Lolita Love

I am not sure if I am a fan of lolita fashion, but I certainly admire the classic lolita for its modesty. Lolita is a fashion subculture in Japan influenced by the Victorian and Rococo periods. Variations of lolita include gothic, punk,  sweet, and classic as the main types. Each of the types are somewhat visually self-explanatory, so I will not delve in them at least for now. The origin of this street style might not be fully known, but it is recognized as a diversion away from the mainstream, sexualized fashion by embracing child-like innocence through clothing. Although this may be the case, some view this as a pedophiliac fantasy magnet worn by adult females. I do not doubt that some people are attracted to this style in that fashion much like how a minority of outliers have an odd foot fetish. As long as most of the skin is covered, I cannot speak for its sexual nature.

I obviously lean to the side of less creepy lolita a.k.a. classic lolita. I love Victorian fashion minus the chest popping bustiers (in public). They are great for underwear if you are married; otherwise, just keep it under the clothes.

This post was inspired by the discussion that arose over the April 23rd photo on The Sartorialist.

Sorry. This one is a little blurry as you can see (or not see).

Got this skirt today in tax-free Delaware visiting my husband’s best man and best man-friend. I clarified because supposedly, I am Rob’s best woman-friend.

Made this work as a hair piece. It might look like a bracelet, but it’s actually what lined my jewelry box. I just secured it in my hair with hair pins. It was stiff enough to stay round. It’s fun to get creative with your accessories!

Examples of lolita: