How to tell if a scarf is made of real silk by Joan Reese


If a “silk” scarf is being sold brand new for about $5, I start to wonder if it really is made of silk. I always thought that silk was such a luxury material, and I can’t really tell whether the silk is genuine. Well, designer Joan Reese has an Etsy shop that showcases her beautiful original hand-painted silk scarf creations. She also tries to educate consumers on what is real vs. what isn’t really silk on her Youtube page.

I don’t know about you, but I wear even my lighter scarves all year round. That’s because even when your winter coat is off, a scarf is a nice addition to your overall outfit. I don’t ever put away my lighter scarves away once the season gets colder, because I can also wear them as a head or hair piece.

Joan’s scarves are elegant, unique, 100% silk made from French imported dyes (colors stay permanent), and can be washed in cool water and shampoo. They are all individually signed, hand-hemmed, and are long enough to do all sorts of styling with (11″x60″).

If you feel like giving a wonderful woman in your life this Christmas an original scarf creation, Joan also accepts personalization. Receive 10% off when you become a fan of hers on Facebook.

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