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I’d Be in Dreams Too

May 10th, 2013

a la mode sta la mode sta la modes ta la mode st

Shirt- Liz Claiborne

Skirt- Vintage


If I was born to look like Winnie Cooper,

I wouldn’t have to put on makeup either.

I wouldn’t have to know so much about music, people, and pop culture.

I’d just have to be pretty

and let the world look at me.

Then I’d be in dreams too.


12 Responses to “I’d Be in Dreams Too”

  1. Cleveng Liu

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  2. Cheryl van den Berg

    Oh wow, you do look like Winnie/Danica. :)

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  3. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t think I look like her, except for the hair! My poem was really about wishing I looked like her or treated like her (or really anyone who’s considered to be beautiful), because I feel that we women are constantly being judged by our appearances. We get treated accordingly, and I am lamenting on that reality.

  4. Heidi Erickson

    Such a cute outfit! Adore your denim top! I agree with Cheryl too that you look like Winnie in a way. :)

  5. Chenyi Yang

    Nice poem!

  6. Bess Maclean

    I think every female feels like this at some point. Good poem for sure!

  7. Maegan Morin

    Beautiful words, I know exactly what you are saying. All we can do is overcome. Your beautiful although i really really dislike that top :D

  8. Jules McNubbin

    very cute outfit, i love the boots :) and i like the poem!

  9. Kelley Roach

    very cute

  10. justicepirate

    You do look a little like Winnie Cooper!!!! Never noticed before!

  11. Mela Melina

    I loke this skirt! *____*

  12. Debiparna Chakraborty

    i love this look!!!you have a rad sense of style!

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