LayerWear Basics

Layering should be fun and shouldn’t have to be a nightmare. I find it most exciting when the end result of layering turns out to be better than I expected, like I couldn’t believe that I just created something like it. I guess that goes for every art form. I decided to keep it simple today, however. You can’t really do much layering during summer because it’s just too hot out. Some do it with accessories—layering necklaces and bracelets, stacking rings, etc. I have here a layering pencil skirt in camel given to me by LayerWear Basics. With it, I wore a tunic that’s too short to wear on its own with bare legs. What I like about this skirt is that it’s sturdy, but it’s not too thick for the summer. I’ve had my share of cheap and low-quality materials in clothes sent to me from all over the Web, but I was really impressed by the quality of this material. I like that it’s fitted everywhere and goes straight down, so it doesn’t distract attention away from my main article of clothing, the tunic.

There are different types of layering. In the broadest sense, layering involves two things: 1) adding complexity to an outfit and 2) concealing areas of your body. Layering shells are designed to be covert, concealing areas of the body you don’t want to show for various reasons. They usually go underneath a low neckline shirt, a shirt that’s too short and shows the front of your tummy or your back—what have you. Whatever your reasons are, if you need some basic layering pieces, LayerWear Basics is a good place to start. They don’t have a wide selection (just 1 top, 2 skirts, and 1 dress), but they do have a variety of colors for each of their pieces. When you think about it, those things are about all you really need for basic layering—hence their name.

Below is a photo of the skirt I was wearing in black taken from their Web site. This skirt is designed to be easily folded around the tummy to adjust length without adding too much bulk around the tummy. Of course, who wants to look like they’re pregnant when they’re not? I was able to get a couple of folds from this skirt without looking like I had even a food baby. It clings pretty tight around your skin to accomplish that, but it is very comfortable.