Gliterally Speaking

This Joseph Ribkoff jumper with the glittery bow and detail was what I wore for New Year’s eve. Although it was made for an adult female, I felt just like a tot from the ’40s in overalls. It was really difficult to slip out of too when I needed to go to the bathroom (something I had to go through many times due to constant liquid intake). By the way, drink a lot of water—doing this’ll save you hundreds of dollars buying Chapstick.
Here are some pictures of me in the same outfit in one of the rooms in our house (my favorite room where we stash our collection of cool) with a bunch of posters on the wall. I just realized that the best poster on the wall *ahem* was covered by my hairy phat back (Did I say hairy? I meant very). It was the poster which I designed for The Turtle Neck Store‘s first show, combining the front and back cover, which I also designed, of their first and only EP. I guess by using exactly the same image from the album cover and only changing the proportions to pass as a poster, I was either cheating, a bit lazy, or just a bit pressed for time. Either way, that show was a success. It was a good thing I married the cute guy on vocals shortly after!
Oh yes, check out Bobby the bichon, a recurring character on this blog. He almost does the same number of poses as I do—only he is a true natural and shameless au naturale without his harness and diaper on. I have a dog named Bob, and a husband named Rob. Together, we are confusing.
I actually have a lot more photos to post from the fun-filled weekend right after New Year’s day which I am going to put up some other time. It’s been a while since my last post, so I’m hopefully going to write more frequently now that the holidays are over. For a little comic relief (if this entire entry wasn’t enough), I also misplaced my tripod somewhere (which I am assuming I still have in our car’s trunk from our trip to VA Beach). Because I didn’t have a tripod for this holiday ham, I used a guitar case, a wobbly UPS box, a TV, a CD, a cassette tape, and books stacked right on top of each other to get these photos taken in this angle.

As a heads up, I’ve been invited to speak (gliterally speaking!) at one of  Project Redesign’s meetings next weeek. Project Redesign is a local annual high school fashion project founded by the former Miss Maryland. I had the pleasure of attending last year’s event. You can read my post about it from May of last year, or if you’d like to attend, you can view the calendar for this year’s event. Word to myself: Not sure if I can talk with no one talking back for a holy thirty minutes.

As a second heads up, the giveaway for Sweet Edge’s winter accessories set will close at the end of next week! Sweet Edge just added a whole bunch of cute things in the shop for you to pick from and even customize. Think bows! If you’re reading this, you are lucky because you get a chance to have ANOTHER entry! Just leave one more comment with your favorite new item.

What I Wore: Joseph Ribkoff overalls – Petite Monde shell – Crocs sandals – FYE specs – Sam’s Beauty bangle