Kabuki Rainbow Brite from Tatooine

Drawing inspiration from Kabukis, Rainbow Brite, Ladytron, and Padmé Amidala while on Tatooine

Japanese fashion editorial (unknown source)

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touchh

If I had only waited the day after to take these outfit shots, this would have been better, because it totally snowed a good five inches. Because of the snow, the meeting with Project Redesign got canceled, and I now have more time to talk in front of the mirror as I prepare for my speech. Although I don’t recall ever pretending like I was talking to someone I used to fancy in front of the mirror (think 80s movies), I talk in front of the mirror all the time to rehearse speeches. If I am having a bad hair day or have just woken up and don’t feel like getting all done up while I rehearse, I just talk to myself without the mirror. I guess I also have no shame in saying that I do this all in the bathroom.

What I Wore: Bonnie and Bill sweater – Marks and Spencer skirt – Filipiniana necklace (Thanks, Gayle!) – Bonnibel wedges

GIVEAWAY: Just a reminder that the giveaway for Sweet Edge’s hat and scarf set ends tomorrow!


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    HAHAHA Oh my gosh the title goes perfectly with the outfit. that is really great. I love the outfit and the shots are lovely that were taken of you in it. I love Star Wars and Rainbow Brite! If you ever have kids and want the whole series let me know (unless they do finally put it out on dvd. . .I have a fanmade dvd set). I think your shoes are so cool.

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    What a creative post! I remember Rainbow Brite too. Very cute. Isn’t it interesting where inspiration can come from, such seemingly disparate sources but they all come together.

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    I think it’s fun that you practice in the mirror! I used to have to do that because speeches would make me ill I was so nervous for them. I might be growing out of that though…hopefully..

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    Thank you for your lovely comments! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you – I’ve been so busy lately, but thank you for the compliment about my hair!

    I love your necklace and shoes!! <3 I want a pair of black wedges so badly.

    I got the rest of my gift from my big sister today. I posted the ring in my newst post, and I'm going to post the hair pins on Monday.

    I hope your speech goes well!!

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    Your wrap looks so comfy and loving the colorful stripes on it too.

    I used to practice in front of the mirror too when I had to do a presentation while I was working, now I hardly look at the mirror because I only see a very round face staring at me. hahaha! :)

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    That second picture of you in particular is adorable, Rachel!

    BTW “Ladytron” is named ofter a Roxy Music song. Roxy Music is a progressive/70’s glam rock group that launched the career of intelligent pop crooner Brian Ferry. Ladytron is on Roxy Music’s self-titled album from 1972. Here’s a live version of the song on the UK TV show “Old Grey Whistle Test”. The guy twisting the knobs is Brian Eno, who has produced for U2 for years and has a pretty fantastic and innovative solo career that includes the creation of what is now known at “ambient music”.


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      Hey David! Thank you!

      Yes, I know Roxy Music; although, I actually didn’t recall the song Ladytron! That is really neat to know :) I particularly like their album For Your Pleasure, which we own. Though not a huge fan of U2 (loved the War album the best though and their older stuff) I am a fan of Brian Eno. He’s done some awesome work for some of my husband and I’s favorite artists like the Talking Heads.

      Anyway, if you haven’t seen this yet, you should check this video out and let me know what you think! http://pitchfork.com/news/40597-watch-a-ridiculous-brian-eno-interview/


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