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My Mad Men Outfit

October 17th, 2013

modest mad men outfitmad men outfit rachel dahl a la modestmodest mad men outfit

Here’s a photo of me and my aunt wearing vintage, taken during reception. Her dress is by Bettie Page Clothing.vintage girls a la modestvintage accessoriesFur purse & pill box hat for sale on Etsy!

Since a lot of vintage lovers seem to have THE perfect “Mad Men” outfit, I am posting these photos of what I wore to my brother-in-law’s wedding just this past weekend. Their theme for the wedding was sort of nautical, and it was held at a yacht club overlooking the bay. I whipped up something blue, from the 50s, and was not overtly sailor. I really liked how this outfit turned out!

This dress is vintage and so is the hat. The accessories, namely the eye catching cat eye sunnies and the tribal gold and turquoise necklace are from Beauty’s Own. The best thing about this whole outfit is that it cost me less than $30! The sunglasses are $7 and the necklace is $11! They are both brand new and with amazing quality for the price! I was a bit surprised by how sturdy the glasses were compared to my other pair from Forever 21, which was twice the price and broke apart.  The dress and hat are both thrifted. Weddings need not to be expensive either, and I can see more love and personality put into DIY weddings than fancy and elaborate types.

Have you had your fill of weddings this time of year? Besides celebrating the marriage between two committed souls, I love seeing family and friends get together.

I’m a big fan of online shops that sell inexpensive (thrift store prices) brand new items and are based in the US (for fast shipping). Beauty’s Own is definitely a new addition to my favorites of go-to accessories on a budget! You can add them on Facebook to get free shipping for orders $30 or more (that’s nothing), and you can also use coupon code 10FALL for $10 off.

11 Responses to “My Mad Men Outfit”

  1. Natasha Atkerson

    That blue looks really nice on you, Rachel!
    Although I can’t tell you how “Mad Men” it is-since I don’t what that is! ;)

    I hadn’t thought about it, but I haven’t been to a wedding in…..like 8 years! My older brother got married two years ago, but he eloped.
    Your sister in Christ,
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Heidi

    Nice dress and very 50’s. You look great in that color blue and the jewelry looks great with it! :)

  3. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Heidi! Thank you!

  4. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Natasha! Thank you! Mad Men is a modern day TV show set in the 50s. A lot of girls like that show for the clothes, but I haven’t gotten into the show myself. About weddings: Oh when you get to the normal marrying age these days, your friends will be getting married left and right! It seems like I’ve attended a ton in my twenties.

  5. Mafalda C.

    That dress is so gorgeous on you <3 you look absolutely flawless!

  6. Don Urban

    Love that look, especially the hat.

  7. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks so much, Don!

  8. Rachel Dahl

    Mafalda: Thank you so much, darling!

  9. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I really love this outfit. I think it is a great wedding dress choice too! So great! Nice deals too!!!

  10. Rachel Dahl

    Thank you, Victoria!

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