Interview with the Glam-pire

This christian lady kindly interviewed me (the Glam-pire? I guess…) for her blog. I thought it would be good to post this on here because there were a lot of things discussed that haven’t been mentioned on my own blog before.

All women want to please their husband. Has your modest clothing affected your relationship with your husband or others?

Modest clothing has made my relationship with my husband stronger and more meaningful. We are working as a team to reject the lust in our lives through our individual efforts. He tries his best to look away from and not dwell on sexual images and immodestly dressed women, and I try my best to dress modestly to aid in preventing other men from looking at me inappropriately. It is necessary for the husband and wife to do their part in honoring God through purity and to work together in this effort as with everything else. Lust insidiously devours marriages, and that is why it is effective for couples to openly discuss and work together to promote purity to as a way of dealing with anything that might potentially harm their relationship. My husband gets the benefit of having and enjoying me only for himself in private when I avoid dressing immodestly in public, and I get to trust and worry less about my husband with his thought life when he avoids any instance including media with visual sexuality and nudity. This doesn’t solve the problem of our lusting completely, but with God’s help, our obedience creates for a better marital atmosphere.

How do you think modest apparel has changed the ways others look and think about you?

My stand for modesty has definitely affected my relationship with others. I have received more respect from people in general because of my strong beliefs, but I have also received the cold shoulder from some. There are still others who get influenced by me in the fashion sense but not in the modesty sense. My clothing has affected people in so many different ways, and my reaction must be to ultimately try to please God and not be shaken, saddened, or flattered to the point of vanity.

Who or what is your greatest fashion influence?

My fashion influences come from independent thinkers and artists from various cultures and decades, contemporary and timeless art through music and film, and… Jesus. Some examples of my influences are Joshua Harris, author of Not Even a Hint (which talked about God’s ultimate standard of not having even a hint of lust), Björk, and my two ever so fashionable IT professors from college.

Tell us a little about your blog and upcoming boutique.

À la Modest is an indie and vintage fashion blog with the twist of modesty. It shows and tells of my experiences with sexual purity through my clothing along with tidbits of fashion inspirations through different forms of art. The boutique will hopefully be online in the fall and will have many of the same mix of indie and vintage clothes I wear. The clothes themselves will not only display my style but also my personal standards for modest clothing. Each piece of clothing will carry a name and suggestions on how to wear or style it.

Favorite online or real places to shop?

Because I don’t believe in the need to wear expensive clothes but rather in the expression of modesty and style, I like to shop in places that offer bargain prices. Besides my eventual own creations, these places include anywhere with a sale rack (may it be Charlotte Russe or H&M), Goodwill and other thrift stores, flea markets, indie clothing designers abroad, and online stores.

What do you think is the answer to the world’s constant skin parade?

There really is no one answer to eradicating immodesty everywhere, but prayer and living by example will be to great avail.

If you could say one thing to Christian ladies about clothing and fashion, what would it be?

The desire to dress modestly must come from deep in your heart and convictions. It does not come from being too rigid or religious but from a personal life-changing transformation, just like your faith. If you are modest just because of your upbringing, culture, or other people’s expectations, then it might not have as strong an effect on your heart as it is only in your mind. Do not be a lukewarm modest Christian woman. Be radical.

Any fashion and buying tips for those new to modest dress?

Modesty can also include modest means, so don’t buy anything too expensive just for the sake of style. Do not compromise modesty for style nor your budget for fashion. As for covering up: I believe the most important thing to remember is to conceal your chest, as it is one of the most sexual (and overexposed) parts of a woman’s body. To play it safe, make sure that your cleavage doesn’t show even when bending down (without pressing your hand against your chest), and don’t wear anything that hugs the body tightly. Skirt lengths, shorts, and pants are more debatable among many Christians. My own dress code excludes shorts and skirts above my fingertips (when standing) and skinny jeans. It is not for me to tell you a set standard, but I base my standards on experience and a bit of common sense, the input of godly men in my life (the foremost of course being my husband), and prayer and contemplation of scripture.

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