Metal Mouth

It’s… Music Monday! Well, not really. As much as I’d rather talk about metal music, I literally am going to talk about metal in your mouth. Let’s walk down memory lane and talk about BRACES. Although this may be an ad for teeth correcting, this is all based on personal (and thank God, historical) info.


This was taken sometime in the mid-90s with family. Look at all the happy faces. Then look at mine. Check out that giant bow on my head, too.


So who had metal mouth when they were kids? I certainly did. A lot of my friends from middle school did too. According to a statistic in 2008, 78% of the people who wore braces then were either children or teens. Before I actually had braces, I used to think they were so cool. There were these “candy braces” I used to get at my elementary school cafeteria. They were thin layers of translucent candy that you could stick to your front teeth, and they looked more like retainers. What was I thinking? Braces were unattractive—and all that sugar sitting on your teeth like that till it melts? Gross me out the door (Square Pegs reference)!


Amy Linker without a bow but with braces (Sarah Jessica Parker with a bow and happily without braces) from the 80s show Square Pegs


Lisa Simpson with a bow (and braces). Source: Simpsonix


Anyway, when I finally got my braces around middle school, they were nothing like I thought they were. I really did need braces, and my dentist told me I had to wear them for at least two straight years (hehe). Those things were not sweet (both literally and figuratively). They were abrasive and annoying. It was a bit difficult to close my mouth, to eat without getting food stuck between the metal, to smile without reflecting light at the camera, and not to worry about having rubber bands pop out. Oh, and they did all of that and more.

Sure, braces in your teens might be the best time to have them because of the timing as your teeth settle, but that is also the time of your life when you’re most insecure about changes (or lack thereof) in your body. To introduce these unsightly slabs of shiny railroad tracks to your already hormonal dotted face does not fare well in popularity contests.


Me with a smaller bow on my head in 2010


The godsend alternative to this monstrosity is Invisalign. As a lot of you probably already know, these are clear braces—virtually invisible. I would’ve been more confident and carefree if I’d had them. I’d have invisible teeth straighteners that were easy to eat with, easy to clean, and easy to do activities with. Although the cost is not too far off from orthodontic braces, you get to enjoy the added benefits of having shorter and fewer office visits (as well as less accidents from rubber bands, hoorah)!  Oh, I wish I had had them then!

To ask more about this wonderful alternative, you can look up qualified dentists and orthodontists via the Invisalign Doctor Locator. Not every medical professional is certified to give you a valid opinion. Before you go, you may want to see if you, your kids, or anyone you know is a good candidate for this treatment by taking the smile assessment.

Knowing they are both for kids and adults (just like traditional braces), I really want them even now. I never actually finished my orthodontics, because I moved to the U.S. and was supposed to redo my treatment and start fresh. It never happened, probably because money was tight and most especially because I did not want to have them on ever again. I even “lost” my retainers en route on a plane, because I just didn’t care for them!


who’re glad to be done with braces, I’m sure.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

P.S. The silly mention of bows were all unintentional until I saw the pattern after writing the post.

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