Giveaway: Wooden Cuff Bracelet (CLOSED)

Time for July’s giveaway! One lucky reader will win an eco-friendly wooden cuff bracelet this summer. If you are wondering why I have so many accessories to give away is because my prizes are all going to be part of the boutique opening this fall. My giveaways provide a sample of what’s to be in store.
Want to win one of these bracelets? Follow the rules below:

Mandatory Entry:

1. Leave a comment on here telling me what part of the world you are from and something interesting about that place.  It can be a country or a city. Last month’s winner was from Romania! Do not forget to leave me your real e-mail address where I can contact you back if you win.

Bonus Entries:

  1. Join this site via Google Friend Connect and leave me a comment on here telling me that you did.
  2. “Like” a la Modest on Facebook and leave me a comment here telling me that you did.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@alaModest), and leave me a comment on here telling me that you did. Include your user name.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway, and  leave me a comment on here telling me that you did. Include your user name and/or a link to the tweet. Copy & paste this to tweet: “Win a wooden cuff bracelet from @alaModest #giveaway”
  5. Subscribe to this blog through BlogLovin’, and leave me a comment on here telling me that you did.
  6. Post this giveaway as your status on Facebook, and leave me a comment on here telling me that you did. Include your Facebook’s e-mail address. Copy & paste this: “Win a wooden cuff bracelet from!”

For the bonus entries, I will check to verify if you have done these. If you are already subscribers/followers, indicate that you are in separate entries. Do not forget to leave me your real e-mail address!

This giveaway ends August 13 and is open to US and international readers and is based on random drawing.

Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning.

Good luck!

Want to view past giveaways? Here’s what last month’s winner said:

Hey Rachel! I got the rings in the mail today, they are so pretty, I love them! Actually they both happened to match my outfit I am wearing today so I ended up putting them on right away. ;D hehe. Thanks again, I love them so much. Have a great week, marie

226 thoughts on “Giveaway: Wooden Cuff Bracelet (CLOSED)

  1. I live in Citrus County, Florida – “Home of the Manatee” The most beautiful place on Florida’s westcoast!

    Also –
    I joined the site…
    I “Like”ed on FB…
    I posted on FB…
    I subscribed through “Bloglovin”…

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  2. boston, MA! easily my favorite city. big enough with job/cultural opportunities, yet small enough so I never feel overwhelmed. Plus lots of historic architecture and monuments!

  3. Northern California. Currently we’re enjoying the heat (upper 90’s low 100’s) with nice breezy evenings that make you forget the days heat. The fields are all dead around the state giving us that “Golden state” look :)

    I’m also a google friend.

  4. I’m a Bangor, Maine(-iac), U.S. born gal who still loves the cold ocean water (your lips will turn blue) and whose first solid (ish) food as a baby was pureed lobster. That’s what mom had on hand that morning, she says (no, they were not rich!).

  5. I was born and raised in Hawaii. In elementary school, we celebrated May Day, a day on which all the students would do Hawaiian dances. We also had a royal Hawaiian court.

  6. I live in Kansas City, Kansas Argentine District. Houston has some heat but in the summer here in Kansas we live in a constant state of sweat due to a little thing called a heat index. I would like to point out that Kansas City is known as a cow town, that being said we have the best barbecue ever invented.

  7. I live in Long Beach, CA – Long Beach is one of the best kept secrets in California – we have an urban downtown, a beachy shopping district, marinas, canals, and suburban malls. We have it all!

  8. Hi! I live in Boston and the reason that I love living here is that it offers the best of both worlds – all the happenings of the city with the friendly neighborhood feel!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I am from Estonia, Europe but now living in California. Estonia is a lovely small country that has 4 seasons and where people speak Estonian, one of the hardest languages to learn. It is so small that you can drive around the whole country in 24 hours.

  10. Hi! I am from McDonough, Georgia! McDonough is nice because it’s a quaint town and we have a picturesque square in the heart of the city.

  11. I am from Minnesota, USA. One of the most interesting things about my city is that the world-famous Mayo Clinic is located here and we get the rich and famous in town all the time!

  12. I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota and a lot of great musical artists call Minneapolis their home – Bob Dylan, Prince, the Replacement, and Husker Du – just to name a few!!
    cheatingpiggies at hotmail dot com

  13. Hi! I’m from Lithuania, and it’s a very small and quiet country in Europe. If you’re looking for a place without any storms, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes, it’s here:) Although we have very cold winters with lots of snow sometimes:) and right now we’re having an extremely hot summer.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. i wanted to letyou know if “like” you on facebook………….this
    bracelet is an awesome giveaway….thanks for the great
    email is……………and by the way my part of
    the world is little ole west pittston pennsylvania…….a smal garden
    village that is very personable, quiet and homey. we have tree lined
    streets everyone k nows everyone and we all look out for one an
    other..thats what my town is like.

  15. Hi! Greetings from Southern California! It’s nice, I’m not going to lie. There’s a lot of fun places to go when you’re on holiday. I’m from a small city, so I have to travel an hour or several for all the cool stuff like Disneyland, LA-all the awesome shops and flea markets, San Diego, the beach, etc. It’s a pretty interesting place. People come from all over to live here, even though it is a really high cost of living for most places here. Anyway we get a really eclectic vibe, especially for artists and musicians. San Diego is getting real hipster-y, in a good way. But then again, what place isn’t now-a-days? (:

    Sorry for the novel!


  16. I´m a true blue Filipina, bred and born in the Philippines. I got married to a Spanish-Basque chico and so I live here in Spain right now. I love Spain for it´s historical monuments and yes, who doesn´t love tapas and paella? ;) As for the Philippines, it´s a country filled with smiling people, that´s what I missed the most right now and you must try the Phil mangoes. They are the most delicious in the world!

    I´m your Google follower, Rach!

  17. I am from Ohio but my mom is from Romania. She came to the USA when she was 17. So maybe I will have some luck from the last weeks winner.

  18. i live in clementon, nj, home of clementon amusement park, its been around for almost 100 years, it started out as a place to swim, and over the years it evolved into a great amusment,and water park!!! people use to take the train from philly, and the stop was a hop,skip,and jump from the park.

  19. Hey I’m glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! Giveaways really are interesting to run :) I’m following you now – these bracelets are great! So are you opening a boutique online or in real life? I guess I should read back some more :) :)

  20. I’m a resident of the United States but I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. I love it here. Seoul is full of exciting adventures. My favorite hangout with girlfriends is the Dr. Fish cafe. We go and have a coffee or tea and than put our feet in water and the Dr. Fish give us a pedicure.
    kowandamcbride at yahoo dot com

  21. I live & have been raised in Miami, FL. What better cultural melting pot?! The beaches are incredible, day or night. You can always find something to do on the best beach strip in the US! Whether it be shopping, drinks with the ladies, or a late night art walk. Can’t beat its diversity!
    ps- I like you on FB

  22. I was born and raised in Mexico, but living in Canada since I got married :)

    Interesting fact about Mexico:
    We have a Mexican tamale called the zacahuil that is three feet long and weighs about 150 pounds!

  23. I almost forgot to leave the mandatory entry. I am from the United States and an interesting city is Philidelphia where you can see the Liberty Bell and where the declaration of independence was signed.

  24. I am from QLD AUSTRALIA & we are in the middle of a bleak cold winter. Yes Australia is NOT all sunshine & beaches.

  25. I’m from Calgary, AB, Canada and Calgary hosted the winter olypmpics in 1988. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I’m from Malaysia. Some of the many places of interest in Malaysia are Redang Island [Pulau Redang] in Terengganu, Cameron Highlands in Pahang and Ruins of Fort A Famosa in Malacca.

  27. I am from a suburb North of Chicago. Unfortunately there is not too much that is interesting about my hometown of Mundelein, Il, besides that I live there.

  28. I am from a small town in North Carolina. Our neighbor… Pinehurst, NC is the home of golf – and I grew up in the country, farm town next door. Loved growing up there!

  29. I am from Washington, DC. This city is smart. I love that it is not out of the ordinary to have a lively debate with people at bars about international and political issues.

  30. I was born and raised in Indiana. Most people think it is just corn, but they are entirely wrong. It’s got so much to offer. The little town I live in is my home. It is so beautiful, and everyone is like a family to you. You walk into a store, and you see 10 people you know, not including the cashiers and baggers. ;)

  31. I’m from Mass. (which is hard to spell, even for natives). In addition to all the colleges, which bring lots of vibrant young people to the city, there’s so much history everywhere. Sometimes you’ll do something like walk the freedom trail or visit the Paul Revere house and see it all on purpose, and someimes you’ll find old pottery in your backyard or have a moment where it hits you how many people have walked right where you’re walkling, and how many of those people went on to fight key battles on nearby fields or hills or in the state house or congress….

  32. I live in Slovakia, in central Europe. Small country, a bit over 5 mil inhabitants, with landscape similar to chessboard – mountains regularly take turn valleys. modest life, quite well educated people, lovely folklore and folk culture.:-)

  33. I have lived in Maryland my whole life. It is great because I get to experience all of the seasons and take advantage of close beaches and ski slopes!!!

  34. I live in Maryland very close to D.C.. I love the city and I would never leave :)
    karitsaj at gmail dot com

  35. i live in mississippi where the temperature is topping 109 this week. i live in a town with a growing arts and entertainment district, so its a fun place to live.

  36. I live in Memphis currently, and we have a great music scene here! You can always find a great band playing! Plus everyone is super friendly.

  37. i live in edmonton, alberta and i think edmonton has two interesting things .. Stereos the band is from here and also we have one of the largest indoor malls in the world(was the largest at one point) :)

  38. I’m from Chralotte, NC USA. I love it because it is a big city but not so huge where you don’t know anyone.

  39. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. We may not have the best sports teams, but we do have the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Westside Market, just to name a few.

  40. I live in America’s Dairyland and no I don’t believe that is California . Not for 1 minute. Wisconsin is a lovely state and I live close to Kettle Moraine. It is anarea that is the relic of he glaciers many years ago. Woodlands , lakes and a life close to nature and sometimes cows.

  41. I am from Portugal, more specifically, the Azores Islands. An interesting fact is that some people believe that these very islands are connected to Atlantis!

    I am a follower on FB, twitter, and e-mail!
    LOVE your website!!!

  42. I was born in southern california, but I was raised in buffalo NY. I love the queen city everyone is helpful and friendly. It’s like a small town city :)

  43. I’m from Fort Worth, TX. It’s known as “Cow Town” because of the old cattle drives. To commemorate this, the city still has a cattle drive every day.

  44. I’m in beautiful New Jersey, birthplace of Bruce Springsteen and Queen Latifah, as well as many other excellent folks. :-)

  45. I’m from Michigan where we have the most beautiful autumn colors, the Great Lakes, and the best apple orchards where you can go on a hayride in October, pick apples, and end the day with warm apple cider and homemade cider donuts.

  46. I’m originally from NH. we are retired military and have done some great traveling with my husband’s career having lived in Germany as well as Hawaii. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  47. I was actually born in Maryland but grew up in Chicago. There’s are lots of interesting and fine things about this city but the most fun is when I travel. EVERYWHERE I go – even remote towns in China or the bush in Afrcia – as soon as I say Chicago – EVERYONE’s eyes light up in recognition and their hands/arms do a mimic of firing a machine gun and they say “gangsters!” (or sometimes “Al Capone!”) It’s amazing! It happens everywhere!

  48. I live in a small town in New Jersey. In my town, the houses are really spread out, so all the kids have to go trick-or-treating in cars! Every kid wants to have best friends from other towns so that he or she can go trick-or-treating with them!

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