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It’s getting toasty, so it’s time to dip in the water with a new swimsuit on to cool yourself off—modest style! I was debating whether or not to put up photos of models with swimwear on because I originally decided against it (I don’t pose in swimsuits on this blog myself), but I eventually picked a few to show for this post to give you an idea of what Rey Swimwear has to offer. They are giving away a $25 gift certificate to one winner!

Mandatory Entry:

You must like Rey Swimwear on Facebook before entering. Leave a comment verifying that you are and what item on Rey Swimwear you would like to put your gift card towards.

Bonus Entries:

  1. Subscribe to this blog via Google Friend Connect, and leave a comment telling me that you did (3 entries). If link doesn’t work, use the “Join this site” link on the right side bar.
  2. “Like”à la Modest on Facebook, and leave a comment telling me that you did (2 entries).
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@alaModest), and leave a comment telling me that you did. Include your user name.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway, and leave a comment telling me that you did. Include your user name and/or a link to the tweet. Copy & paste this to tweet: “Win from Rey Swimwear via @alaModest ! http://bit.ly/mxbNdS #giveaway”
  5. Subscribe to this blog through BlogLovin’, and leave a comment telling me that you did.
  6. Post this giveaway as your status on Facebook, and leave a comment telling me that you did. Include your Facebook’s e-mail address. Copy & paste this: “Win from Rey Swimwear via alamodest.com! http://alamodest.com/?p=6170” (2 entries)
  7. Suggest that your friends “like” à la Modest on Facebook, and leave a comment telling me that you did and/or how many friends you invited.
  8. Blog about this giveaway in a new post, and leave a comment  with the link.
  9. Buy something from RGB Records until the end of the giveaway, and leave a comment telling me your full name. (5 entries)

For the bonus entries, I will check to verify if you have done these. If you are already subscribers/followers, indicate that you are in separate entries. Do not forget to leave me your real e-mail address! This giveaway will end May 21st.

This giveaway is based on random drawing and is open to all. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck!

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109 Responses to “Giveaway: Rey Swimwear (CLOSED)”

  1. Alice

    I’m trying to figure out if I’m signed in so that I can join and post and win! :)

  2. Alice

    I think I’d like the Holly in Ebony and Ivory. By the way, thank you for your blog postings for modesty. I’m glad I found someone I can relate to who can be fashionable and pretty without being over the top and skimpy. I absolutely love what you do! :)

  3. Kimberlee @ Magpie Shinies

    I’m a friend on GFC.

    I adore Love in the Afternoon – what a pretty skirt! Though the black skirt would go best with my suit…….if I win, it’ll be a tough decision!

  4. Kimberlee @ Magpie Shinies

    I like you on Facebook.

  5. ashley

    i follow on gfc as msrodeobrat. oooh i think i would get the LAUGHTER IN PARADISE cover up!

  6. Nadia Clouâtre

    I foloow by google and I put on my card the sabrina in nile blue with green polka dotted straps!

  7. susan varney

    i follow as mverno via gfc and i like the skirt in nile blue

  8. Elizabeth

    I want Holly in Ebony and Ivory.
    I am subscribed to you via Google Friend Connect.

  9. Elizabeth

    I like alaModest on Facebook.

  10. Elizabeth

    I follow alaModest on Twitter.

  11. Elizabeth

    I followed Rey Swimwear on Facebook.

  12. Elizabeth

    I subscribe to your blog through Bloglovin’.

  13. Amy

    HollyNEbony and Ivory…. wow!!

    Newbie on your GFC list!


  14. Elizabeth

    I posted a facebook status about this giveaway. e-mail: roseforgod @ gmail DOT com

  15. Kelly

    I subscribed to à la Modest via Google friend Connect as well as through my blogger.
    I like the Holly and the Gaby suits, kinda torn between them both.

  16. Kelly

    I liked à la Modest on Facebook.

  17. Kelly

    I posted the giveaway on my facebook: facebook.com/OnlyandalwaysforChristssake

  18. Kelly

    I suggested your blog to about 50 of my facebook friends of whom I thought would follow your blog.

  19. Kelly

    I now Follow Rey Swimwear either on Facebook

  20. Elizabeth

    I am a friend of GFC. I like the Holly in Ebony.

  21. LeashaE

    I follow via GFC – AlishaS and I would put my GC towards the purchase of an Anne suit in Seaspray!!! LOVE IT

  22. LeashaE

    I LIKE you on FB – Alisha Duncan #1

  23. LeashaE

    i LIKE you on FB #2

  24. LeashaE

    I follow via twitter! @LeashaE

  25. LeashaE

    Tweet! http://twitter.com/#!/LeashaE/status/65617830552403968

  26. LeashaE

    I LIKE Rey Swimwear on FB and also follow via twitter!

  27. LisaMarie

    Follow via GFC LisaMarie & like either Gabby or Ann!!

  28. LisaMarie

    Like a la modest on Facebook Lisa W.

  29. david basile


  30. Hanna

    I follow via GFC

    I’d put it toward holly in nile blue

    giveawaychu at gmail dot com

  31. Chandler

    The My Fair Lady cover up is so darling!

  32. Chandler

    I liked you on Facebook! #1

  33. Chandler

    I liked you on Facebook! #2

  34. Chandler

    I am following you on twitter with @girlygirlmoment :)

  35. Chandler

    Tweeted it!

  36. Chandler

    I liked Rey swimwear on Facebook.

  37. Chandler

    I am also following Rey Swimwear on twitter.

  38. Becky

    Follower via GFC! I’d love to get their new Laughter in Paradise coverup – SO cute!

  39. Becky

    I “like” Rey Swimwear on Facebook too! : )

  40. Alex@women bathing suits

    Very nice! I never know when to stop when it comes to choosing the perfect bathing suit. How do you narrow it down?

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  42. Katie Fasnacht

    I subscribed to this blog and liked you and reyswimwear on facebook. I would like the gift card towards the sabrina in the nile blue with the polka dotted straps if I win! Thank you!

  43. chrsity

    would use it towards the Ann in Seaspray suit

  44. chrsity

    i follow on fb

  45. chrsity

    i follow via gfc

  46. Katy

    I liked Rey Swimwear on Facebook…my gift card will go towards ANN IN SEASPRAY

  47. Daisy Gonzalez

    I absolutely fell in love with the Love in the Afternoon skirt!! It’s gorgeous!! I love floral everything, that skirt is the ultimate piece to my closet<3

  48. Beth

    I follow Rey Swimwear on FB.

  49. Beth

    I follow you through google friend connect.

  50. Natalie

    I’ve been a fan of Rey Swimwear for a while and have “liked” on facebook. If I win the $25 gift card I would use it toward the purchase of the Ann swimsuit in sunburst. Yellow is my favorite color and I love the belted detail!

  51. Natalie

    Just started following you on Twitter! My user name is @natalieclara

  52. Natalie

    Also just tweeted about the giveaway! Again my user name is @natalieclara.

  53. Natalie

    AND I just “liked” à la Modest on Facebook, full name is Natalie Weaver!

  54. Jenna

    I like Rey on fb and I would love to get my hands on the Jo suit in paisley… LOVE.

  55. Jenna

    I also like you on fb.

  56. Jenna

    And finally I have joined this site, via google.

  57. Emily

    I like them on FB and I like the Ann in SeaSpray. Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. jen

    love the Ebony and Ivory! And I’m aleady a fan on FB

  59. Tanvi

    I liked Rey swimwear on Facebook! (Tanvi Barua)

    I looooooved GABY IN MON CHERRY! Tres adorable! I also loved the JO IN MOONLIT SKY! Favorite. <3 <3

  60. Tanvi

    I subscribed through GFC (Tanvi)

  61. Tanvi

    I likeed à la Modest on Facebook. (Tanvi Barua)

  62. Tanvi

    I am following you on Twitter. (Fadetonoir)

  63. Birutė

    liked rey swimwear on fb! (birutė karablikovaitė)
    jo in paisley is just adorable!

  64. Birutė

    I also followed you on twitter (elethi).

  65. Victoria/Justice Pirate

    goodness I just saw this entry TODAY and I just made a post a couple hours ago about hem on R-EO!!! awesome! I should edit the post and let them know about your giveaway!!!!!!

  66. Victoria/Justice Pirate

    oh yeah and I would love to be a part of this giveaway. I follow you loads of places. bloglovin, twitter, facebook, google reader.

    I love the Holly bathing suit (which I posted today!! hehe)

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  68. Joy

    I like Rey Swimwear on Facebook. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d love to put my gift card towards the Laughter in Paradise cover-up (would look fab with the Gaby swimsuit!).

  69. Joy

    I subscribed to this blog via Google Friend Connect for 3 more entries!

  70. Joy

    I “like”à la Modest on Facebook for 2 more entries!

  71. Joy

    MrandMrsJ is following @alaModest on Twitter.

  72. Joy

    MrandMrsJ tweeted about this giveaway!

  73. Joy

    Signed up for BlogLovin’ and subscribed to this blog through them!

  74. Kyndra

    I just like it on facebook! i would by My Fair Lady cover-up! I love it!

  75. Kyndra

    I subscribed to Google Friend connect!

  76. Kyndra

    I “Liked” a la modest on fb!

  77. Joy

    Blogged about this giveaway in a new post!


  78. Aubrey Gideon

    I like Rey on FB and I’d put my giftcard towards the Ann in Seaspray

  79. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on GFC
    Comment #1

  80. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on GFC
    Comment #2

  81. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on GFC
    Comment #3

  82. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on FB
    Comment #1

  83. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on FB
    Comment #2

  84. Aubrey Gideon

    Following you on Twitter

  85. Amy

    I liked them on facebook and I would choose Eliza in Crimson!! Gorgeous suit!!

  86. rory

    Ann in Seaspray is my fave. Def.
    Rory Finn

  87. Joy

    Suggested that my friends “like” à la Modest on Facebook!

  88. Rebecca

    liked Rey on FB and would love: Eliza in crimson :)

  89. Rebecca

    I liked you on FB

  90. Rebecca

    subscribed to the blog via google connect (and use a feed reader too)

  91. Rebecca

    I posted the link to FB too :)

  92. Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Rey Swimear1 | FreeBlogGiveaways.com

    […] Enter This Giveaway: http://alamodest.com/?p=6170 […]

  93. Amy

    I like Rey on FB (A. Mace). And I would put my gift card toward the ELIZA IN EBONY top. Thanks!

  94. Amy

    1. I’m following your blog via GFC.

  95. Amy

    2. I’m following your blog via GFC.

  96. Amy

    3. I’m following your blog via GFC.

  97. Amy

    1. I like your blog on Facebook (A. Mace).

  98. Amy

    2. I like your blog on Facebook (A. Mace).

  99. Amy

    Following you on Twitter @neverdene.

  100. Amy

    tweet (https://twitter.com/#!/neverdene/status/68385877558165504)

  101. Katie

    This is brilliant! I love your blog and everything you’re trying to do with it because I love finding stylish cute and still modest clothes and outfits!

    I entered this giveaway by:
    “Liking” a la Modest on Facebk, posting the giveaway as a status, and sharing and suggesting your facebk page with 1227 friends.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  102. Krista

    Liked Rey Swimwear on FB.
    I would buy Eliza in Ebony and a skirt to make it more modest.

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  104. Cassandra

    I like Rey Swimwear on FB (Cassandra Casley on FB), and I follow you via GFC!
    GREAT giveaway, thanks for introducing me to these suits. I would go for the Jo tankini top in Paisley, with matching Paisley hipsters. Too cute!

  105. Cassandra

    Just saw that GFC is 3 extra entries woo! Here’s one…

  106. Cassandra

    Follow with GFC (entry # 2)

  107. Cassandra

    Follow with GFC (entry #3)

    Thank youu!

  108. Win from Rey Swimwear!

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