Here Comes The Sun (It’s All Right)

It’s always the few weeks before summer that get to me. The weather between spring and summer always goes from nice and breezy to suddenly scorching. It’s like microwaving coffee, where after you’ve warmed it up for just less than a minute, you’re fooled into thinking that your beverage is lukewarm, but in fact it’s boiling hot. My time-traveling agenda would be to somehow hibernate during the summer and fast-forward to fall. Alas, because I have priorities and a husband to attend to, I simply cannot live out this fantasy! I just have to be really smart about what materials to wear as a modest fashionista.

I bought this pretty thrifted yellow vest last weekend. I had to put something inside because it was too short for my torso, so I paired it with a backless and sleeveless shirt made with really light material to go inside. I had that shirt before I chose to really cover up (thus the intentional missing material on the back of the shirt!). I decided to keep it around for handy layering and also because the pattern was cool. I still have most of my clothes from the pre-à-la-Modest days because I knew that with a little creativity and modesty guidance, I could somehow still wear them wisely. I just have to remember to avoid succumbing to the temptation to wear them as is without any layering.

I will leave you with a little unintentional inspiration from The Beatles: “Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right!”