Do Your Boobies Have Enough Room? Sometimes Professional fitting isn’t enough.

Today, I found out that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for YEARS. Yesterday (and the years before that), I wore 34B. Today, I was professionally measured at 34D (at store)/32DD (from calculator updated by bra experts)—and that is without putting on any startling weight! Perhaps I gained a little, but a couple of pounds is truly nothing significant. After much deliberation and a lot of research about how most women end up wearing the wrong sized bra, I finally decided to get a bra fitting after having watched this episode of The I.T. Crowd, “Smoke and Mirrors.”

For those who cannot view videos at the moment (at work, perhaps?), here is a confusing screen cap that will make you want to watch the video later:


I don’t consider myself having big breasts at all. I think I thought I was okay in a B cup (self assessed, of course), because I am somewhat a petite female. I thought, how could it be possible that I have anything other than a B without being on the heavier side? I’ve learned that cup sizes are related to band sizes, and the cup is really just how far the highest point of your breasts are to your back. The width of breasts can be narrow but still have a big cup size and a smaller band, so that is why I didn’t think I was not bigger than a B or C. For years, I’ve had back problems, “baby fat” spilling over to my armpits, the sides of my back, and right beneath my boobs (which are all signs of an ill-fitting bra), so if you are having these symptoms, do yourself a big favor by getting yourself professionally fitted right away! Besides, you need to get fitted every so often to make sure you are wearing the right size. A slight difference in bra size and style makes a huge impact on your breast health and appearance.


Below are two of my purchases right after having been fitted. I meant to be fitted at Macy’s (my primary choice), but I was told that the lady who could do it was not in. I went to the closest available lingerie store instead at Victoria’s Secret and also bought from their Angel Fantasies line (about $60). Gorgeous bra, by the way (and in so many fun colors and styles)! After having learned my size, I got a less expensive bra at the clearance section at Macy’s (yay $9!) just to have something to change into that night. Oh boy, do I love the feeling of fitting in “just right” in these babies!

bras victorias secret

I need to get a second professional fitting, because I am unsure whether or not I fit better in a D or DD. I tried both on, and the other had just a slight difference. The revolutionary online bra experts say that professional fitters aren’t trained correctly. They say you should subtract 2 inches from your actual band size (34), because the band is usually stretchy and you will need that to gather all the fat from your back (look up articles and reports on fat migration). Bra sizes of yesterday are history and need to be updated—just like the food “pyramid” got updated and just how Pluto got vanquished from our Solar System. From the calculator that automatically took this information into account (after plugging in my actual measurements), I am a 32DD. I’ll probably order my bras online too from now on, because from researching I also learned that corporate America is ruining women’s chests by squeezing them into smaller sizes AND creating bras that, although make you look sexier, BUTCHER your busts.

Squished boobie cleavages like they show you on vixen victims on TV isn’t really healthy, and I think that is probably why I thought I looked “nice” in a B cup bra (in front of the mirror and the hubby) . :-/ Also, you may not want to wear push up bras everyday and especially not to bed. You might be missing out on some boobie growth! It’s really funny to see women in movies getting up in the morning with push up bras on (and not to mention, makeup)… who does that?

Look for bras that have ample material beneath and the sides of your cups that reach to the sides of your armpits, and broader shoulder straps and back straps. Considering these rules, the bras that I bought today weren’t really the best. They will work for now though, because I’ll have to order these specialty bras online, which are probably abundant in the UK. No wonder UK women’s average chest size was for the longest time a C (America’s was a 34B, but this year they say it is now a 38C which is thought to be because of increasing obesity). UK stores have a whole range of bra sizes and good bra styles so women can really pick what’s best for their body!

Here is an example of bras that are highly recommended by bra blog experts to start out with— Panache Tango II, Freya Pollyanna, and Freya Rio :) I think I like the Pollyanna the best. I couldn’t find these near where I live, so these are definitely purchases I will have to make online. These bra styles follow all the rules above, especially my pick, the Pollyanna.



I have to now bust out my pretty bras and other lingerie that involves the bust from my closet and toss them out, sadly. Thankfully, corsets aren’t affected. I am very excited however to try on new bras and go shopping! I’m not looking forward to the cost that’ll rack up after having to replenish my bra drawer though, but I think it is worth every penny for my health! Speaking of corsets, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a beautiful corset ending on the 10th of this month!

 Don’t be part of the 75-90% of women who aren’t wearing the right size, so go get fit-ted today!


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  1. This article was a great reminder for me. I’ve been fitted before, but lets face it, our breasts change over time. Age, weight gain, weight loss, are just a few factors that can make your once fabulously fitting bra into a sad piece of “underwear” that doesn’t do the girls justice. Time to recalculate!

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