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We all know Japanese trends can be a bit too much for the rest of the world to comprehend let alone like, but that is exactly why a lot of us are drawn to them! There are these things called Kigurumi, Kigu for short, which is a Japanese word which roughly means “to wear a stuffed toy.” They are basically character onesies, usually an animal, for adults.

I’ve seen plenty of these worn as Halloween costumes for kids and even for animals. I’ve also seen Hello Kitty Beanie Babies at Hallmark wearing a bunny onesie, which is frankly rather bizarre and even MORBID. So, Kigus shouldn’t be that weird to the Western world, right?


Not until you see people wearing them on the streets on a regular day! That’s right, these are “streetworn.”

Take a look at some photos:

Source: Unknown

Source: Christine J Wilson

Source: We are Cartoon

Source: Cambosh

Below you’ll find a few products from English kigu retailer Kigurumi Onesies. A lot of these retailers I’ve noticed are actually from the UK. I don’t hear much about kigus around Northern America. If you are from the UK, have you heard of these costumes turned streetwear called kigus? Would you wear them?


Top to bottom, left to right: Blue HippoFrogBlue Unicorn



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9 Responses to “Kigurumi: To wear or not to wear a stuffed toy…”

  1. Elisa B

    Need I say I want one? Haha! I wanted to get the bat one, just to keep being true to my goth self ;D

  2. naruto30

    Haha! I thought only girls would go for this. I salute you guys. COOL! :) I have one also.. I just got it recently from http://kigukawaii.com/ .. and I have no regret of buying one. :)

  3. Rachel Dahl

    Thanks for the link! Just saw the Youtube video on that page. Haha!

  4. Rachel Dahl

    I do like the bat one too. Did you ever get into Sanrio when you were a little girl (or even now)? My favorite character was and is Bad Badtz Maru. He’s the “goth” penguin, inside and out.

  5. Courtney Villari

    ha ha i love the hello kitty… the other ones not so much!

  6. Megan D.

    That’s so interesting that they have them in the UK! When I was there, I never saw anyone where them, though it wouldn’t look completely out of the ordinary. They do look comfy, though. :)

  7. Romina muñoz

    Usually I see japanese people wearing kigurumis, and I kinda get used to it. But seeing western people wearing it, is unexpected. Though once I came across with a tv show in which the host was wearing a Pikachu kigurumi. lol

  8. Caroline Cherry

    You see them here in Australia occasionally :)

  9. justicepirate

    I’d love to wear that last one. SO CUTE!

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