body? It’s really crazy that I hear about people having these weird symptoms left and right, without doctors telling them that there’s anything wrong with them.

        We all really need to be careful about what we eat, especially since most doctors aren’t trained in nutrition. Science is also way behind on food-related illnesses, so it’s like we pretty much are still in the dark ages. It’s scary.

        Thanks for sharing that herb store. Our pockets are being emptied on eating healthy, but hopefully, it is worth it.

        Hope you feel better! I’d like to know what you discover about your symptoms. Thank you for your prayers too :)

      • serafina holeman says

        Hi! I’ll send you an email, but just getting back to you… :D

  5. says

    You look amazing and I love those shoes as well! I’m still not buying a similar pair cause all of my friends are threatening me to death if I ever do. But they could stand my all-winter-lasting relationship with UGGs so I guess they can get over my love for wedge sneakers as well XD

    • says

      You know I do not and have never owned UGGs, but they sure look very comfy. Girls like to live in UGGs around here too, and I have no problem with that at all… except when they wear them in the summer. :-/ I can’t imagine their feet staying dry in those when it’s blistering hot out. They must love their boots that much!

      The wedge sneakers give you the feeling of being about a couple of inches taller (or your legs longer) while still being able to lounge around in them all day comfortably. They’re the best thing invented! When I bought my new iPhone case, my husband said that it was (excuse his language), gay. Then I told him that it was bad a**. :) Just do what you want to do! I think those shoes are great, even though they are extremely trendy.

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