Kabuki Rainbow Brite from Tatooine

Drawing inspiration from Kabukis, Rainbow Brite, Ladytron, and Padmé Amidala while on Tatooine

Japanese fashion editorial (unknown source)

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touchh

If I had only waited the day after to take these outfit shots, this would have been better, because it totally snowed a good five inches. Because of the snow, the meeting with Project Redesign got canceled, and I now have more time to talk in front of the mirror as I prepare for my speech. Although I don’t recall ever pretending like I was talking to someone I used to fancy in front of the mirror (think 80s movies), I talk in front of the mirror all the time to rehearse speeches. If I am having a bad hair day or have just woken up and don’t feel like getting all done up while I rehearse, I just talk to myself without the mirror. I guess I also have no shame in saying that I do this all in the bathroom.

What I Wore: Bonnie and Bill sweater – Marks and Spencer skirt – Filipiniana necklace (Thanks, Gayle!) – Bonnibel wedges

GIVEAWAY: Just a reminder that the giveaway for Sweet Edge’s hat and scarf set ends tomorrow!