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Gliterally Speaking

January 5th, 2011

This Joseph Ribkoff jumper with the glittery bow and detail was what I wore for New Year’s eve. Although it was made for an adult female, I felt just like a tot from the ’40s in overalls. It was really difficult to slip out of too when I needed to go to the bathroom (something I had to go through many times due to constant liquid intake). By the way, drink a lot of water—doing this’ll save you hundreds of dollars buying Chapstick.
Here are some pictures of me in the same outfit in one of the rooms in our house (my favorite room where we stash our collection of cool) with a bunch of posters on the wall. I just realized that the best poster on the wall *ahem* was covered by my hairy phat back (Did I say hairy? I meant very). It was the poster which I designed for The Turtle Neck Store‘s first show, combining the front and back cover, which I also designed, of their first and only EP. I guess by using exactly the same image from the album cover and only changing the proportions to pass as a poster, I was either cheating, a bit lazy, or just a bit pressed for time. Either way, that show was a success. It was a good thing I married the cute guy on vocals shortly after!
Oh yes, check out Bobby the bichon, a recurring character on this blog. He almost does the same number of poses as I do—only he is a true natural and shameless au naturale without his harness and diaper on. I have a dog named Bob, and a husband named Rob. Together, we are confusing.
I actually have a lot more photos to post from the fun-filled weekend right after New Year’s day which I am going to put up some other time. It’s been a while since my last post, so I’m hopefully going to write more frequently now that the holidays are over. For a little comic relief (if this entire entry wasn’t enough), I also misplaced my tripod somewhere (which I am assuming I still have in our car’s trunk from our trip to VA Beach). Because I didn’t have a tripod for this holiday ham, I used a guitar case, a wobbly UPS box, a TV, a CD, a cassette tape, and books stacked right on top of each other to get these photos taken in this angle.

As a heads up, I’ve been invited to speak (gliterally speaking!) at one of  Project Redesign’s meetings next weeek. Project Redesign is a local annual high school fashion project founded by the former Miss Maryland. I had the pleasure of attending last year’s event. You can read my post about it from May of last year, or if you’d like to attend, you can view the calendar for this year’s event. Word to myself: Not sure if I can talk with no one talking back for a holy thirty minutes.

As a second heads up, the giveaway for Sweet Edge’s winter accessories set will close at the end of next week! Sweet Edge just added a whole bunch of cute things in the shop for you to pick from and even customize. Think bows! If you’re reading this, you are lucky because you get a chance to have ANOTHER entry! Just leave one more comment with your favorite new item.

What I Wore: Joseph Ribkoff overalls – Petite Monde shell – Crocs sandals – FYE specs – Sam’s Beauty bangle

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33 Responses to “Gliterally Speaking”

  1. Elle

    I’ve never really been much into jumpsuits but the detailing on yours it fantastic- I love glitter anything (the inner 5 yr old in me) and that bow is just perfect. And I love it with your glasses.

  2. Anthea

    That is such a cute jumper! Love it!

  3. Marella

    Sooooooo cute dear! <3

  4. Penny Dreadful Vintage

    Hehe, I was confused for a while – in the UK a sweater is called a jumper, and what you call a jumper we call a jumpsuit. So I wazs thinking ‘huh? How is it hard to get out of a sweater?’. Confusion over, I LOVE the ‘jumper’, the wide legs and gold bow are tres chic.

  5. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    aww this outfit is so cute. and the Bob is adorable too.

  6. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I apologize for my smallest comment to you ever. haha.

  7. Krystal/Village

    These pics of you are so fabulous, I love them, sans tripod and all :) Thanks for your comment while I was away – I’m excited to be back to blogging and back from vacay and to a normal routine. Happy New Year! I hope all went well over the holidays!

  8. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    That’s definitely NOT surprising at all considering I am extremely European in my ethnic background. Irish, French, Welsh, German, English, and Dutch

  9. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    hehe. After I read Sex is Not the Problem (Lust Is) I almost bought Not Even a Hint until I found out that my book was a reproduction for a different book company. He had to change the name because they didn’t want him to use the same one. Anyway they are republishing that book again and he asked people if he should change the name to another title, either of these, and so on. I told him he should call it “Not Even a Hint: Sex Isn’t the Problem, Lust is!” because of how confused I had been! haha. We’ll see what he chose eventually. He also asked people to give a small description of how Stop Dating the Church impacted them and I gave him one for when it is reproduced. We’ll see if my name will go in or not since I’m sure he received a lot of feedback on that one. It was sad to me that I had read his first two books right when they came out but hadn’t read these, so now I have officially read all of Joshua Harris’ books!! hooray!

    As for Michael Leahy’s Porn Nation, I wrote a huge review on it on Ruby-Eyed Okapi!! I loved that book so much. Very helpful, so much so that a lot of what he wrote in it will be used for when I present Porn and Modesty coming up in my church (probably in February). That is great that so many people went to his seminar to hear him talk when they thought otherwise. I bet it helped a lot of people even if that one person who talked out loud wasn’t receptive at all to it. Which college did you attend? That’s awesome that you got to hear him speak. We need more men to do such a thing that he does. . taking stances on it when he suffered for years in his sinfulness with it. What a great testimony!!

  10. Lyane

    i super love this!! the top is awesome!!!

  11. Lucy

    great! love your glasses

  12. Violet

    adore the color combo and i love your glasses! you are adorable and so is your dog :):)

  13. gabrielle

    me encanta el outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    te sigo desde españa!


  14. Cheryl

    Love that golden bow on you, Rach!

    The reason why I don´t buy overalls/rompers because I have a weak bladder. Getting it off and putting it on takes a lot of time than the actual peeing process. hahaha!

    Happy New Year! :)

  15. Krystal/Village

    Your comment about Barnes and Noble(s) made me laugh….I don’t really know if I ever thought about it or noticed if there was an s or no s! I think I’ve said both…so funny. But now I’ll know :)
    And I feel bad about complaining about how americans dress because i’m american and i love america…but i think the stereotype you’re thinking of is pretty accurate!!

  16. WMV

    so adorable! love everything about this look!

  17. Shey

    Rache I love this outfit, I thought it was a one piece romper or something of that sort, those bows are such a romantic touch. I wanted to thank you for your comment, you are so kind and honest and I appreciate it. I would have never thought that you went through weight insecurities because to me you are very slim. You know…sometimes I wonder if as teachers we could do a bit more to stop bullying, it’s such a terrible thing to go through, I went through it too and so did my son and I hate bullying! I try to stop it in my classroom because even young ones can be very cruel, but sometimes they do it when no one is watching. You are right also on taking care of the body because it’s the body of the Holy Spirit, that should be my main concern instead of thinking about my appearance… It’s good that God loves us as we are isn’t it? =) Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

  18. Sarah

    Very cute outfit Rachel!!!!
    Hey, do YOU live in Baltimore?!?! I just moved to the DC metro area!! I actually flew into the Baltimore airport to get out here! :)
    I love the area so far, and I’m SUPER excited about the new adventure! If you live in Baltimore, we should so totally go shopping or something. :)

  19. Lyddiegal

    Jumpsuits are always annoying like that, and its almost a big enough deterrent to make me want to avoid them all together.
    You do look quite cute in it though!

  20. Chy

    awesome shots! the jumper is so fab.

  21. Kristin

    Glad to see someone else feelin’ the jumpsuit love! Your specs are so darn cute!

  22. sweet

    Okay I do not want to get confuse with Jumpsuit or jumper…or a romper!!! hahahhaa!!! but the outfit really looks good on you…how do you manage to do that…its like you did not put any effort at all…total natural babe!!!

    and when you said that you eat a lot and exercise…I was completely thinking how long do you exercise??? I mean with that fit body of yours…really perfect how??? hahhaha!!!


  23. Sootjeelina

    I love your outfit!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  24. Laura Connell

    You just reminded me I have a vintage Ribkoff jumper I need to post to my ebay store! I love the metallic ribbon: also reminds me I have to get some shine on my outfit today. My friend the stylist says every outfit must have an element of shine!

  25. jemina

    Awww, Bobby is so cute!!! and I LOVE your jumper dear, you look FABULOUS!!


  26. Sarah

    AHHH!!! This is so crazy cool. I seriously thought you lived in Cali for some reason. I had actually been living in OK – haven’t been to Portland yet, even though I’m dying to visit at some point!
    If you want, you can send me the details on the local fashion show as you have them, and I’ll see if I can make it. Still settling in a bit, but it sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  27. Sarah

    You can send any info to my email here: fashionableconversation@gmail.com

  28. daisymay

    OMG that top is super-cute and you look so sweet!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  29. cherie

    i love how your glasses tonally match the ribbon in your jumper. you looks so good in them! hi cute doggie! :)

  30. kathy

    wow- i love that jumpsuit- it’s amazing!

  31. Tashrin

    If I had seen jumpsuits looking like these at regular stores this is what I would be wearing all the time. It is gorgeous and the sandals too. Are those really croc sandals….? I did not have a very high opinion of them but they look nice….are they comfortable?

    Look forward to hearing from you


  32. KANI

    super cute bow and maxi skirt..!!

  33. à la Modest » Blog Archive » FEELine!

    […] a pair of yellow knee-highs, and Nine West oxford pumps. These dorky yellow glasses, I wore in an older outfit post when our bichon was still alive Lately I’ve been really obsessed with layering collared […]

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