Honesty Not Modesty in the Bedroom


Modesty should not belong in the bedroom, because it invites temptation to your husband’s door to look for pleasure elsewhere.




Thank you kindly to Christine Lingerie for this glamorous gown, first of all! Its’ fine silk makes me feel beautiful and graceful.

A few Christmases ago, a friend of mine gave me a pretty blue plaid dress glistening with metallic yarn. It had long sleeves, a high neck collar, and was right down the shin. I loved the pattern, the color, and the style. However, what I thought was a regular dress turned out to be lingerie! I gave her a funny look once she told me what it was, and she looked back at me and said, “what? it’s modest!”

Another girlfriend giddily handed me a throwback catalog for vintage clothing made for today and pointed to the lingerie section. She told me that this is where I could finally find modest underwear.

These two women were not mocking me at all! They are very dear to me, but they haven’t quite understood what modesty means to me. Some women are modest because they are naturally shy, pious due to religion, held back by cultural expectations, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is my belief that modesty should never, ever, ever exist in the bedroom.


Why Modesty Does Not Belong in the Bedroom

  • Why hold back from your man?
  • If you do, you’re just inviting more temptation than there already is for your spouse to look for pleasure elsewhere.
  • It’s an act of love and appreciation towards your spouse, because it takes effort at times to try to look good for someone you’re used to seeing all the time
  • Because you can’t generally (or want to) wear underwear in public, this is the perfect place to go wild ;-)
  • Your most beautiful self should be seen by and not hidden from the most important person in your life
  • Your outer clothing is for everyone else, but you leave what’s special for the love of your life (or yourself)
  • Even if your significant other doesn’t appreciate you fully or make mistakes by looking at or thinking about other women, remember that they’re human. They may contribute to or take away your happiness, but they aren’t responsible for your joy.
  • Honesty not modesty in the bedroom. You two should be perfectly secure in each other’s physical flaws—not just know them but love them.
  • Wear the sexiest, nastiest, cutest, weirdest lingerie to boost your self confidence within closed doors—whatever floats your boat! Now, look at your self in the mirror. Smile. Wink. Laugh. Dance to your favorite tunes. Have fun while you burn some calories! You are beautiful no matter what others think of you! My husband wondered why I owned sexy undies before we got married, even if I didn’t sleep around. This is why! :)


How much do you like fun or sexy underwear?

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Here’s a song by Grace Jones from 1980 called “Private Life.” Just pretend like she’s talking about your underwear!

7 thoughts on “Honesty Not Modesty in the Bedroom

  1. Great post! I agree that you should take the time to wear something sexy for your significant other. Intimacy is one of the most important factors in a marriage. Without it, it can grow cold and lonely. Sexy lingerie can definitely help!

  2. I definitely think it is funny that you were given modest lingerie, but I see they were trying to be kind, but yeah. . .if you are married, take it off in the bedroom all you want!!!! I have some skimpy stuff for such occasions haha. I love your list of why you shouldn’t be modest for your husband! It is interesting. . .In one or two of the books I’ve read about human trafficking in Asia, they mentioned about how in Cambodia, because many people are bhuddist, they are told that nakedness is wrong, or something, so most husbands are not allowed to see their own wives’ body parts. They however are okay to go to a prostitute and see her naked. It makes no sense to me how that mindset works at all, but if you aren’t seeing things in our own private time with your spouse, I can understand (thought don’t condone one bit) why men would go elsewhere to see skimpiness and nudity outside of their home. I think it is a terrible thing. Modesty is wonderful outside of the bedroom, but in marriage. .. be crazy!!! haha.

    1. Oh thank you for the link, Ellie! Glad you love the article! My name is Rachel by the way, not Christine :) Christine is the name of the company that made the night gown, but I wrote the article.


  3. Great article. I like modesty, but it seems to have gotten out of hand, and many young ladies don’t seem to get the point. We are modest when out in public, or in front of friends and family members. Not necessarily in front of our husbands when alone.

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