Lisa Frank vs. Sanrio

My poor dear husband caught the flu, and I think I might have gotten it too. Ah, at least I work from home and can turn in homework online—wait, those things aren’t really good in this case! I just went back to school yesterday after a two-year hiatus, and I think I need to do a better job juggling my work, chores, blog—and now—classes. Being a housewife is a tough job especially once the kids come, but I must say, I’ve never been happier. All the load in the world seems insignificant in comparison to all the love I get from a husband with whom I share my life. If I am sickening any of you yet, I also want to add that I have an awesome dog who just lays around, looks cute, and does nothing. I love him, too. What I Wore: Attention blouse from my mother – Vintage necklace from eBay – skirt from Fashion District – George boots
I am wearing pink with purple, which I think might be the girliest of all color combinations. Purple is also my least favorite color (sorry populous purple lovers), and as far as pink goes, I wear the color very sparingly. Having these two colors on me in these photos was something out of the ordinary. When I was about thirteen and shopping for what I believe was my first blue eye shadow, one of the girls I was with told me that she thought purple would look good on me. Of course, I shrugged off that comment and bought the blue eye shadow.

Pink with purple also reminds me of my vicarious childhood exposure to Lisa Frank paraphernalia. The rich girls from elementary school seemed to have a collection of those epileptic Lisa Frank hologram stickers in their Lisa Frank sticker books and Lisa Frank stationary stuffed in their glittery Lisa Frank backpacks.  I don’t remember really getting into anything Lisa Frank especially since they were quite expensive and also because I was into the Sanrio scene more. No, I never had Hello Kitty as one of my favorites even though she is incredibly cute. My favorite Sanrio character has always been Bad Badtz Maru. One of the guys from my high school who used to like me got me a whole bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, which I have since gotten rid of. Not all (Asian) girls like Hello Kitty the best or like pink. He really did shoot himself in the foot with all that money he spent on me. Very sad indeed.

See how much cooler Bad Badtz Maru is?

Here is a neat list I found of all (or most) of the Sanrio characters with pictures. I also remember liking Pochacco, Spottie Dottie, and Kero Kero Keroppi a lot.

Before I go, I thought you might like to know what I’ve been reading for leisure. You’ll find a photo of  the four books I am currently working on, none of which are my textbooks: