Haggle Rock: When Is Enough Enough?

Last weekend had the most beautiful fall weather. It was nice and warm but without the humidity. I opted for an outfit with movement—a peasant blouse, a long and flowing skirt, and a bandana. All three had different patterns, but it was a risk I was willing to take. My husband asked me what I was wearing or what I was supposed to be, and I confidently replied, “Oh, I’m a gypsy!” It might not have been a good idea to walk around commercial establishments proclaiming that I was a vagabond weeks before the holiday of costumes and candy corn…Being dressed as such made me think about my familial connection with haggling. My mother did it. My grandmother did it. The culture I grew up with did it. I think it’s okay to ask the seller to knock off a few cents or dollars once in a while, especially when you’ve only really got a few dollars to spare, but to insistently squabble for a hard bargain just seems unattractive. I get uncomfortable and somewhat ashamed when the older ladies in my family tenaciously insist on a generous markdown and leave the place in a mild hissy fit when they don’t get what they want. It’s all so…. exhausting! Of course, there is an appropriate setting to do this, such as the downtown area with street vendors and flea markets—not at retail stores where it’s obvious that the hard-up cashiers do not control the pricing. Don’t get me wrong about my opinion of haggling in general. I don’t consider myself wealthy nor am I, in a realistic sense, poor. I am in fact blessed but very thrifty, so I think haggling is fine just as long as you don’t get yourself or the seller emotionally distressed because of your behavior. Vendors are probably already being treated like bottom-feeders everyday by hungry, selfish, social-climbing fashionistas/(fascististas) who haggle Louis Vuitton knock-offs of all things. For shame. They’re free to do this in America, but they would probably be outlaws in Europe for buying or selling imitation items. I guess that makes sense, because a lot of these designers getting aped (and style raped) are from Europe!

Here’s a(n) hilarious, satiric scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. It’s extreme reverse-haggling! This would be even MORE stressful:

What I wore: Candie’s chunky-heeled sandals, Forever 21 retro sunglasses

P.S.: I hope this outfit covers the three types of clothing I’ve been asked to show more of in my blog for inspiration—casual, warm-weather, and farm-type clothes.

Thanks to Natasha for interviewing me! Read the interview on her blog.


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    Very cute outfit Rachel! The only place I have the guts to haggle is a garage sale. It does make me mad though when the person is asking $10 bucks for a pair of jeans that should be like a $1! I mean COME ON! It IS a garage sale! LOL! Oh well….one persons junk….
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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    Haggling and gypsies. That’s so funny because you tend to associate the two. I like where you put the balance, Rachel. Essentially hard-bargain haggling is stinginess, which goes against natural law and has negative consequences.

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    Such a cute outfit and fun print on the skirt! I also just ready our interview and it was quite enjoyable to learn more about you! You and your husband are quite cute together :)

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    I don’t usually listen to Barlow Girl, but I heard a couple of their songs the other day and I do really like the messages. Personally I like Superchic(k) better, though…

    Oh I agree about layering!! I love layering! It’s so pretty! I was so upset this summer when it was too hot to layer. :'(

    Thanks for the well wishes! I’m hoping to go to the thrift store tomorrow and look for a dress for my costume. I really hope I can find something. :D

    ~ Katie

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    oh my Rachel dearest…I was not able to recognize you….

    this photos are really beautiful…and the clothes you wore depicts the theme but it does not look like the farm and poor type…the love materials and the prints as well…

    its a gypsy style with sophistication…you nailed the outfit love…


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    I love the outfit, I am a bad haggler, I usually just pay what I’m told because I’m embarrassed to ask for less even at Flea Markets or garage sales, there are times when I should but I still don’t because I feel they are going to say no =P hehe

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    You’re picture perfect in this! Boho/gypsy chic definitely suits you the best!

    I get a kick out of haggling/bargaining with the vendors, I think that’s one of the fun we get out of flea markets and such:)


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      My husband has seen it. I actually never have but some scenes!!! I don’t think I will see it without a ClearPlay filter… It was kind of surprising to hear about the full-on nudity, but MP’s Flying Circus had a lot of sexuality, too, so we gave that away.

      “Let us like him, hold up one shoe!”

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    Hi Rachel! I went from Christa Tyalor’s blog to Natasha’s and saw the interview! That’s when I found out who alamodest is-I’d been wondering who it was “liking” my comments on Sakura Rose’s photo! :]
    And how funny that I said that about a gypsy, the same week you made your own gypsy outfit! hehe
    Thank you for sharing your blog and lovely modest beauty with us all!

    a.k.a. “just a gypsy of the Lord”

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    I hate to haggle. I’m not very good at it, and have never gotten a good deal when I’ve tried.

    I really like the gypsy look – I often wish looks didn’t have to be characterized in such manners. You can’t wear a peasant top and head scarf and NOT be a gypsy. Why? Why can’t you?

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    Your outfit is amazing, and the fallen leaves are the perfect background for wonderful pictures. How have you been sweetie? I’ve missed you so much…


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    Hi Rachel,

    I am not sure exactly how I found your blog, but I am truly grateful that I did. Not only are your outfits beautiful, but there is just something about your writing that touches my heart. May be it is the topics, maybe it is the way you write almost like a journal, but it’s beautiful.

    I am sure you must hear this a lot but I would love for us to stay in touch. I am in a situation in my life where I am trying to make a change in the way I look at life and be more grateful. I think you would be a wonderful friend to share my stories with or just as a source of inspiration.

    Let me know google, bloglovin, twitter… I am everywhere.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

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