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Thank you Love Life Swagger for the neat Cleo t-shirt swag! I managed to fit in a men’s size medium just fine by tucking the shirt in my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans and a nice, thick, cozy shawl. I thought I’d rock the 90s grunge with a graphic shirt like this, with a bit of plaid here, “mom jeans” there, chipped red nail polish (not planned), and some a la Dr. Martens shoes. Speaking of, I need to take photos of the awesome shoes I am wearing, because I cannot for the life of me figure out who made them.

Don’t let the outfit fool you. It was FREEZING outside, and I forgot that I had a coat with me all along (which I had left at the house I visited). The coat didn’t quite match with what I was wearing, so I basically was a fashion fool by just totally abandoning the coat for the sake of style. I’ve been like this since I was a child. I’m sorry mother. The t-shirt is sort of see-through and light, so you may not want to wear this in the winter like I am. I have inside a tank top for extra layering and also to just cover up the obviously bright aqua I had on underneath :-/

P.S. The shirt may look “dirty” at first, because it does have that grunge-ness to it. Rob did point that out! Anyway, do check out what other stuff you might like to see at Love Life Swagger. I personally was curious about the panda sweatshirt myself.

So 2013 is just around the corner. There are just some things I am set to change about myself and this blog. First of all, I have decided to change the name of this blog from “à la Modest” to “à la Mode St.” so I can keep the domain name without having to live up to a certain “high” standard that I had set for myself to follow but proven to have failed time and time again. I will not abandon my beliefs, but I just cannot associate myself with a name I cannot live up to all the time and  subsequently affecting all others who associate with me. I am perfectly flawed, and I am nothing without what I believe in (which I have so been struggling with of late. 2012 has been really tough on me and Rob). More on that in another post, however…

Any out of the ordinary plans for New Year’s eve? What do you set to change about yourself?



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    HI Rachel, thanks for the post and sharing a little bit about your new direction for 2013. I plan to continue drawing closer to God and serving Him in more obvious ways. I’ve begun writing specifically about modesty and purity for moms of teen and preteen daughters (like me) to counter all the lies of the culture so I will be focusing more on that. Check out the new blog if you like – it is a work in progress and any suggestions are welcome:

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      Hi Laura,

      I am very glad that you have built a niche around modesty and purity especially for girls, because you have a great voice. I am going to try to be a bit more discrete with my approach this year without letting go of my beliefs. In order to achieve the same goal of getting women inspired towards “dressing for preservation,” I need to be a bit more inviting than I used to be—and the word “modest” in my blog name doesn’t quite invite new comers as easily. I have been hurt by people who have a different view of modesty (especially those who do claim to be modest), and truly, this blog is not intended for them. I plan for this blog to serve as an inviting place for everyone (those who are modest will just know based on my manner of dressing).

      I would love to work with you on some future projects! You are definitely an entrepreneur who is honest and full of integrity.

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