Wood-n’t that be nice? – Modest layered bib fake collar with tank top

a la modest rachel dahl

Clothing: Everything in this outfit is vintage with the exception of the tank top I probably got from K-Mart back in high school!

rachel dahl a la modest

Do any of you own a layering bib? I’m not sure if that is the official name for it, but it’s this little piece of layering garment that used to exist in my grandmother’s time. You put it on through your neck, and it just sits without having to button it. Some may have buttons, but they are really just there for decoration. The bib starts from above your collar bone to the bottom of your breast. It could have been either for modesty or for adding variety to your tops. Below is an example of layering bibs with a fake collar. I haven’t found these anywhere else with the whole bib attached to the collar. I see mostly just collars. Wish they made more of these! What I have on in the photos above is truly vintage, made of polyester (very light weight) and is decorated with lace.

fake collar modest

The trend today is to wear just the fake collar or bib necklaces (the other kind that you’ll see more), but I don’t really like those as much because most of them are too tiny and sit beneath the spot where your collar actually should be. There are also those fake collars made of fabric, and they look more natural. None of those satisfy modest clothing practices really, because they are so small and barely cover anything. I did buy myself fabric fake collars, because I like the style of uniforms and structure. The layering bibs are ones that actually work for covering up your chest, back, and collar bone, BUT… these things do NOT exist in retail, sadly. I’ve only been finding them at thrift stores. They’re all about at least 30 years old and are mostly turtleneck bibs.

Below is an example of a nice beaded fake peter pan collar you can wear over your top. Like all other fake collars however, you have to have a high neck top to begin with for these to blend in naturally with your outfit as if attached. Otherwise, there your skin will show in between.

fake peter pan collar I do find wonderfully elaborate vintage tops with gorgeous collars everywhere, so I need to make a tutorial for you all soon transforming oversized vintage tops into useful layering bibs. ;-)

16 thoughts on “Wood-n’t that be nice? – Modest layered bib fake collar with tank top

    1. Hi Natasha,

      Yes, I have reviewed HalfTee before :-) However their tees are indeed half of a tee, but what I really want is a tee without sleeves (so just a bib). Also, their neckline is a bit low for what I wear. I want the fake collar in there as well ;-) Thanks for the suggestion though! Xoxo.

    1. Hi Chandra,

      How’ve you been? A layering bib looks just like a bib. It has less material than a sleeveless top. First of all, it’s a crop top. Second, it has no sides. So they’re just like flaps on the front and the back. The only material keeping them together is the shoulder and neck material. Have fun with your new handmade collar! I love those things!

  1. Aaaw it’amazing that you’ve got an original one!! I love the one you’re wearing but I don’t particularly love the idea of it! It looks kind of uncomfortable to me, is it not? Especially the fake shirt collars… i mean, I never wear shirts so I would never wear those things either! I do layer a lot though so maybe a bib would be a nice touch to a simple top, without wearing two things on top of each other ;) btw is that your house? I wish i had a fireplace :D so romantic!

    1. Hey Elisa,

      It can be uncomfortable when it moves around, but that’s no big deal to me. I can keep it down and not twisting around most of the time! It is funny to see myself readjusting it once in a while. It looks like I’m clearing my throat every time I do it!

      Yes, that is where we live right now, after moving out of our moldy house. It’s my in-law’s house. They have a really gorgeous place!

  2. The “layering bib with the collar” is actually called a “dickey collar”. I found a couple places where they have them on the internet. Google search “women’s dickey collar” . They are great with sweaters because there is less bulk and it gives a finished look.
    Bravo to you for your modest blog!

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