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Thank you, IFB for picking one of my posts this week! Come check out new items added on my Etsy! Donations going to Philippine typhoon victims from each sale from my Etsy shop will end tomorrow. Do something to help those in need and keep something for yourself as well!

I am currently working on my AFAA and Les Mills certifications this week, so I will be gone for a bit trying to harness my concentration powers! Any other fitness professionals out there active in the fashion community?

Links a la Mode

The New Casual

Sneakers at Chanel Couture? Evening dresses to a picnic? Is there really any appropriate occasion to wear anything? Not anymore! Dress it up, dress it down, if you can make it work, all the better! This week we have a great roundup of news from Couture, Stockholm and Mens fashion week, as well as some style tips to put the new trends in action. So kick of your sneakers and pull up your chair, it’s going to be a great roundup this week!

Links à la Mode: January 30th

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3 thoughts on “Links à la Mode

    1. Hi Rachella,

      Thank you! I am on my video assessment portion of Bodyflow now. I passed the training a few months back. Some seasoned instructors also encouraged me to take AIM 1 soon, but the requirement for that is to be at least 6 mo LM certified. By the time AIM1 starts, I’d only be a few weeks short of 6 months. Bummer. What program are you interested in?

  1. So cool that they encouraged you to take AIM1 soon, but it’s a pity that you’re a few weeks short of 6 months at the time it starts.. However, if you keep giving lessons you get more and more experience into teaching and the AIM1 will be less difficult if you’re allowed to start when it’s next time. I’m interested in teaching BodyCombat or BodyPump, but since it’s (obviously) very time-consuming I had to wait until summer to start.

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