My Humble List of Low Tech Gadgetry. What’s Yours?

I may have gone to school for IT and have made websites and computer graphics since I was 11 years old, but believe it or not, I am pretty low tech gadget-wise. I don’t really care much for them. The irony!

Let’s label the techy people shall we? There’s the code nerd, video game geek, web guru, social network savvy… and then there’s Mr. (or Ms.) Gadget. So from above, I’d be more in the web guru category. How about you? Do neat gadgets fascinate you and drive you to own the latest and greatest technology?

I for one do not have the slightest interest in hardware or upgrading it. That’s why my gadgets, though dressed up in some stylish way, are falling apart.  Software people like myself seem to be wired differently (pun intended!). I do not care about new phones, new tablets, new cars, but I like to entertain people who do like to talk about their new toys. It’s a good way to practice patience!

The Mr. Gadgets in my life do not seem to handle staring at codes for too long. Not that I like staring at computer jargon, but I do have the capacity to understand and be patient with it unlike some. So I believe it’s probably because a lot of gadget geeks I know like quick and easy solutions done for them by technology, which is not a bad trait at all. After all, technology is there to serve us.

So to give you a rundown on what “gadgets” I currently own, here they are:

1. My laptop, which I am dependent on for work online, such as blogging or on Etsy


2. My iPhone 4S. I just paid the $1 upgrade for the 8gb because I didn’t think I needed all that double space… which later I regretted, because I take a ton of photos of food, clothes, and selfies (ahem). Add me as @alamodest or @modernlifesurvivalist on Instagram I would’ve totally been on a bare bones Android phone if not for the insisting of my husband to be on Apple. My favorite phone ever was still my tiny LG flip phone that had a mirror in front of it.


3. My camera, which was for the longest time a point-and-shoot camera that conked out on me, but now I was lent a Canon DSLR. I do not technically own this, however I use it like I own it so it’s going on this list! Below is an example of my before and after DSLR photos.


4. My tablet. I knew I wanted an eBook reader to take along with me, but I also wanted to be able to do stuff for my business or review my yoga videos on the road. So, the solution was to get an affordable tablet PC. I was a bit skeptical at first, because it was a Chinese supplier. I get my clothes and accessories from China sometimes, but the electronics I thought were a bit more risky. Anyway, I got it in the mail faster than expected from an overseas store and works just fine!



Are you a gadget geek? What do you currently own?


8 thoughts on “My Humble List of Low Tech Gadgetry. What’s Yours?

    1. Hello Caution,

      Thank you for taking time to share that post. I really appreciate that. The timing of that comment was such a happenstance actually, because the sleepless night before you left that comment I prayed to God about whether or not yoga was pleasing to Him. My thoughts weren’t filled with worry however, but instead they were peaceful but with a lot of curiosity. Your post gave me a lot of good insight, which I will take with me as I proceed with caution in this type of practice.

      I’ve just written a post last night, if you are curious on my thoughts on yoga and Christianity. It’s not very comprehensive as that is my first post on the topic, and I have many else to say that I will save for another time. Many of my points you might disagree with, and I am aware of that. Regardless, it’s helpful to know what others think.

      I’d be happy to know your real name, if you care to share and want to continue the conversation! :)

      With gratitude,

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I have your list minus the tablet, but I’ve been thinking about getting one. I need to research more what I can do with it…my initial interest is based on thoughts of a light weight option for a bit of email and web use, but not much more. I try not to make being online too accessible…or I’ll never get anything else done! ha!

    What kind of lens are you using on the dSLR?

    BTW, I’m a Christian farmwife who enjoys yoga. And my best Christian farmwife friend takes Jesus to pilates with her in her super rural valley that only happens to have a pilates course because an ex-German ballerina moved there with her rural American hubby. In short, mindfulness isn’t Jesus-less – “consider the lilies” – I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself AND including Christ.

    Okay, I’m signing off. :) Don’t want to bring any drama to your comments section. :)

    1. Hi Emily!

      Thank you so much for your reply. It was truly encouraging and enlightening to read, including your being a farm wife! I’ve been admiring farmers a great deal these days, after having changed our diets to a more natural source after illness awakened both my husband and I. What kind of things do you have at your farm?

      If my work wasn’t related to the web, I’d very much like to get away from the Internet as much as possible like you!

      I believe these lens came with the camera I am using. I don’t know how to operate the camera in all its glory, so I use Photoshop for the most part right after shooting.

      I’ve never thought about that verse you brought up in regards to mindlessness. That is very interesting and makes sense in a way! Our brains are so busy that we forget to just stop worrying about later on or tomorrow, so mindlessness in this way is a good thing. Most of what I’ve learned is to fill our minds with “whatever is good, whatever is noble,” such as thanksgiving and praise to God. That too is a great way to empty the mind of the worry and let Christ put your burdens to rest.

      Again, thank you for your comment. There’s no such thing as too much drama! I’ve just written a post after a long break (which I usually take on here!) on yoga and our faith as Christians which you might find interesting. I’d appreciate your thoughts on that, as I mostly get people who come by here for fashion and not so much for faith or yoga.


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